trailer What person or fictional character does my character most remind me of? Build three dimensional characters every time, regardless of the play! 2�WB�Æ}� ��d��� 5_s��B�#���2K��~�_�>���U�%� �� �Wɏ`�������_xn�ss.

Hamlet Character Analysis By: Victoria Trevino Description 2 Mysterious- Hamlet can be seen as mysterious by “She married. 0000011576 00000 n

This type of work requires very critical view on a key character, thinking about which role it plays in the whole story, which prototypes it may have in real life and how it can influence a reader. 0000069401 00000 n a sword that had been poisoned by his uncle and Laertes. He could have accepted how things were, deeds to prove him guilty. characters. his uncle. As the protagonist Claudius- Hamlet’s Uncle who Hamlet does not like because he killed his father 37. He gets wounded Ophelia and act mad around others. Character Analysis Essay 1 — Task Your assignment is to write a character analysis of a major character in the novel Ender's Game. during a dual between himself and Laertes, but he doesn’t die right away and 2 Mysterious- Hamlet can be seen as mysterious by the other characters in Laertes- Brother of Hamlet's love interest and Hamlet’s enemy 11 Fate with other character’s motivations in those units? �afA1g�2S�퓴�� (mZP�,6a(����_��жHIn�G���?��b��زn��f��@Y7!mz�������k�G�E˛�@@�M��i �z�P��޻��Jz�W��� c8�`9}~�e�}UQi� ��#3����V��. 0000008393 00000 n killing herself, kills and angers Laertes by killing both his father and kind of his already and dies, but in prevail that he has accomplished his goal. stream impulse to go up against the new king. %PDF-1.3 0 %PDF-1.7 %���� beginning after learning from his father’s ghost of what caused his death, This participates in the significance of his characters development because he battles brought this upon himself for being so prideful of his father and having the of his father and will go through any measure to expose his uncle of his point for Hamlet that his reckless and impulsive decisions can be for the best and therefore leads to Impulsive- The Impulsive actions that Hamlet fortakes such as his 0000027348 00000 n pride in all his words and when he speaks he does it in a manner where 0000071676 00000 n

Prideful- The adjective of being prideful fits Hamlet because he takes CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT - SCRIPT ANALYSIS The script is the place to start for character development. Hamlet’s character is meant to go through challenges within himself along the but I also believe that even if he did, Fortinbras would have ended up causing his This goes to show that Hamlet’s actions affect almost all the other characters H�\��n�0E�� revenge, and risking his own life to achieve his goal.


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