Together, the many Starmen work together to save Gavyn's empire. 1) #1 (October 1988)[7].

He originally had powers similar to Superboy, but later lost them and retained only his innate ability to increase the mass of nearby objects. Jack vows to prove her wrong. Starman lands on the ground and greets his friend by stating that Pat was supposed to wait in the car. Last Days of the Justice Society of America,, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, There was a television series planned based on Jack's adventures, from the creators of, Pemberton again was seen to use the cosmic staff (in addition to taking the Starman name) in, This page was last edited on 30 August 2020, at 13:48. Shop exclusive merchandise in our members only store. In the 1990s-era Starman series, it is revealed that Ted is motivated to return to active duty in part by his own time-traveling son, Jack. Upon his return, Jack faces almost all of his foes in a massive battle that nearly destroys Opal City. She is a member of the Justice Society of America. Sylvester is a rich socialite during the day, but in hiding, he was a courageous and confident superhero known as, Starman. [14], The Starman of the 853rd century is Farris Knight, who is also a member of Justice Legion Alpha and was a major character in the series DC One Million. He eventually kills the Mist's son in battle and captures both the Mist and his daughter Nash, who vows revenge. He never went anywhere without Pat, his best friend, and they even joined the JSA together. A collage of various Starman heroes from DC (clockwise from top): Thom Kallor (background), Mikaal Tomas, Ted Knight, the Starman of 1951, Prince Gavyn, Jack Knight, and Will Payton (center). They even saved the world once. Biographical Information Chance to win access to events and exclusive experiences.

She later gives birth to Jack's son, Kyle Theo Knight.

This is based on an earlier concept introduced in Young Justice: Sins of Youth when Courtney and Jack temporarily changed roles after being turned into an adult and child, respectively. Premium annual member benefits and rewards. Thom Kallor is a fictional character appearing in comic books published by DC Comics.He has many incarnations connected to the Legion of Super-Heroes.The character has also been known as Star Boy and Starman. [12] With Gog's defeat, Starman was returned to his disturbed state, steadily worsening due to his lack of proper medication;[13] however, in his work as a gravedigger, he was able to locate Superboy/Kon-El's corpse and transport it to the Fortress of Solitude; where it lay under special Kryptonian crystals in a regeneration chamber for 1,000 years.

Despite his wealthy roots, Sylvester has a good heart and strong morals that propelled his superhero career during his beginnings as the Star-Spangled Kid. Star-Man was also an unrelated enemy to Batman. The man arranges for the defeat of the two JLAs and travels back in time to kill the originator of his hated responsibility, Ted Knight.

Pat's stepdaughter, Courtney, discovers the staff and both are surprised when it whirls to life for the first time since Sylvester's time with the staff. † Subscription to start at the expiration of your 7-day trial period. William "Will" Payton was a hero known as Starman.

The current successor of Starman is Stargirl, formerly the second Star-Spangled Kid.

Over time, Jack comes to question whether or not the Shade's motives are more noble than he lets on. Stargirl (Courtney Whitmore), formerly the second Star-Spangled Kid, is a superheroine who inherited Jack Knight's cosmic staff after he retired from being Starman. Jack Knight, a 1990s DC Comics superhero, is the son of the original Starman, Ted Knight. In addition to the gravity and cosmic rods, Ted created the cosmic staff used by his son, Jack, and the cosmic converter belt worn by his JSA teammates, the Star-Spangled Kid and Stargirl.

(2010). Although tormented by seeing Ragdoll (whom he believed killed, either by Jay Garrick, Alan Scott, or his own hand) he was ultimately able to kill Phosphorus by raising him on a slab of concrete with his cosmic rod and then slamming him against the ground with the slab.

Jack meets Will Payton, whose body has been merged with the mind of yet another Starman, Prince Gavyn. However, in his final years he meets the Legion of Super-Heroes' 30th century hero Star Boy,[13] who tells Knight that his contributions were ultimately acknowledged hundreds of years after his death. With a variant of his gravity rod, he transported them both into the stratosphere where the Mist's doomsday bomb could detonate without harming the city, finishing him quickly and painlessly — with a hero's death by fire.[12]. William "Will" Payton was a hero known as Starman.


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