Ask her if she has any ideas about how to break this code. She can then use her key to break the code by finding each code letter on the bottom line and substituting it with the real letter above. How are they different to the other types? Morse Code. In this exercise your students will color code the key components of an example informative paragraph. It was within this book that we discovered this code system and he was hooked. Students must use their developed skills to break this code, and reveal the hidden meaning. The website also contains some interesting history stories on code breaking. The sender writes down the location codes to help the recipients find specific words. An alternative would be to do it as a treasure hunt style activity, and pin the clues up around the room, and get groups to start at different poinnts. Crack the Cipher - Decoding Nazi Secrets. When unwrapped the paper has random letters on it and the recipient can only read the code if they wrap the paper around the same size cylinder used to create the original code. Carrie Anne, Managing Partner and Editor-in-Chief of, loves encouraging families to explore creativity, family fun, the joy of traveling together and reading. A fun guessing game, in which children have to identify their location (as represented by a picture of a place) which is hidden from their view! Allowed HTML tags: