Darjeeling succeeds in one of the greatest tenets instilled in me in film school:  it shows, and it doesn’t tell. Wilson, Brody and Schwartzman are each fine, but if you found yourself stuck in a train compartment with their characters, you'd vamoose. Sidney Poitier’s 7 Most Memorable Performances, All Harry Potter Movies Ranked Worst to Best by Tomatometer, It couldn't be more fascinating. It isn’t sexy, it just is. Wes Anderson transports his arch, pristine, melancholic sensibility to India, where three estranged brothers meet after their father's death and hop a train in a quixotic attempt to heal their spiritual wounds. Instead they cling to the booze and numbing drugs, ineffective though they are, and stumble on into the next scene.

We see all of our characters, stuck on that train we call life, endlessly moving forward when they’re not sure what exactly is going on in their own cars, let alone having the time to figure out what’s rushing by them outside their closed perspectives. You can’t shield anyone from it. His brothers haven’t moved on. In a flash, Peter is trying to hotwire the old car, Jack is putting on his dead father’s white shirt, and Francis is informed that their mother won’t attend their father’s funeral, thus driving him to help push start the car and tell off a truck driver who gets in their way. Forgot your password? He's just not solidly on them.

Jack blank-stares through his delivery of, “that’s going to tip over.”  As the raft tips, Peter yells “GO!” and the boys jump into action in an attempt to save their young Indian doppelgangers. Here they meet people in a way that differs radically from their pretentious hopes of achieving spiritual epiphanies and making mystical transactions with the land. During Francis’s travels, he slowly unravels until he’s down to just his mangled face. The film as a whole operates in Mr. Anderson's patented, semi-precious zone of antic and droll.

So the boys travel around trying to “find themselves” in the most shallow of ways. As they sit in the back of an over sized van, heading (we can only assume) to the nearest airport, someone notices how out of place they are in these surroundings. [Full review in Spanish]. We follow along with Jack, running through trees and shrubbery, as he yells, “HE’S ALL BLOODY!”  Weren’t we just laughing along with the follies of arrested development cases and their failure to understand reality? They live in this moving fantasy world, keeping the actual existence outside, viable only as a picture inside a window frame. In some way, Jack embodies the criticism leveled toward Anderson; gliding through life in his perfect playhouses, skirting over reality all the while.

Notice how he sets the soundtrack when his former flame (played by Natalie Portman) is about to enter the scene (literally and otherwise), a recurring motif that is peppered throughout the feature whenever music is traditionally called for. Most of the music comes from the soundtracks of Satyajit Ray and the Merchant-Ivory movies, and thanks to the work of production designer Mark Friedberg, cinematographer Robert Yeoman and costume designer Milena Canonero, the picture looks magnificent. Peter mentions how he wants to inform his mother that she is an impending grandmother. Wandering the country they see three peasant children about to drown, save two of them and carry the corpse of the third to his village. Together, locked in slow motion, they once again transition to the world of the train, scored to yet another awesome Kinks song. Raw and visceral, we realize there are bruises on her body, quickly pointed out by Jack.

The movie is preceded by a 10-minute short, Hotel Chevalier, in effect an oblique pre-credit sequence to the main film. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I wonder if that disgust is really for himself and what he’s about to do. While he tries to mine deep into his characters, their insecurities, their hidden feelings, it’s unfortunately covered up by his intricate, off-beat style. It's scripted by Anderson himself in collaboration with Roman Coppola and Jason Schwartzman, a fixture in Anderson movies and similar offbeat independent productions. It’s just the way things go. Francis mentions how they were trying to go on a spiritual journey but it didn’t really work out, completely not understanding the magnitude of what just happened in his, and their, lives. In this exercise, we learn that no matter which side the coin flip lands in death, there is always pain. It’s the kind of smoke-and-mirrors shenanigans held true by children and setting it against the background of an imagined India leaves the boys in a world of endless possibilities…if they’d open themselves up to go off the painstakingly timed journey. But more importantly he’s someone who’s carrying huge, gaping wounds and decides it’s better to look ridiculous than to actually face the reality of the situation. As the boys all try and heal themselves over the death of their father, Peter has to realize that he is taking up this very same role.

The Darjeeling Limited is a wonderful creation, a combination of Indian colour and faded imperial grandeur and one of the great movie trains.

She reprises the idea that she didn’t want them to come here, and, in reality, asking them to not intrude with her secluded life. After traveling thousands of miles, getting kicked off a train, failing to go on a verified and approved Spiritual Journey, witnessing the death of a young boy, and finally making it to meet their mother in the mountains of India…she abandons them. hile admiring the fluency and invention of Wes Anderson's work, I have never taken to the cultivated eccentricity and arbitrary conduct of the characters and families in such (to me) tiresome, whimsical films as Rushmore, The Royal Tenenbaums and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. (inherent subquestion:  why didn’t you comfort us at Dad’s funeral?) She just keeps going forward, until….

Spot on. Everything we need to know about this man and where he is in life has been shown to us in less than fifteen minutes.


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