Meanwhile, the Nautilus is transported to the Enchanted Forest, where Aladdin and Jasmine board. Following the war with the Militia and the later disbanding of the Saviors, Regina joined Jed's group of rough raiders.

Gold confronts the Black Fairy over her manipulating Gideon with his heart and she maintains that Storybrooke would be destroyed if the two of them fought. Following the war with the Militia and the later disbanding of the Saviors, Regina joined Jed's group of rough raiders. [2] In January 2017, it was stated that the sixth season would end the main storyline, and for a seventh season, the series would be softly rebooted with a new storyline.[3]. Shortly after leaving the camp due to Arat's death, Regina and her fellow Saviors manage to disarm Alden while he tried to convince them to return to the bridge project. Le kraken endommage alors gravement le sous-marin, et Jasmine décide d'utiliser son deuxième vœu pour sauver l'équipage et emmener tout le groupe sur une île inconnue où ils sont supposés trouver des réponses mais aussi Jafar. She was a high-ranking member of the Saviors and one of Negan's four outpost leaders alongside Gavin, Simon, and Eugene Porter.

She drops the match, igniting and killing all the Saviors, including Regina. Once a happy carefree girl with a passion for horses - which was encouraged by her father Henry - Regina was constantly put down and punished by her mother Cora, who wanted Regina to marry someone with wealth and power, something Cora never maintained. Si Zelena semble prendre le dessus sur la fée diabolique, celle-ci la piège en réalité dans le but d’utiliser sa magie noire instable pour l’aider à préparer la bataille finale. Elle tente ainsi Zelena en lui proposant de la rejoindre, non sans menacer son bébé, dans le seul but que Zelena cherche à se venger d’elle.

ABC's Once Upon a Time closed a six-season chapter with Sunday night's finale, before cracking the binding on a brand-new adventure involving a … Finalement privée des cristaux, la Fée Noire finit par raconter à Gideon que la Fée Bleue connaît son secret le plus sombre : la vraie raison pour laquelle elle avait abandonné son fils Rumplestiltskin il y a très longtemps. She admitted to Zelena that she blamed her for Robin’s death. Regina is brought into the chaos by trying to stop her sister and they find the Black Fairy and Gideon in the crystal mines, with the Black Fairy tricking Zelena into utilizing her unstable Dark Magic to strengthen her for the Final Battle. ", ".#OnceUponATime fans today in Steveston aka Storybrooke! [23] On August 15, it was announced that Jonny Coyne would be reprising his role as Dr. Lydgate from Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, in the fourth episode of the season.

Le reste de leur famille, Blanche-Neige, David, Crochet, Regina et Zelena, sont quant à eux de retour dans la Forêt enchantée au bord de la destruction. Thank you for all your questions tonight. After Emma calls off the engagement, Hook decides to board the Nautilus with Captain Nemo.

Robin of Locksley attempts to flee the town, but to no avail. She manages to survive, unlike many other Saviors, and attempts to attack Eugene only to be shot and wounded by him and then Rosita. While searching for a missing Justin around the woods, Regina and a small group of Saviors encounter Maggie and Kal on their way to deliver food to the Sanctuary. Emma retrouve ses souvenirs, juste à temps avant d'affronter Gideon toujours contrôlé. Jasmine réussit ensuite à vaincre Jafar.

Hades said that there was no coming back after a person was killed by the Olympian crystal, but there’s always a loophole on Once. On their wedding day, Emma and Hook finally marry, just in time for the dark clouds of the Black Fairy's curse to erupt from the clock tower and engulf them at 6:00 PM, setting up the final battle. The truth as to who really murdered Robert is revealed when August gives Hook missing pages he took from Henry's book. In Storybrooke, Ashley hopes to reconcile with Clorinda. Jasmine reveals that Agrabah vanished. Jekyll accidentally fatally defenestrates Mary; he frames Hyde. Emma shouldn’t keep such things bottled up inside of her. Emma and Aladdin discuss being a Savior. The origin of Rumplestiltskin's true destiny is revealed, as his mother Fiona learns from the Blue Fairy and Tiger Lily that he was destined to become The Savior.


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