Think of them like English learning blog posts, but for your ears!

“The English We Speak” is also produced every week by the BBC. How can I download YouTube videos onto my computer? Try listening to one six-minute episode per day and your vocabulary will be enormous in no time! Having a podcast playing in the background will help you get familiar with the sounds and rhythms of the language. difficult, to need search It has been running for ten years, and very popular pretty much as long as podcasts have existed. For best results, try listening to a podcast once with full concentration, and then playing it in the background a second time to reinforce the new vocabulary. It’s a great way to enjoy some of the best new fiction in the country. hi.

Each story has the following activities at the bottom of the page: a yes/no answer quiz, a gap fill, a crossword and a dictation practice, all of which can be completed online with the option of receiving “hints.”. Are you short on time?

If your listening is at an intermediate level (or above), it’s easier to find podcasts to listen to. It is very difficult to tell how English words are pronounced just by seeing them written down.

At first I simply found this article informative and then I realised with joyful surprise that it was written by you. That’s why everyone loves them! Take a full audio book and split it up into bite-sized chunks, using the same activities and tips shown here. There are a number of advantages of listening to audio books for language learners. With 6-Minute English, you have no excuses. If you get lost, you will probably stop paying attention, and then will not be taking in any new vocabulary. Episodes last around twenty minutes, and topics include zombie mice, the ethics of animal selfies and underwater pyramids. The podcasts and YouTube channels you recommend don’t interest me. You might also gain a better understanding of how each word is being pronounced. So, I must try listen again & again.I think, podcast is When I’m learning languages, after a certain level, I need LOADS of practice, so I’m beyond most textbooks and courses, but I struggle with the TV and radio, so I found podcasts with transcripts were perfect – a challenge, but an achievable challenge.

This series is even shorter, with episodes only 3 minutes long. What your favorite listening activity is in English (do you have a favorite podcast or TV show?). on Preply and talk through all of the vocabulary you have learned. The subject matter of an audio short story can be tailored to suit the interests of your students, and can be used to promote and spark discussion of a particular topic. You can overcome this problem with audio books as they give you exposure to native speakers and various accents. Note that, if you’re a beginner, it can be difficult to find content that’s easy to understand. The cord on the window shade swung, whether from the trains’s vibrations or from the breeze through the window, she didn’t know. These include podcasts, television and radio. I hope you will continue to listen to podcasts (you can try some from this listen). It’s nice to mix it up a little with some music. There are countless stories available to download from the internet, suited to all ages, levels,  personalities and interests. Cara, Hi Annemarie. Some have the option to listen and read along simultaneously.

Some of them are quite hard to follow, but most make for very enjoyable listening. As some British pop stars told us in the 1980s, video killed the radio star. A podcast for movie lovers. At the beginner level, there are programs focused on basic language skills. A great music-based program is American Routes ( Expect sketches, silly catch-phrases and improvisation games. Storycorps has also made my cry in the past! Everyone loves a good podcast. I wish you much continued success! Although most captions aren’t 100% accurate because they’re auto-generated by computers, they still give you an idea of what is being spoken. Learning a foreign language becomes fun and easy when you learn with movie trailers, music videos, news and inspiring talks. The easiest way to do this is to open your podcast app (or YouTube), and enter a term related to topics you’re interested in.

You can simply watch videos directly on the YouTube website or the YouTube app.

Podcasts can help you: improve your listening skills; become familiar with different accents and styles of speech; build your vocabulary with the real, mo Each audio book is read by a native speaker. So why shouldn’t they listen to short stories too? To learn more about how reading can improve your English and to find recommended eBooks, visit out Free eBooks for English Learners blog post. Episodes cover very random topics, from British culture to bad Christmas jokes, to language-learning tips. This website offers sets of stories, each roughly fifteen minutes long, which are suitable for intermediate or advanced levels. They can be used as a starter to lead-in to the topic of the lesson, or at the end as a wind-down or reward. If you love literature, you might also be interested in our guide to finding free English audiobooks online. You can find the podcast here:

This might be a good strategy if you are already an advanced learner. Best wishes and thank you for the comment! This makes it easy to listen to English conversations all day long. It’s time for a challenge. Now, I'm calmer when I take part in large meetings with other managers ... Sign up to get new articles on language learning, delivered weekly.


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