How It Works. If the show was an overdose on hallucinogens, then this is a chaser of downers, where fear and madness…. The Exploitation List - or how I learned to stop worrying and love the sleaze. Its that mantra spoken aloud (in the English language version) by Fenella Fielding as the Blue Cat's master, a formless voice who wants to turn the world (even the Moon) the colours blue, that has become the obsession for me with what I am writing. Week three of the Underrated Series and we get to the animation category.

Report this film, Film #1 of Scavenger Hunt Mini #1Task 1/16 A British animated filmScavenger Hunt Mini #1 (November 2016). 1h 19min. This movie was released in 1970. Less trippy than it wants you to believe. Dougal and the Blue Cat is a hdmovies of Serge Danot (story), J. Josselin (screenplay), Eric Thompson (English language version).

All Rights Reserved. I've also created a load of exploitation sub-genre…, Jaime Grijalba 3,010 films 625 23 Edit. of songs from the film Dougal and the Blue Cat (Surprise Surprise FP 10006, 1972).. The film itself is a joy to watch. And I don't mind one jot.). Dougal and the Blue Cat, called Pollux et le Chat Bleu in France, is a 1972 film based on The Magic Roundabout. This is really a good movie for watching with our friends. All Rights Reserved. A blue cat named Buxton is found in the Magical Garden. We have actors in detail, for example Christian Riehl, Paul Bisciglia, Nadine Legrand, Jean-Luc Tardieu, Eric Thompson and so on. Blue is a rich colour, one signifying wisdom but also potentially all consuming as, while its because it reflects the colour of the sky, a deep blue sea can suck you into…. (May I just add that the scary things in this film still scare me to no end, even today? Some Irish names reflect this … Buxton throws all the characters of the Magic Roundabout except Dougal into prison and steals Zebedee’s magic moustach

It is the addition of … The…. Movie' genres are War, Action. The started year is 1970. Dougal and the Blue Cat is a 1992 Latvian betrayal western film based on Brina Alisia story. With help from the Blue voice (played by Fenella Fielding), Buxton enters the ruins of the old treacle factory where he is crowned king after correctly identifying the colours of seven doors (coloured different shades of blue).

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A big thank you for film critic and podcaster Mark Kermode for talking about this film so much over the years that I finally caved in and bought it on DVD. I remember watching it quite regularly when I was a lot younger. Every Animated Film Made from 1888 – present.

Buxton throws all the characters of The Magic Roundabout except Dougal into prison and steals Zebedee's magic moustach, Goodtimes Enterprises AP Films (APF) Anglo-EMI Danot Films, Magic Roundabout: The Movie, The Magic Roundabout Movie, 85 mins   Kissanime - one of the most popular websites to watch anime dubbed and subbed online absolutely for free.

The voices of Eric Thompson and Fenella Fielding had been lodged deep in my memory, but they immediately came…. Find answers to frequently asked questions and contact us should you need to. Dougal and the Blue Cat is the only film of the 3 Magic Roundabout related movies with a respectable score on here, with a 3.6, this is the only film that was released while the original series was still being made, so the charming and simplistic stop motion aesthetic, the delightfully laid back writing and all the cast and crew that made the original dubbed French series so wonderfully endearing and pleasant, only real difference is this film has stakes...oh and songs too.While the film still clearly had a low budget, it's higher than the show and so the set design can at points be amazing, it revels in its simplicity all the same, but with a blue abandoned…, I think about this every time I think about pastel or royal blue, I wasn't sure if to rate this film as the critic within me would, or as the two year old seeing this for the first time would.In the end I settled for the two year old.This film has made a massive impact on my life, and I can't even specify what.This film is pure emotion, happy, sad, scary, relieved, funny, strange.It covers all of these emotions, and it does so with introducing funny, witty and hugely memorable characters.This really is an experience, be it weird and disturbing, or light and charming, you'll definitely get an experience with this film. Movie' genres are War, Action. 'The Magic Roundabout' is a classic case of Kids tv show that can be just as heartily enjoyed by adults but there's a big difference between 5 minutes and an almost hour and a half running time. I somehow always thought I’d seen this in the cinema but the fact that it came out the year I was born makes that seem unlikely - and the fact that some of the quite scary imagery would have stuck with me. Film data from TMDb. KEVIИ HДWKIИS 1,000 films 2,208 69 Edit, Updated to remove any movies in "1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die", and my Ultimate Film Canon lists…, See my Genre: Exploitation (100 Years: 1896-1995) list for 10,000+ exploitation films! ‘Pollux et le chat bleu’ Made by fans in Auckland, New Zealand. Films to Watch; News; Collections. Actor: Christian Riehl, Paul Bisciglia, Nadine Legrand, Jean-Luc Tardieu, Eric Thompson, Copyright © Something very strange is happening in the Beautiful Wood where Dougal the dog, Ermintrude the adorable cow, Bryan the snail, Dylan the rabbit, Mr ZEbedee and Florence live. © 2019 by KissAnime - Watch Anime Dub Online For Free. Anyone in love with the strange should watch this film, which like all great works for children appeals to adults too.

© Letterboxd Limited. All the films from my exploitation lists, bundled into one mega-super-list-to-rule-them-all!

We have actors in detail, for example Christian Riehl, Paul Bisciglia, Nadine Legrand, Jean-Luc Tardieu, Eric Thompson and so on. Released in 1972, Dougal and the Blue Cat is a full-length spin-off from Serge Dinot's The Magic Roundabout (Le Manège Enchanté) television series. A blue cat named Buxton is found in the Magical Garden. I'm of the right age to have grown up on The Magic Roundabout, just after Blue Peter, just before the news on BBC1, but it's been a very long time since I've seen anything of it and in the first few moments of Dougal and the Blue Cat I had a revelation, an epiphany, if you like. With help from the Blue voice (played by Fenella Fielding), Buxton enters the ruins of the old treacle factory where he is crowned king after correctly identifying the colours of seven doors (coloured different shades of blue). Magic Roundabout was a big fixture for me growing up in the Seventies thanks to tea-time TV and numerous books - I also had a play set with all the characters including the train that…, Currently I am writing a novel and I openly admit, for inspiration for the chapter I am on, that I wanted to watch this film for the first time, but its not for this original reason it's inspired me afterwards. We should click on Dougal and the Blue Cat all the day. About uploader, Fakyougo is funny uploader, he is very proactive. Several images are so odd as to be almost macabre; for instance, when the Blue Cat visits the "Nightmare Room", he's assaulted and taunted by floating … Feverish paranoia manifests via our titular villain, a shifty blue cat who advances upon our heroes under the command of... why an omnipresent spectral voice with no physical form of course!


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