Hop to the right-hand platform and hit the switch. After getting out of the darkroom and making your way across the roof of the train, you will encounter some sleeping mechs that you can easily finish off to earn the ‘Out Cold’ achievement. Take out mechs while platforming across the Leviathan’s exterior. Spiral your way down the open apartment area, collecting tech orbs and stun ammo as you go. If you are stuck somewhere in the campaign, we have you covered with the handy guide that has walkthroughs for each chapter. This introductory chapter works as a sort of tutorial so that you can pick up the gist of the gameplay.

Sneak past the mechs by avoiding their blue waves. You’ll have to throw Trip across the large gap.

Your Oculus is now a paperweight, GuyNamedErick commented on Microsoft snaps up Fallout & Elder Scrolls developer Bethesda, GuyNamedErick commented on Left 4 Dead 2 getting official community-developed update, GuyNamedErick commented on Sony looking to release more first-party titles on PC, GuyNamedErick commented on Call of Duty streamer caught cheating live on Twitch, Mikey commented on Horizon Zero Dawn developer responds to PC port woes, Optical Illusion commented on Fortnite's maligned B.R.U.T.E. Keep following Trip. Use stun blasts to knock the dog down, then wail away while he can’t move.

The pole is positioned higher on the blade, so you can’t just jump from the building.

Your Oculus is now a paperweight, Microsoft snaps up Fallout & Elder Scrolls developer Bethesda, Left 4 Dead 2 getting official community-developed update, Sony looking to release more first-party titles on PC, Call of Duty streamer caught cheating live on Twitch, Horizon Zero Dawn developer responds to PC port woes, Fortnite's maligned B.R.U.T.E. Don’t miss the mask icon hidden behind a building, near the gate where the dog entered. Take out the mechs throughout the rest of the stage as they attack, performing takedowns on defective units to get a hand.

On your way to the crash site, you have fallen and found and yourself stuck among the rubble.

You will have to fight them off while proceeding forward until you hear Trip’s transmission. This chapter involves you solving many puzzles to lower and raise bridges so that you both can cross. Backtrack a bit through a hole in the wall, near where you entered. The journey is perilous with many mechs, sentries and a very tough boss fight.

More videos will be added as soon as they are uploaded, special thanks to kqgaming for the videos. Use a takedown to finish him off, and watch out for the other mechs that come in and out of battle. Trip helps you throughout the chapter by scanning the route for mechs and other enemies so that you can be better prepared during combat. Hop across to the two handholds that crumble when you land. On the next platform, take out the leeches quickly, as some ground mechs will be flying in. Carry Trip and try to stay on top of debris to keep safe. When the puts the dragonfly on your display, follow it through the room until you capture it. Toss Trip to the platform and let her do her thing.

Toss Trip on the next ledge, then head back down and cross to the center pillar.


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