Assessed projects for Disaster CDBG regulatory compliance. Managed contracts with outside agencies, trained staff, authorized grant expenditures, data collection, wrote Developed and presented PowerPoint presentations to gain buy-in from agencies. A “grant” is a form of financial assistance that supports a public purpose. Coordinated regular meetings for Ryan White Title III Grant, coordinated services for HIV patients of Tri-County Community Health Center.

If employee turnover occurs, the cloud minimizes project down-time thanks to all data being stored in a central, online location. Starting projects effectively to align on vision and approach. Your skills and expertise in successful grants management will aid our organization in serving the public by securing continuous funding, improving business opportunities through effective funding programs, and executing meaningful projects. Los Angeles, CA 90017 Planed, directed, and organized program campaigns to acquaint local, county, and state agencies with available grants. Managed RFP process for adult education program funding solicitations from Local Education Agencies, reviewed, evaluated and pre-approved grant applications. Reviewed RFP's and negotiated contracts within budgetary limitations and scope of authority. Progress reports and other types of required reporting need to be managed through the life of the program. Prepared semester and annual reports for USAID/West Africa. Provided technical assistance to sub grantee's to improve their overall financial management of grant program. The primary role of a coder is to code, a construction worker to build and a fisherman to catch fish. Extensions generally require agency approval. Processed and maintained payroll for staff of 10 employees, check disbursement, and sick leave authorizations. Provided oversight and management to 75 Federal grants awarded to state government Counseled grant seekers; developed and provided technical assistance training to grant applicants. Since grant data often contains sensitive personal and financial details, worries about data breaches rightfully run through the minds of grant professionals. Developed and implement grant and research administration policies and procedures. Provided technical assistance to consultant staff and maintain data related documents to demonstrate project deliverables to funder. Interpreted guidelines related to ARRA and performed financial reporting to federal agencies. Below we've compiled a list of the most important skills for a Grant Manager. Reviewed reports with Grants and Contracts personnel to ensure accuracy. Prepared, entered, and verified monthly general ledger journal entries as they related to the grant using MS Excel.

Moreover, if the solution is cloud-based, data and budget tracking can be compiled for audits in real time, so you spend less time digging through papers or your inbox when producing reports. Instructed all areas of the organization in research administration, grants management, and federal/state regulations substantially improving productivity. Provided technical oversight to field and develop new business processes to improve Monitored lab expenditures, including salaries, for compliance to federal guidelines and award specifications. Assisted division staff in budget preparation, grant proposals in compliance with the funding agencies policies and procedures. Coordinated and assembled grant/contract proposals, budget review and overall proposal to ensure accuracy and consistency. This makes sure there is a smooth grant management process for everyone involved. Now the Grant Management Begins!

Assisted law enforcement agencies with strategic planning for SHSO grant activities. Recorded sites HIV Tests results into Evaluation Web. Researched, qualified, cultivated, solicited and stewarded private foundations. Manned Hotline and responded to HIV/AIDS/STD related questions in both English and Spanish. __sgConfig = { c: '001-d91bfa80-d60f-4bf2-92f8-f50bf9ad3b7f', aur: ''};
Supervised all implementing partners and NGO operators to ensure compliance with USAID rules and regulations, and with CHF internal procedures. Researched new funding opportunities through private foundations and government funding opportunities to prepare and present proposals. Supervised accountants, computer programmers and administrative staff members. Ensured compliance with all grant reporting requirements, including interim and annual reports.

Participated in instrument construction, completed IRB process, obtained data collection sites, and maintained reliability of data collectors.

Prepared presentation materials using PowerPoint and develop Access Databases as necessary. document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + path + "' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E"));
Speak to a GrantVantage expert. Collaborated with mathematics, science and language arts subject area specialist to design appropriate data collection and progress monitoring systems. Created and maintained database updates relevant to Georgia Cancer Coalition community partners. Implemented the National Incident Management System for the State of Alabama And, it has the flexibility needed to support future process changes, such as dashboards and reports derived from data stored in the cloud. This person brings the program design narrative in the grant proposal to life. Assisted Principal Investigators with the financial aspect of progress reports required by funding agencies. Degree in Business Administration or equivalent. Monitored budget to actual reports, analyzed general ledger etc. Beyond just presentation and discussion, participate in hands-on grant management exercises and review your work in class to learn the most current, practical information in the field. Provided trainings on USAID rules and regulations to local nationals across the program s geographic area. Established fiscal and administrative controls for grant and contract administration (compliant with OMB Circular A-87). Two of the nation's leading experts in the field, Henry Flood and Barbara Floersch created the curriculum for this training. Administered financial management of grants' funding. Processed new hires, promotions and management of payroll and ensuring compliance with university and sponsor financial rules and regulations. Educated faculty, staff, and students in proposal preparation and spending of grant funds (OMB circulars). Coordinated monitoring with finance department and program staff, and financial reporting in conjunction with program and finance staff. Assisted upper management in organizing grant training/orientation for grantee staff members. Conducted research of funding programs, grant guidelines and program specifications on viable matching grants with public and private foundations. Approved all field locations' expenditures, ensuring compliance with grant stipulations and federal regulations. The budget process enables Federal grants to become available in three primary steps: Now let’s look at the grant cycle of life. iii, Your email address will not be published. Provided oversight to the grants' recipients and provided staffing for the Ryan White Planning Council. Grants Management enables grant professionals to strengthen credibility and improve public trust through effective management and transparency. var path = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? Drafted strategic plan for newly-created research institute to ensure continued philanthropic support. Assisted program staff to design programs and obtain funding in all areas of local government services, e.g. However, with just a bit of time and effort, the process of furthering the work your organization believes in can be easily handled. Prepared budgets for all new grant applications and assisted program directors in identifying all budget implications of proposed programs.

Prepared grant financial/liquidation and progress reports for three consecutive grants. efficiencies. We are searching for a methodical and strategic Grants Manager to work with our organization in enhancing funding models, identifying new sources of funding, and developing sustainable and effective grants programs. It is best to document the exact flow of the grantee journey with a flow chart. Grant Management Essentials uses the Listen & Discuss, Do & Review® curriculum — the most effective approach for adult learners. If a grants management role sounds like it might be up your alley, the CFO Council has identified nine functional competencies that are standard performance requirements. Completely free trial, no credit card required. Negotiated terms and conditions of grants to include costs, schedules, and oversight responsibilities. Documented existing business processes and pinpointed future processes and practices related to research administration. Worked with program staff to ensure grants were in compliance with all applicable federal and state regulations. Attended grant training opportunities including the NIH grant writing TA seminar. Developed and managed of the ALDHS state-wide monitoring program. You leave the training with a binder of resources, a flash drive with customizable templates, a network of colleagues to contact, and six months of follow-up support from the Center via our Membership Program.


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