(1)  If the Labour Commissioner is satisfied that a protected worker, or a person desiring to become a protected worker, is affected by any infirmity or physical disablement, he may, subject to such conditions as he thinks fit, issue to such person an exemption permit. (1)  The wages or any benefit enjoyed by an employee shall not be reduced or altered adversely as a result of the application of this Order.


(4) No employer shall terminate the services of a female employee or impose any other penalty or disadvantage upon such employee, within six months after delivery, for reasons connected with such employee's pregnancy. 1.

(3)  Any employer who knowingly makes, causes to be made or allows to be made any record referred to in sub-section (1) which is false in any material particular shall be guilty of an offence, and shall be liable, upon conviction, to a fine not exceeding two thousand five hundred penalty units or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding six months, or to both. Please share with your (ii)        under general supervision, assembles bicycles from semi-knocked down units or any component parts, where the assembling does not involve truing of bicycle wheels, the final adjustment of precision bearing chains or built-in wheels or the setting and tightening of spokes; "assistant clerk" means an employee engaged in clerical work who has three years experience and whose education qualification is Grade 9; "assistant despatch clerk" means an employee who, under the supervision of, and subject to checking by, a despatch clerk makes up, packs or dispatches goods received or held in stock for despatch or who checks or weights packages and who may in addition mark or address packages; "bicycle assembler" means an employee who assembles or carries out the following operations-, (a)        truing bicycle wheels or making final adjustments to assembled bicycles; or.

Therefore, at the end of leave cycle or at the end of a 12 month period calculate from the data employment, ... For example, if an employer permits annual leave of 20 working days on full pay, then at the provisions of the Act apply only to the first 15 days of the permitted 20 days. 9. (3) No employee shall suffer any reduction in pay upon transfer from a lower rate of pay to a higher one. (a)        audio visual equipment repairer; Employees engaged as qualified book-keepers. (b)        thereafter at half pay for the next three months: Provided that if the employee has not recovered from illness or accident after six months from the date of illness or accident, the employer may on the recommendation of a registered medical practitioner or medical institution designated by the employer, discharge the employee, whereupon the entitlement to sick leave shall cease. An employee shall be entitled to a lunch allowance of three thousand kwacha per month unless the employer provides a canteen at which the employee may obtain wholesome and adequate meals, provided free of charge. Pay Through Netbanking; Generate PRN; Rates and Calculators.

(a)        all wages and allowances paid; (c)        any other matter required by the statutory order; as are necessary to prove compliance with such statutory order. How to Calculate Leave Pay and Encashment Payment - Definition, Formula, Example.

(2) For the purpose of stock-taking or the sale of perishable food-stuff or other emergency work which cannot be carried out during normal working hours, an employee may be employed on a Sunday or public holiday or beyond the hours prescribed in sub-paragraph (1). (2) An employee shall be paid for work done on Sundays or public holidays by the employer at an hourly rate of not less than double the employee's actual hourly rate of pay.

(1)  If the Minister is of the opinion that no adequate provision exists for the effective regulation of minimum wages or minimum conditions of employment for any group of workers he may, by statutory order, prescribe-.

(b)        adjusting precision bearing, chains or built-in wheels or setting and tightening spokes; "book-keeper" means a qualified book-keeper who records financial transactions and prepares a trial balance; "check-out operator" means an employee engaged in operating a check-out point in a self-service type of shop; "credit controller" means an employee who scrutinises debtors' and creditors' accounts and who exerts credit control over accounts; "despatch clerk" means an employee who receives goods into or from a store warehouse or from a department for despatch and makes consignment notes and does filing of despatch documents; "employee" means a person employed in a shop or in connection with the business of a shop and who has entered into a works under a contract of service whether oral or written and whether express or implied but excludes an apprentice; "employer" means a person who engages an employee to work for him, under a contract of service, whether oral or written and whether express or implied, in a shop, or in connection with the business of a shop; "handyman" means an employee who makes minor repairs or adjustments to machinery, plant or other equipment and makes minor repairs or renovations to, or undertakes maintenance work on buildings owned or occupied by his employer; "ledgerclerk" means an employee who posts ledgers unassisted and maintains control account; "machine operator" means an employee who operates an accounting machine, comptometer or bookkeeping machine but does not include the operator of a duplicating machine, typewriter, addressing machine, cash register, folding machine or calculating machine; "orderman" means an employee engaged in an office-to-office or private house-to-house round, inviting, soliciting or canvassing orders from persons for the supply to them of goods for their use or consumption, and who-, (a)        collects money on behalf of his employer; or. (2)  Any employer who fails to comply with the provisions of subsection (1) shall be guilty of an offence, and shall be liable, upon conviction, to a fine not exceeding one thousand two hundred and fifty penalty units. 12. Income deemed to be from a Zambian source is generally subject to Zambian income tax. Twitter. An employee, together with the family of the employee. (1)  The Minimum wages rate excluding any amount paid in lieu of rations, shall be as follows: Category I-K245 per hour for a person engaged as-. (2) The maternity leave granted under this paragraph shall be in addition to any other leave to which the employee may be entitled. 1.

6. 9.

11. Definition: Leave Pay is a situation in which a worker far from work, but still receives payment. (1)  Any employee who works in excess of forty-five hours in a week shall be paid at one and half times the employee's hourly rate of pay. 7. endstream endobj startxref (3) Where, by reason of illness due to pregnancy, a female employee becomes temporarily incapable of performing her official duties, she shall be entitled to sick leave in accordance with paragraph 6 of this Schedule. friends! An employer shall grant leave of absence on full pay to an employee at the rate of two days per month, subject to, and in accordance with, the following conditions: ( a ) except on termination of the employee's service, an employee shall be entitled to leave only on the completion of six months' continuous service with that employer;

(3) When proceeding on leave, all money due to the employee, including holiday allowances shall be paid immediately prior to proceeding on such leave. %%EOF 1. (3) Days taken as leave under sub-paragraph (2) shall not be deducted from the employee's accrued leave days.


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