Are you interested in learning the beginning of your new menstrual cycle and why adopting a vegan lifestyle makes your period go away? Thank you for your comment on this topic and for clarifying those important things, as I think it’s important that a disclaimer is made clear here. That way you can avoid the cramps but up your calorie intake.

Since I became a vegetarian I have consistently struggled with my weight. I always wondered how women used to deal with it, when they lived in the woods, and now I think I now the answer: they didn’t have to. I think there was a topic on this subreddit about it a while back, where others found similar effects. Similarly to how eating a square of dark chocolate might ease your period cramps, eating the correct variation of plant-based foods can greatly benefit your body during that time of the month. Educational & Informative Blogposts, Informative Posts, Women's Health The microbiome in your tummy release neurotransmitters, and they quickly and powerfully communicate with your brain through the vagus nerve, meaning whatever is in your tummy directly affects your levels of stress and anxiety.

I will elaborate more on this at a later time and day. The Health Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet.

How do i know? Once you get into the blame game, it just makes things worse. You said it so perfectly: “If women of healthy weights with good energy levels lose periods on raw vegan, and still give birth to healthy children, then that is clear, it’s healthy!!!

However, your gut's reaction to eliminating meat may depend on how you replace it. Get a pregnancy test some people do still get periods when pregnant. Hahaha, women’s obviously have different body parts and organs compared to men that give each other different bodily functions and capabilities.

Thanks for your post. Great!. You can listen to that interview here. I personally don’t see periods as normal. They're all decently healthy too. I lost my period eating a […], You’ve probably heard about agave nectar. Should woman be menstruating monthly? Ladies, you may be interested to learn that if you take Marine Phytoplankton while on your period, your flow will be lighter and healthier, with less mood swings and reduced cramps, aches and pain. Now, which do you think is healthy? I only eat fruits and veggies and sometimes beans, nuts, seeds or oatmeal. I've had a similar experience to yours. When you cut out meat, you're cutting out estrogen and hormones from that meat.

Is there any Facebook page or other social network which I can follow you ?! If you are an ovo-pescatarian, consider liberally eating eggs, fish, and shellfish, as these are great sources of iron (7,9). And since a raw foods diet IS clean, your period naturally becomes lighter and/or disappears altogether. While you're stuck in snack town, though, keep your energy up with whole grain crackers, raw almonds, and Greek yogurt.

I would recommend you not to eat meat, but try other calorie dense foods. Hi! Well it’s now 2 days later and still nothing so I started doing some research and found your article. I was supposed to get my period on January 26th and nothing. I’ve been raw vegan for a week now, and I was a plant-based vegan for the past two months. Long story short, when I ate 100% raw with absolutely NO cooked foods (and remember, this is just MY experience. Login to reply the answers. I went to numerous Western medicine doctors who tried to put me back on bc (was on for 13 years) and give me artificial progesterone to simulate a period.

I just let it go. Going raw helps you have lighter and healthier periods.

of course there’s intelligence in our bodies to work towards an ideal state of detox. Thanks so much for sharing, Will! You might want to give that a try. Vitex in particular, helps a women shed uterine lining, giving her a natural and healthy cycle (one that is light with no severe menstrual cramps and pains, of course). Period loss happens to almost every young girl or women who transitions to a raw foods diet, so it’s quite ‘normal’ to los yor period eating fully raw, as you will see this happen in the community. xx, Oh, okay. If you’re concerned about not having a period, there are herbs you can take to help you have a flow. 10(5), 436–442. Haider LM, Schwingshackl L, Hoffmann G, Ekmekcioglu C. The effect of vegetarian diets on iron status in adults: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Kudos to you for going vegan! All the best. And as for your actual flow, bleeding might be lighter than usual. No sugar, gluten, meat, or dairy.

And even if you do get hit with all seven of these changes, know that the short-term losses are more than made up for by the long-term gains of living a vegetarian life. Felt so much better. As much as some vegetarians may try to convince you that kissing meat goodbye will basically overhaul your whole system and give you a brand new body, Joan Salge Blake, clinical associate professor of nutrition at Boston University, told Yahoo! I’m pretty sure my wife and I will be able to get her period to go away with this, or at least make it bearable. Anyone have a similar experience and know the root cause? Subscribe to RawVeganLiving’s FREE Newsletter and receive new post updates via email HERE!***.

It’s important to note that just because a women loses her period after eating plant-based, does not ALWAYS indicate ‘cleanliness’. In the context of eating disorders and fad diets, things that also occur because of malnourishment are hair and nail loss, a constant feeling of being cold, sometimes yellowing of the skin. By choosing to buy from my links below, you are supporting Raw Vegan Living Blog and myself. 122:623–633. According to, there are many abundant ways to reverse hirsutism and it all links back to the foods you’re eating. I am vegan since 2013 but I adjusted my diet until now. Many health benefits of vegetarianism and veganism exist, such as decreased risk of diabetes, high cholesterol, cancer, and conditions and diseases relating to being overweight (3,4). You don't need meat to maintain a healthy weight, you need calories! Of course, every woman's menstrual cycle is unique, so how a vegan diet affects your period will depend on your individual body, and ultimately, how you take care of it in this new lifestyle. I am simply sharing MY OWN experiences on how I lost my period on a raw foods lifestyle and how I got it back, along with the shocking research I have found and learned along the way. Some example of iron-rich plant-based foods include: dark leafy greens, beans, lentils, tofu, grains (quinoa, brown rice, oatmeal), dried fruit, nuts (7,9). Also, please ignore these critics because you are clearly mature and your style of writing shows your intelligence. I absolutely love this article and appreciate that this topic was brought up in such a thorough way. I added poppy seeds in the pie and the ice cream.

Some 15 year olds are more mature then some 40 year olds!

You two could certainly use some help, as far as what you center your attention on.

you may be exclaiming right now. Alternative and Complementary Therapies. Have you been losing weight, too?

This was very helpful for my wife and I. Arnold Ehret, the author of The Mucusless diet, has said once the body is clean it will stop menstruating.

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You don't need meat to maintain a … Fast forward to high school, when I decided to become a vegetarian. World’s Finest Hair Care Products On the Market! I really don't think you're pregnant at all. Her passion for writing shines through her posts. Miliany Bonet I’ve been a vegan for over a year when I used to eat bread, sweets, etc. Miliany xx.

[…], On Earth Day, I made a banana coconut poppy seed ice cream/pie.


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