The fastest way to defeat this one is using combos when you have the chance. Take it to Alkibiades to save his life. Find him whenever you wish to.

Follow the marker and find him in a back room of the Sanctuary of Olympia. Just stay away from the circle. Find Proof on the Assassins Talk to them and they will show their remarks. Go back to Stentor and converse with him. You must return to your mother and she will want a conversation with you. Talk to him. She suggests that you guys have done enough and now you need to kill up the cult. You must defeat the Athenian champion: Nesaia. The story is reaching the finale very quickly and we cannot wait for the end! From the main entrance of the building look right just as you enter. Talk to Testikles’ trainer in Sparta and ask him for the pankration champion. Head for Testikles’ trainer, find the oil maker, get oil for Testikles and offer oil to Testikles to take him to Elis, to the Olympic Games. If you kill him then you will be kicked out of Sparta.

Head to Myrinne’s residence and find her on the top floor.

Yay! #6. pokerhabs. Head for Fort Samikon Talk to Paios

Why would I want the -50% All Resistances engraving? The cultist Silanos of Paros controls one of the ships. You will have two choices, Help me find my mother and Tel me where she is or die. Apparently, this does not stop Stentor from fighting you. Enter the Leader House My mother’s plan is better – You choose to kill Lagos here, Brasidas will be unhappy with the decision. That is it. You will be unarmed and will possess none of your armor. I am confused do we want the entire map red for Sparta or blue for Athens? Say that you are glad to have him by your side. He is one of the two kings of Sparta: Pausanias and Archidamos. Deal with Lagos Myrrine and Brasidas will on the top of a nearby hill. Timo will be beside your mother and wants to move out before enemy reinforcements arrive. The Last Hunt of Nesaia By killing him you will earn cultist clue, artifact fragment, and Spartan war hero boots.

The quest is over. King Archidamos gives you citizenship and your home back. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Talk to Brasidas if you are taking Brasidas’ route. After winning this battle, Stentor seems genuinely happy with the victory. Once you track this quest from the menu you will need to meet Myrrine and Brasidas who are in Arkadia.

Kill all the enemies in this fort and converse with Lagos. The battle between Sparta and Athens to hold Boeotia begins. Return to Naxos You will need to take care of the traitors who are giving weapons to the helots.

First, she wants to show you something.

Talk to the Merchant You must decide the fate of the cultist ‘Lagos’ in this quest. After this conversation, the brave soul dies. Look behind the curtain also. This is an important choice because in ahead chapter where you will go to accuse a Spartan king (Pausanias) of being a cultist Lagos will be your proof. Meet the Kings This is an important choice because in ahead chapter where you will go to accuse a Spartan king (Pausanias) of being a cultist Lagos will be your proof. Talk to Brasidas. Return to Archidamos. You will need to head to Paros afterward. Asparia will warn Myrrine about the cult and advise to stay out of it. The visuals are different; the mechanics are the same here. This will complete the short mission ‘Delivering a Champion’. You can find Myrrine at the Temple of Dionysos, under the pergola. Head for the King’s Chamber If you killed The Monger, Lagos will not leave the cult and you will have to kill him. Apparently, the soldiers first arrived for their protection and the cult then ordered to imprison both of them. Myrrine, however, doubts that due to her loyalty to Sparta. You must defeat the final Athenian champion of the four: Deianeira. Later, King Pausanias joins the conversation. Myrrine will say to do that; Deimos must be found and rescued. Wage War How do you get evidence to prove (SPOILERS) is in the cult.

Conversation with the Kings You can now choose to stay on Naxos and finish all the side quests or go ahead and sail with Myrrine to Lakonia. Aspasia will hint that the assassins might be in the caves under Mount Zas. Talk to Myrrine You need to kill everyone in Lagos’ garrisons.

Travel to the Ruins of Plataia and then to the Spartan military camp on the top of the mountain. You will meet a Mercenary who will attack you after the cutscene. You can let him live or kill him after this conversation. Assassinate Deianeira King Pausanias will ask some tasks that you will have to do. You will meet Brasidas here. Head for Lakonia Give the Antidote to Alkibiades

The Kings will ask if you finished their favors. Follow the marker to the King’s Chamber and you will find Brasidas outside. Head to Elis Apparently, Archon (Lagos) is paying more for your head. For the best ending, choose the option ‘Hold On!’. We have detailed a complete walkthrough of everything you need to do, important choices, enemy encounters, and more. In the cutscene, you will have to convince him to get on the boat. You can it here in the subquests list.

You now need to talk to Paios and get in the ring to defeat Dorieus and become the winner of the Olympic Games. You must meet Myrrine, kill the cult’s assassins, and find proof on their attempt at taking Myrinne’s life and then report back to Myrrine. Defeat them to continue. She will also exclaim that if Nikolaos were here, he would be proud of you.

Reach the Drop-off Point You might need to kill everyone inside though. King Pausanias is a modern man and does not like the ancient laws. Clear the Garrisons Kill him on sight. You will catch up to your mother on the rivalry between Naxos and Paros, and follow her into the temple in the city of Naxos.


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