In order to eliminate these alternative explanations and create a far more realistic simulated initiation ceremony, Gerard and Mathewson (1966) replicated Aronson and Mills’ experiment, upping the ante somewhat. Coronavirus, Mental Health, Autism, Art, Gender, Racism, Trauma, Sport, Workplace, Children, Memory, Health Psychology, Emotion, Politics, Therapy, Suicide, School, War, Prison, Abuse, Replication, Media, Language, Freud, Brain Injury, Stress, Forensic, Sexuality, Music, Dementia, Behaviour Change, Parenting, Ethics, Intelligence, Climate Change, Writing, Addiction, Internet, Refugees, Culture, Students, Humour, Leadership, Teaching, Religion, Qualitative, Education, Depression, Environmental, International, © Copyright 2000-2020 The British Psychological Society, The British Psychological Society is a charity registered in England and Wales, Registration Number: 229642 and a charity registered in Scotland, Registration Number: SC039452, VAT Registration Number: 283 2609 94. Aronson and Mills came to the conclusion that this effect occurred because of cognitive dissonance. The supernaturalism traditionally present in the rites is no longer acceptable to many people, and in the United States and parts of Europe the association of adult status with sexual maturity as expressed in the term “puberty rites” has been unwelcome, a matter to be excluded from notice rather than celebrated.

The pomp and circumstance of the academic dress and procession seem innocent reminders of ancient traditions to add gravitas to the moment of graduation. Completely agree that initiation rites could contribute to the inclusion of those people who feel isolated. Among the technologically and scientifically advanced societies of the world, initiation rites have become increasingly secular. Moreover, the age at which rites of attaining maturity are observed vary greatly from society to society, going far beyond the normal range of years at which sexual maturity is attained. Initiation rites are clearly reflections of the hero’s journey because the initiate has to undergo ordeals in order to achieve spiritual/psychological transformation.


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