However, his conversion to the Republican Party and his cooperation with his old friend, President Ulysses S. Grant, as well as critical comments he wrote in his memoirs about General Lee's wartime performance, made him anathema to many of his former Confederate colleagues.

Biographer Jeffry D. Wert wrote, "Longstreet deserves censure for his performance on the morning of July 2.

Knudsen maintains that because Longstreet became a "reconstructed rebel", embraced equal rights for blacks, unification of the nation, and reconstruction, he became the target of those who wanted to maintain racist policies and otherwise could not accept the verdict of the battlefield. Recognized  for his bravery, Longstreet would also serve alongside his long-time friend and future subordinate George Pickett. Using terrain to his advantage, Longstreet validated his idea that the tactical defense was now vastly superior to the exposed offense. Longstreet performed aggressively and well in his new, larger command, particularly at Gaines' Mill and Glendale. Prise de Jérusalem par Hérode le Grand.jpg, People from Edgefield County, South Carolina, Converts to Catholicism from Protestantism, Converts to Roman Catholicism from Evangelicalism, People of Georgia (U.S. state) in the American Civil War, American military personnel of the Mexican–American War,,, Dedication of the James Longstreet Memorial at Gettysburg, Original Document: James Longstreet's Signature on The Confederate Surrender at Appomattox, Virginia April 10, 1865, James Longstreet: Robert E. Lee's Most Valuable Soldier,, Callihan, David L., "Neither Villain Nor Hero: A Reassessment of James Longstreet's Performance at Gettysburg,". James was a poor student academically and a disciplinary problem at West Point, ranking 54th out of 56 cadets when he graduated in 1842. Longstreet published his 800-page memoirs, From Manassas to Appomattox, in December 1895. [7] John Y. Simon, editor of Julia Grant's memoirs, concluded that Longstreet "may have been a groomsman," and Longstreet biographer Donald Brigman Sanger called the role of best man "uncertain" while noting that neither Grant nor Longstreet mentioned any such role in either of their memoirs. Lott, John, "Could Longstreet's Delay Have Been Avoided?". Wert, pp. "[37], Lee's plan for July 2 called for Longstreet to attack the Union's left flank, which would be followed up by Hill's attack on Cemetery Ridge near the center, while Ewell demonstrated on the Union right. Jefferson Davis He reacted to the failure of the campaign by blaming others, as he had done at Seven Pines. He followed this up in conversations with his congressional ally, Senator Louis Wigfall, who had long considered Longstreet a suitable replacement for Braxton Bragg.


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