In both years, lower withdrawal elevations caused greater areas of low DO to spread within the reservoir. Conversely, they found that deep withdrawals reduced phytoplankton biomass in the hypolimnion (Dunalska et al., 2014). A3 in Supplementary Appendix), shallower 540 and 550 masl elevations provided the best balance of reservoir and outflow DO concentrations in both 2011 and 2013 (Fig.

In 2011, a hypoxic layer was formed along the bottom in mid-August for lower withdrawal elevations. TN, total nitrogen. For residents living along these areas, the high flows pose a safety risk and high water levels could damage property and infrastructure. As a result of the Water Security Agency commencing a spillway release, The government of Saskatchewan is urging recreational boaters and the general public to heed safety signage and protective buoys surrounding the Gardiner Dam spillway at Lake Diefenbaker. Regions of highest (Fig. The Gardiner Dam, one of the structures that forms the Lake Diefenbaker reservoir located in the Canadian Prairies, is managed for hydropower generation and agricultural irrigation and is known to have widely altering temperature regimes and nutrient circulations. Concentrations peaked at 1,600 μg/L in very small upstream regions on July 3 and 4. Lake Diefenbaker is a long (181 km) and narrow (average width of 2.2 km) reservoir in Saskatchewan, Canada formed along the South Saskatchewan River (SSR) by the construction of the Gardiner and Qu'Appelle River dams in the 1960s. In 2013 (Figs. 13. The reservoir not only regulates the SSR streamflows, but is also a sink for sediment and nutrients exported and transported from the SSR catchment. 4) concentrations were distributed more at lower withdrawal elevations although all outflows remained the same. Through August, variable concentration patterns were similar to July. Lower elevation outflows maintain higher TP and concentrations within the reservoir in both years (Figs. However, regions of high (Fig.

McKinley , S., Van Der Kraak , G., and Power , G. Seasonal migrations and reproductive patterns in the lake sturgeon. Park , Y., Cho , K.H., Kang , J.-H., Lee , S.W., and Kim , J.H. Rheinheimer , D.E., Null , S.E., and Lund , J.R. Optimizing selective withdrawal from reservoirs to manage downstream temperatures with climate warming.

September 17, 2011 DO profiles for 5, 35, and 55 m outflows during peak hypoxic conditions. Similar to 2011, the largest regions of low DO occurred through the end of August and beginning of September for the 500–520 masl scenarios (Fig. The main conclusions of this research are as follows: Deep abstractions draw down the metalimnion to increase the volume of the epilimnion and decrease the volume of the hypolimnion. Safety signage and protective buoys are up, with the public being asked to “urgently avoid” the area. The pace of investment, as expected, is higher during the first ten years, with maximum investment being slightly over … The Saskatchewan Water Security Agency (WSA) is advising the public of another reduction in outflow from Lake Diefenbaker starting next week. Optimal outflows to reduce are the mid-depth 510–530 masl scenarios; however, optimal outflows for reduction are 500 and 540 masl outflows. Three Provincial Parks and various Regional park are located on the shores of Lake Diefenbaker: Danielson Provincial Park,[2] Douglas Provincial Park,[3] Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park[4] and Palliser Regional Park, among others. The 15 m depth (540 m above sea level) outflow generally provided the best compromise for overall reservoir and outflow nutrient reduction. © 2020 Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., publishers. Whatever direction you come from, make sure you plan your drive to take it all in. In this research study, the 2D hydrodynamic water quality CE-QUAL-W2 (Cole and Wells, 2008) model has been implemented to provide insights on the impacts of various withdrawal elevations on the in-reservoir nutrient and water chemistry characteristics of Lake Diefenbaker. During summer high flow period spillway operations impact the distribution of nutrients, water temperatures, and DO as increased epilimnion flow velocities route the incoming water through the surface of the reservoir and reduce mixing and surface warming. 1).

They found that the thermocline location within the thermal structure coincides with the depth of the outlet. Similar to 2011, an associated increase in dissolved nutrients and decrease in DO lagged behind total nutrients, occurring end of July when high total nutrient (and likely suspended solids) concentrations were concentrated along the bottom, increasing DO demand when the lake was strongly stratified. Lake Diefenbaker was named after John G. Diefenbaker, former Prime Minister of Canada. 6) as a proxy for soluble, bioavailable phosphorus, it appears that ∼50% of P entering the reservoir in May 2011 is in soluble form (7–20 μg/L) compared with particulate (∼30–40 μg/L concentrations of total P) according to model output.

The flow of the two rivers is now regulated with a considerable portion of the South Saskatchewan diverted into the Qu'Appelle. Developing a flow control strategy to reduce nutrient load in a reclaimed multi-reservoir system using a 2D hydrodynamic and water quality model.

*Corresponding author: Global Institute for Water Security, University of Saskatchewan, 11 Innovation Boulevard, Saskatoon S7N 3H5, Canada.

1) that went into operation in 1967 to produce hydropower (1,000 GWh annually). At the very end of June and into July of both years, a plug of high (Fig.

This comes with a tradeoff of increased P and N transport downstream. Visit our site map to find your way. © 2020 Global News, a division of Corus Entertainment Inc. U.S. election: Democrats keep control of House, but majority likely to shrink, What is a coronavirus ‘circuit-breaker?’ A pivot in strategy with pros and cons, Sixty-year-old Rivers Dam at highest level ever, Sixty-year-old Rivers Dam at highest level ever – Jul 2, 2020, Biden ramps up transition planning as Trump clings to power, Remembrance Day is different this year. Despite this, outflows have ∼10°C difference between 500 and 550 masl outflows in both years. (2015) also found that withdrawal depths had an influence on metalimnion thickness that influences strength of stratification, vertical transfer of heat, and DO. Funding was provided by the University of Saskatchewan's Global Water Futures program. which permits any noncommercial use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author(s) and the source are cited. Fjeldstad , H.P., Uglem , I., Diserud , O.H., Fiske , P., Forseth , T., Kvingedal , E., Hvidsten , N.A., Okland , F., and Jarnegren , J. Gelda , Rakesh K., and Steven , W.Effler, Simulation of operations and water quality performance of reservoir multilevel intake configurations, Yangtze dams increasingly threaten the survival of the Chinese sturgeon, Spatial and temporal patterns in physical properties and dissolved oxygen in Lake Diefenbaker, a large reservoir on the Canadian Prairies. Science of The Total Environment, Vol. Morales-Marín , L.A., Wheater , H.S., and Lindenschmidt , K.E. In contrast, the July 2013 lower withdrawal elevations typically released flow with higher DO concentrations (generally ∼2 mg/L higher). July 31, 2011 and 2013 profiles for 5, 35, and 55 m outflows. Phillips , I.D., Pollock , M.S., Bowman , M.F., McMaster , D.G., and Chivers , D.P. FIG. The SHA is releasing a surplus of water, which will accelerate through the weekend leading to a total outflow of 900 cubic metres per second. The abstractions from the lower elevations in Lake Diefenbaker are not only lowering the metalimnion but also contracting the volume of the hypolimnion.

The roll of allochthonous inputs of dissolved organic carbon on the hypolimnetic oxygen content of reservoirs. Transition zones of reservoirs often experience low DO during prolonged periods of stratification and reduced velocity results in deposition of finer materials and associated nutrients (Cole and Hannan, 1990; Kalff, 2002) (note the high concentrations of TP, , TN, and along the bottom, particularly in 2011). Recreational activities include fishing, boating and camping. Water levels are expected to increase on average by about 0.9 metres but in some areas as much as 1.5 metres or five feet. A12 in Supplementary Appendix) between 2011 and 2013 and in both years shallower outflow scenarios tend to have more desirable concentrations/temperatures at both outflow and within the reservoir. This routing of the surface water may also reduce surface warming causing lower surface temperatures than 2011 and pushing water with higher nutrient concentrations into the reservoir along the surface and mid-water column rather than only along the bottom. Based on the complex geometry of the reservoir, duration of the desired study period, and the level of details required for the study, we chose CE-QUAl-W2 (Cole and Hannan, 1990) version 4.0 as a suitable model for this reservoir. However, in 2013, low elevations pull higher concentration water deeper but outflow concentrations decrease for both TN and . World-class fishing might be your thing.

The Gardiner Dam, one of the structures that forms the Lake Diefenbaker reservoir located in the Canadian Prairies, is managed for hydropower generation and agricultural irrigation and is known to have widely altering temperature regimes and nutrient circulations. Through July 2011, water with higher concentrations moved along the bottom of the reservoir and in 2013 water with higher concentrations moved along the top of the reservoir. For those not on the water, the WSA asks not to leave the roadway and directly approach the spillway by going down the embankment or standing along the wing walls. Hotels and inns…or maybe a cozy cabin rental would suit your family! Greatest overall reservoir and concentrations coincide with hypoxic regions in both years. Meta-model assisted 2D hydrodynamic and thermal simulation model (CE-QUAL-W2) in deriving optimal reservoir operational strategy in selective withdrawal scheme. Are you an adrenaline junkie! Lake Diefenbaker is 225 km long with 800 km of incredible shoreline! In both years the majority of N was in soluble form and 520–540 masl outflows coincided with the best scenarios for P (Figs. FIG. 4) and water with low DO concentrations begin to move along the bottom of the reservoir rather than be routed along the surface.

The public is also asked to remain on the roadway and to not approach the spillway by going down the embankment or standing along the wing walls. Temperatures were higher and occurred at deeper layers in 2011 than 2013 and greater regions of low bottom temperatures were maintained in 2013. This is an overestimation of TP as tends to be in the 10–30% range in Diefenbaker reservoir (Abirhire et al., 2015) and differs from Johansson et al.


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