Kirsty Young talks to epidemiologist Prof Sir Michael Marmot. It’s the most open, generous thing.” He also works hard on being interesting; when I let drop early in our conversation that I’ve heard an anecdote before, he looks pained. “The Czechs, the Turks, the Canadians and the Portuguese all think they might want to do a version of QI . Where do they go? Goldie is an Academy Award winner and producer who's been on the A list for 40-odd years, starring alongside Peter Sellers, Walter Matthau and Woody Allen. He argues that one of the roles of the producer is to be a drill sergeant: “to act as the conscience of people and not allow them to do substandard work”. Still, as Lloyd told Desert Island Discs in 2012, “One of my little mantras is ‘disaster is a gift’. He wrote Hordes of the Things (as J. H. W. Lloyd) with Andrew Marshall, co-authored two episodes of Doctor Snuggles with Douglas Adams, and went on to co-write the fifth and sixth episodes of the first radio series of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy with Adams (Adams wrote all the previous and subsequent episodes solo, as well as the television adaptation). Michael Parkinson's castaway is actor Jeremy Lloyd. Isn’t everyone watching American dramas on Netflix, or endless repeats on Dave? Then the host of the programme strides on stage, in a grey suit with a purple tie, plus brown boots that suggest he’s gesturing to smart-casual without daring to go there. A prolific writer, he's lampooned everyone from DH Lawrence to Victoria Beckham and, earlier this year, he became the first journalist to win three separate prizes at the British Press Awards. Alexei Sayle hated the Bambi episode of The Young Ones –“I thought these people were the enemy!” he said to one of the writers on set –while Keith Allen heckled Lloyd when he visited the Comedy Store club in London, calling him a “f***ing bourgeois c***” and wedging him into the lift by jamming a radiator into the door. Each week a guest, called a 'castaway' during the programme, is asked to choose eight recordings (usually, but not always, music), a book and a luxury item that they would take if they were to be cast away on a desert island, whilst discussing their lives and the reasons for their choices.

More than 3,000 episodes have been recorded, with some guests having appeared more than once and some episodes featuring more than one guest. The 1980s generation of rising stars drew its comic energy, in part, from an appropriately Thatcherite clash of public with state schools, Oxbridge v the rest. [6] Lloyd was also awarded an honorary degree from Southampton Solent University.

I like the fight and the passion and the difficulty - well I don't like it, but it's what I do".

This, in addition to the BBC's policy of wiping that was applied during the 1950s and 1960s, means very few episodes from the first 20 years of the show are known to exist; the earliest episode still in existence was broadcast on 25 April 1951 and features actress Margaret Lockwood.

(“Ten years ago I would have rather cut off my head than be seen on a yoga mat.”) Once a year for the past five years, he has gone on a yoga retreat with his wife.

These include Molly Oldfield, an archaeologist who is an expert on museums; Andrew Hunter Murray, who divides his time between QI and Private Eye; the former accountant James Harkin; and Stevyn Colgan, a policeman-turned-illustrator.

She recalls: "I found myself sitting in the middle of Westminster Bridge bringing the traffic to a standstill. The BBC dominates the market, with Channel 4 coming in second, and if you blow your relationship with either . “I’m so close to Middle England. On television, it is her role as a judge on The Great British Bake-off that has brought her to the attention of a new generation. A film script was rejected for being late; he was fired from projects he started. Born in America, for the past four decades he has lived and worked in Britain - where his designs are as likely to be found in sculptural landscapes as buildings.

Now a hugely popular stand-up comedian, it was a failing marriage and a sense of desperation that led him, one night, to a comedy bar. “The kind of laugh you do when you want people to know you got the joke.”. Former test pilot Captain Eric 'Winkle' Brown is interviewed by Kirsty Young. “But he can cope with famous people because the work always comes first.”, John Lloyd was born in Dover in 1951 but his father was in the navy, so the family lived abroad and moved often. Receiving an initially mediocre reception from viewers and reviewers, the show did not become a hit until its fourth series, sustained until then only by the comedy department’s faith in it.”. Their friendship never recovered.).

Why didn’t he cling on to hosting Have I Got News for You? Excerpts from their choices are played or, in the case of short pieces, the whole work. “I enjoy the result of it and I mean .

By the time the recording ends, at 9.38pm, the panel has covered subjects as various as Liberian warlords, why the BBC originally rejected Fawlty Towers (“We’ve already got a show with a hotel – and Ronnie Corbett”) and how the scoop on the Wright brothers’ first flight was broken in a journal called Gleanings in Bee Culture.

The News Quiz is the news, and so is Not the Nine O’Clock News, I suppose. He studied law at Cambridge, where he joined the Footlights. Until late September 2009, Desert Island Discs could not be heard on the BBC's iPlayer service, which allows most programmes to be heard up to a week after transmission.

It's 30 years since he set up the ground-breaking theatre company Complicite. [7] Young was replaced by 6 Music presenter Lauren Laverne, who interviewed Olympic diver Tom Daley for her first show, broadcast on 30 September 2018. He was appointed literary editor of The Spectator when he was just 23 and has gone on to write dozens of books since. I just don’t think that you have to be quite so vicious.” He likes offbeat sitcoms such as Peep Show, and grudgingly admires but dislikes The Office, but his taste is more The Two Ronnies, or Friends. Yes, Ben Elton might have gone to Godalming Grammar and Manchester University, and Hugh Laurie to Eton and Cambridge, but many of the rest of the group fell somewhere in between.


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