16 They’ve made it so much easier. ), ( You should have sent them a photo id when you signed up. And it took weeks to have the account being restored after I lie on behalf of my girls with credit card payments. by requiring phone numbers, as mentioned above).The number of fake gmail accounts created e.g. Note: Only a member of this blog may post a comment. Surely here I can have some control.

), ( Underage people will lie about their age; spammers will keep creating new accounts ... why make the rest of us suffer for something you cannot adequately control? ), ( 5 In this day and age of ID theft, why can't we just have a place to connect with friends, send some emails without having to give up privacy utterly and completely?

35 We have just moved to a new school - one of our requirements is for our son to have a gmail account he is currently 12 - so of course I could not create one as it wouldn't let me.

In order to have a Google Account, you must meet certain age requirements. ), ( 40

), ( I think a pre-existing IMAP connection continues to work.And, Google take note... there are plenty more Cloud mail providers out there who don't invade our privacy.

a GMAIL account is required. 17 Times Syndication Service.

), (

30 ), (

Been with Google for years. With a Microsoft you can be 8 years old and have email. Google is your friend and they don't do evil. Horse Evolved from Strange Sheep-Sized Animal... To begin, Open Google Calendar and sign in with the account that you use on your phone.

When looking at appointments today I saw a birthday appointment for someone I barely knew. They then have no process, that I can find, to fix that problem.http://www.google.com:443/support/forum/p/gmail/thread?fid=5ab00a838e501fd20004a8612a9b7058&hl=en. I understand the reasons but sometimes I think that I am taking away from a safety internet road to my 11 years sonI rather prefer ms live family-accounts where I can supervise (or at least to have some kind of control) and able to share family stuff.What if I just want to share a picture with my childs.Wouldn't be great to have family accounts? 57 However, their process, which is designed to support that, does not take into account all situations.As an example, I believe I stumbled on a bug in Google's access control administration whereby your birthday can get set to a day that is not correct when editing the access list, even if the birthday was already set correctly. 103

This is useless since kids will usually give a fake birth date in order to be able to register. 110 ), ( Any thoughts? There are currently 3,100 number-one songs in our database that started on August 4, 1958. Replies.

I finally sold my Android. But today, there was a new calendar in my Gmail group called “Birthdays”. I do not know what they will do with it and do not want my identity stolen.. Yeah, that's what I thought. Surely Google are clever enough to enable children accounts with a parents validation. TechCrunch reported on that here.

Strange. I can still access my email on my blackberry, but I will soon be finding another provider. Some people say Google is evil. @AnonymousWhat do you mean Microsoft doesn't care it?

Reply. Select the ‘My Calendars’ dropdown arrow to expand this section.

It's time to get naked in the eyes of the google and just trust them with "you". 19 That is my case. ), (

BUT GOOGLE SAYS I'M TOO YOUNG! Without hesitation, I set out to remove it. Salvation! I ignore Google+/G+/Google Plus, but no matter how much I avoid it, Google finds a way to cram it down my throat with increasingly terrible integrations. Google's 16th Birthday. I have used GMail for many years and do not want to be locked out if they have the wrong b-day in there and I am not able to recover..

i understand that Google need to be very strict with spam or something related to it...but if it happen frequently that will be very stressful.. there is one day i tried to open a google account for my whole family, Google ask for phone verification each time i try to built account for my family members... what the heck was happening...maybe google should loosen up a little bit for gmail.. i guess that will either force kids to lie about their real age, but won't be able to change it later,or use yahoo or hotmaili mean, the 0.3 $ ?

), ( 479 I'M NOT 13! I have today been asked to put my birth date in so that I can access my gmail acccount. As soon as I get my documents back I will avoiding Google! After knowing “my birthday song,” maybe it’s a good idea to ask your parents if they know that song. 10 Just buy an Android handset, sign up for a Google Account with your existing @blabla.com mail address and try to access Android market.

They are required to be 13 to have a google account anyway, so why does the age requirement have to be 18 for google plus? Just give it to them already. Microsoft knows that its prime products, Windows and Microsoft Office, are on a death spiral, and that the web is the future.

Well, that was easier. Nope, that one is for keeps. "But your birthday, mother's maiden name, and other private data that could be used to identify you — or to steal your identity — should be given up strictly on a need-to-know basis."

I’d already deactivated iCal and Facebook birthday calendars (which pull data from Address Book and Facebook Friends’). It won't even let me go back in and create an account for me so my son can use it - This is stupid. 59 Just give them all your information already. BUT GOOGLE SAYS I'M TOO YOUNG!


), (

), ( Or, what you are probably thinking: Why the hell would the obnoxious birthday calendar be in this terrible corner of the web? ), (

People between the ages of 13 & 18 just turn to facebook for the solution. Of course, there are people who get this message and are older than me, but this gets me really fustrated. ), ( Remembering birthdays is no easy task. Lots of people used to love google way more more, but now that it's getting all strict and stingy, it's not as easy to use. ), ( ), (

).At least they didn't ask for a credit card! 853 Copyright © 2020.

I can't even see where the option to view it is, let alone change it if it needs to be changed ... Google used to be great, but now it is getting worse than FB with hiding settings and not letting you modify some of them ... are they kidding that I have to send them a copy of my Govn't ID AND give them my credit card number if I get locked out? This IS useless, and I am horrified. ), ( Microsoft would LOVE to know all about your personal info, it just is in no position to demand it. (I recently upgraded Google Calendar.

I guess this was released a few weeks ago.). "No further information is provided. ), ( Mine didn't lock(even tho I'm under 13) cuz I used my mums age for youtube sometime ago, My sister wants to make a blogger I have one too but she has to gthrough the process she's been trying for three days omg she's pissed, to get a gmail account google wants my real infomation guess what google is going to become extint how many people with a gmail acc will suspend service google was great at 1 time i think why google wants your real infomation so they can sell it to there partners please people dont ever use google checkout. ), ( ), ( I had a 2nd google account .. and when I tried to link that google account to youtube, it actually required me to fill in mandatory birth date.

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