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‘This is quite outrageous.

The report has not been confirmed by the Downing Street. Johnson, who has previously held such roles as UK Foreign Secretary and the editor of The Spectator magazine, became Prime Minister in July 2019.

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Please try again in a minute. ... New UK prime minister; ... which would bring her a salary of £79,468 per year. At the same time, pensions benefits would be reduced, resettlement payments scrapped and expenses tightened.

David Cameron would also have been getting £150,402 by the time he left office. As late as 1904, Arthur Balfour explained the status of his office in a speech at Haddington: "The Prime Minister has no salary as Prime Minister. You can restore your account within 30 days by following the link sent to the e-mail address you entered during registration. [23], From the start of the 2015 Parliament, a "Loss of Office Payment", at double the statutory redundancy payment, was introduced. Privacy, terms and conditions. It was revealed this summer that May had now made nearly a £1million as part of a lecture circuit as American universities and international banks were ready to pay her a lot to hear about her time as prime minister. This includes the basic salary for a member of parliament which is currently £74,962. It is payable to any Member who ceases to be an MP at a general election. To contact the team of moderators, write to, Get push notifications from Sputnik International,,, Aleksandra Serebriakova.

receive a supplementary salary for their specific responsibilities.

[30] In 2010 the IPSA was also given the responsibility of setting MPs' salary levels. In addition to the above benefits, MPs can claim for the reimbursement of expenses incurred as a result of their duties. We are committed to protecting your personal information and we have updated our Privacy Policy to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a new EU regulation that went into effect on May 25, 2018. The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority was introduced in response to the parliamentary expenses scandal that broke in 2009. The basic annual salary of an MP in the House of Commons is £81,932.

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"For the 'average' MP, who leaves office with 11 years' service, this may lead to a payment of around £14,850.

Gordon Brown's salary was £197,689, and his ministers earned £141,647. is connected to the WageIndicator Network. Full Fact is a registered charity (no. Oxford University’s Migration Observatory, which identified the change in the 507-page rulebook, said it was ‘the final nail in the coffin of the net migration target’.

“How much does the prime minister get paid?” was a hot search topic when Theresa May moved into Number 10, according to Google. The £35,800 salary threshold was introduced in 2011 by Theresa May when she was home secretary as part of the effort to meet the commitment set by David Cameron – something the Government was never able to achieve. The National Audit Office, another independent parliamentary body, has some audit authority. Members of the House of Lords are not salaried. ZOE Ball has bagged £1million more pay this year while Huw Edwards and Alan Shearer’s wages have been cut after the BBC faced gender pay gap backlash. We’ve seen people claiming to be health professionals, family members, and even the government – offering dangerous tips like drinking warm water or gargling to prevent infection.

Since April 2016 the Prime Minister has been entitled to a slightly higher amount, £152,532. The Prime Minister gets paid less than his predecessor and his cabinet ministers did when they were in office. [21], If an MP stands down during the course of a Parliament for ill health reasons, an ill health retirement grant is payable, calculated in the same way as the Resettlement Grant (as well as an immediate pension based on the service the MP would have accrued if he or she had continued to serve until age 65).[22]. This means that ministers, including Mrs May, don’t take the increases in the salary they’re technically entitled to. Could you help protect us all from false and harmful information today? googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1604915830963-0'); }); Neither the EC nor the project beneficiaries are liable for any use made of the information contained herein or for the content of linked external websites or pages. He has no statutory duties as Prime Minister, his name occurs in no Acts of Parliament, and though holding the most important place in the constitutional hierarchy, he has no place which is recognised by the laws of his country. Post limit reached. In 2010, following the parliamentary expenses scandal, the payment of MPs' salaries and allowances, and many staff, was moved from the Fees Office, which was effectively self-policing by MPs of their expenses, to a more autonomous body, the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority. Deputy director Rob McNeill told The Daily Telegraph: ‘They are acknowledging that the bluntest of all the instruments the Government used to get to that target of tens of thousands has been kicked into touch.’. 'Obesity is On the Rise in UK but Latest Trendy Diets Aren’t the Cure', Psychologist Warns, Georgia to Launch Hand Recount of Ballots in US Presidential Race, Secretary of State Says, UK Equalities Watchdog Slammed for 'Inadequate' Leadership in Report on Racism, Qualcomm Reportedly Receives Licence Approval to Supply Huawei With Chipsets Amid US-China Trade War, 'Taiwanese' Head of Czech Senate Reelected for New Term, Russian Mi-24 Helicopter 'Accidently' Downed by Azerbaijan's Forces in Armenian Airspace, Live Updates: Armenian Defence Minister Thanks Russia for Deploying Peacekeepers in Karabakh, Melania Trump Reportedly 'Counting Minutes' Until Divorce From Trump, At Least 4 US Soldiers Killed After Vehicle Explosion in Syrian Markada - SANA, Live Updates: Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia Adopt Joint Statement on Ending Fighting in Karabakh, Stop the Steal: Trump Supporters Call for Vote Recounts as They Rally Across US.

Boris will also receive an additional salary because he is Prime Minister. On the day Theresa May gives up her home and job we look at what the prime minister is left with. Users can initiate the recovery of their account / unlock access by contacting the moderators at [8] On 24 May 2015 David Cameron announced that he intended to freeze ministerial pay for the next five years.[9].

The Prime Minister is paid £150,402 a year. An explanation of the actions which were in violation of the rules above and resulted in the lock. MPs will normally receive a pension of either 1/40th or 1/50th of their final pensionable salary for each year of pensionable service depending on the contribution rate they will have chosen. You can find a detailed description of how we use your data in our Privacy Policy. Sputnik International,

But the government is freezing the pay of Cabinet ministers until 2020. [18]Dailymail April 2016: Tax return Nicola Sturgeon shows that she declared an income of £104,000, despite being eligible for a £144,687 salary. March 2015 Guardian: The Scottish parliament voted unanimously to increase basic salaries for MSPs by 0.7%, pushing the official overall salary for Scotland’s first minister to £144,687 – outstripping the prime minister’s overall pay of £142,500 and that of Boris Johnson, the London mayor, who earns £143,911. AFP 2020 / ANDREW PARSONS, ©