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Our tasters loved the scent of this seltzer, with one editor saying it "smells like a Creamsicle." The popular canned beverage is known for its semi-dry taste … LaCola. For folks that like stronger fruit flavors or maybe aren’t 100% sold on sparkling water, Bubly is the brand for you. Gnat pussy. However, in conducting a taste test with a group of my friends, I discovered that much like Cats the Musical, the Kardashian family, and Indian food, La Croix is extremely polarizing. It bridges the gap between sparkling water and soda when it comes to taste while maintaining that calorie- and sweetener-free formula that we look for. The taste is light and not overpowering. 7/27/18 3:20PM • Filed to: la croix.

Listening to Rita Ora. 1. How Steve Bannon looks.

It has the flavor of whatever is listed on the packaging. 51.5K. 71. But the general consensus was that the flavor was too strong, and this flavor left an unpleasant aftertaste.

Puddle water with a severance package. Photo: iStock. Being open-hand slapped with an almost-ripe banana. Coconut La Croix Water. 3. A hilarious tweet has gone viral suggesting new flavor names to poke fun at LaCroix, the much-beloved sparkling water.

The orange LaCroix flavor fared worse than tangerine in our taste test. EK: "It's like if you left an apple in garbage water and then dropped a couple grapes in at the last minute." 20. LaCola is, as the name would suggest, LaCroix’s version of cola. La Croix is flavored sparkling water. 4. 18. If you like plain sparkling water, that’s what this is. Boring, but still healthier than soda. It’s not bad, but it tastes mostly like cinnamon. JL: "Smells like apple, tastes like garbage. 5.

It is a great alternative to both sugary sodas and plain old carbonated water. 2. la croix things that don't taste good. Melón Pomelo (Cantaloupe Grapefruit) This ranking of La Croix flavors is based off of my personal preferences, but the opinions of my friends will be included. It has a strong clay taste for some reason."

there are 2 kinds of ppl in my life: 1. the ones i'll clean my room for 2. the ones where i'm like lol don't trip over the la croix cans!!! 10:16 PM - 18 Jun 2017 A List of Things La Croix Tastes Like. 4. A read receipt


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