This is just something to look out for when legit checking. How can I spot fake Supreme Louis Vuitton hoodies in 60 seconds? This is one of the most commonly faked box logo tees. ), Sage (Randomized, could have oval p but does not have to.). Or check out eBay listings for this item, while making sure you follow our authentication guides! As for the letter “r”, it is most common to be flawed in terms of length, which at the end of the day, it all resumes to stitching.

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I’ll add comparison pictures to help it make more sense. The difference in this text is on the letters which look thinner this time on the authentic Supreme x LV hoodie, and on the fake hoodie, the letters look thicker than they have to be.

Another helpful flaw to know is that on an authentic box logo hoodie, the drawstrings shouldn’t go over the box logo in length (Besides some size small box logo hoodies). Just so you could have our opinion, we’d like to tell you that we consider the “Supreme” logo in the box on the front side of the hoodie as the most reliable sign of a fake hoodie because it is most of the time the most flawed element of the Supreme x LV hoodies. Sometimes the gap is smaller, but as a general rule, they should not touch and should at least be parallel to one another. While on many replica box logo hoodies, the drawstrings will be too long, and hang over the box logo patch. The next most notorious flaw on this Supreme box logo hoodie legit check guide is what we call “horizontal lines”. In fact, we are here today to teach you how to spot fake a Supreme x Louis Vuitton hoodie in four simple steps with our ultimate guide. For the fourth and the last step of the guide on how to spot fake Supreme x Louis Vuitton hoodies, are going to move lower on the interior area of the item and check the printings on the wash tags on both the real vs fake Supreme x LV box logo hoodies.

This crooked line is actually the factor that doesn’t allow the authentic hoodies’ letter “r” to lap over the letter “e”, and on the fake hoodies, the opposite. We all want a little more peace… a little calmer. The last e should be perfectly aligned with the first e, and should be slightly lower than the m. If the last e is any higher than the m, RUN!

Product is not available in this quantity.

First of all, on the authentic Supreme x LV hoodies, the letter “r” will never be as long as to overlap above the next letter (“e”), and it will always finish before the point in which the letter “e” comes. All legit BOGO’s have flat drawstrings made out of same material as the hoodie. Check Your Head was named after a random occurrence wherein Ad Rock had purchased a pack of Desert Storm trading cards and brought them to the studio. Supreme Box Logo Legit Check 2020. by admin Posted on November 4, 2020. With that in mind, we’re here to provide you with a basic checklist that should apply to any BOGO Hoodie within the past 10 years or < 2008 (Older BOGO’s have different rules altogether). Keep in mind somebody could easily swap the drawstrings out of a fake box logo hoodie with some shorter ones, so you definitely can’t legit check solely based off this.

Now that you’ve got the main idea of what we are about to talk about today, let’s get to the seven steps on how to spot fake Supreme x Louis Vuitton Box Logo hoodie.

Legit BOGO: A legit BOGO’s stitching behind the ‘Supreme’ is very distinctive and is clearly a diamond or tight criss-cross pattern with no identifiable lines (horizontal or vertical). Again, any inconsistencies should raise a red flag.

As with a lot of other pieces, fakes have recently gotten fairly accurate of these tees.

Where can I get my Supreme x LV hoodie authenticated? This is one of the most important flaws on this Supreme box logo hoodie legit check guide. 4 – The edges of the curvy line of the letters “e”. Mostly, the fake Supreme x LV hoodies will have the Louis Vuitton’s monogram elements looking thinner, too wide and big and placed incorrectly, Verify the neck tag of your Supreme Louis Vuitton hoodie. Fake vs real supreme bandana box logo fake vs real supreme bandana box logo real vs fake supreme bogo tee vs fake supreme paris bogo neck tag. Since crooks never sleep, this is by no means exhaustive.

The major differences are obvious in the real vs fake Supreme x LV hoodie images above. So if you see anyone selling a box logo hoodie and they say it fits a size small, RUN. Do all the letters line up? Step 1: Inspect the Supreme box logo on the front side of the hoodie This is one of the most important flaws on this Supreme box logo hoodie legit check guide. One thing all of the replica box logo hoodies don’t have correct is the hoodie blanks, and the sizing on them. The results will also come with a report on why we believe your hoodie is fake or authentic. First of all, you can see how, on the fake Supreme x LV hoodie’s wash tag, the “MADE IN ITALY” text is looking a lot boxier and thinner than the text on the legit Supreme x LV hoodie which shows up being thicker and less wide than the fake text. Any inconsistency in the box logo itself should raise a red flag. Basically, if it falls under the should have an oval p category, you’re going to want to look at the inside of the p in the box logo.


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