(and no they NEVER jump on their beds. The desert in the north is Yondo. It includes the northern bit of the Nabu desert and the city-state of Ibis, the Golden Sea and the hills surrounding it, and the woods and mountains of Venatia proper. Very Flintstones. Time is my only problem, but I'm almost through with revising old material this year and new projects are mostly pretty light. I thought I’d provide a sneak preview to what I’d currently call a rought draft. I was making those maps using a neat piece of software called MapInfo, and, having no other mapping resource and being a total geek, I decided to draw the maps for my new campaign world in MapInfo. Take a look! When the Great Rebellion of Dwarves and Men occurred, and the Crown Stone was destroyed, the great network of standing stones went with it and the elves lost their ability to maintain the magical civilization they had created. The adjacent Damnable Sea involves a re-awakened Atlantis bent on conquest of the air breathers. Is that through the keyhole?

The war raged intermittently for 100 years before ending in a draw, the invaders holding the coast, the Qum’al the hinterlands.

Fun nonetheless. Finally finished my map for Dweomer Baye, so I thought I’d share it. The fields to the north of Azdak drank much blood over the centuries, as royal dynasties rose and fell.

ever. I should note that the base map comes from Natural Earth Data. Land of Nod – A Place of Whimsy, Or Not. Sweet Maisie in the middle – I love all of the personal touches on the nightstands – one of my favorite things about Land of Nod is that even all the new stuff feels a little vintage! so we turned the closet into a reading nook – something I had always wanted to do. NOD 23, however, will return with a brand spanking-new hex crawl, and I want you folks to decide what I’m writing.

The Og looms large in the lives of the people, and most treat it as a god.South of the river is the Golden Steppe. updating them) and using them in the NOD Companion. B – Azsor – When a dwarven messenger stumbled into the camp of a hill chief called Mogg, little did he know he was helping to found the kingdom of Azsor, a kingdom where dwarves and human live together and a kingdom threatened by giants, trolls and the wild men of the steppe. Events ranges from character birthdays to gacha games. ", A trio of Siskins patrol southern England for French bombers. Works continues apace on the next issue of NOD, and I’m doing research for my Age of Heroes campaign idea, which will probably show up in NOD later this year. They dwell in hive cities connected by canals. Crate and Kids is a new destination for high quality baby and kids furniture and decor. I already love the HCC booklets, so this could be considered a "step up" for those that want more content in a similar, contained format.Have you considered doing a Kickstarter for it? To the west, the country of Mab led a quiet, contemplative existence. They spawn via spores and do not nurse their young. That’s why I provide the hex maps as downloads on the site … but if the site ever went away, the maps would go with it, and that wouldn’t be good at all.

Most of the peoples of Veneris have neo-stone age technology, maybe some in the chalcolithic age - giant stone cities, simple weapons, etc. COMING UP – A different way to value treasure, Trojan campaigns (the city, not the … you know) and whatever else my fevered little mind can dream up.

The elves and their human subjects now surged into Og. As of April 2019 the site is renewed as “TANAKA BOX”. SO after a few months wait… the July issue is out! Blogger is a free blog publishing tool from Google for easily sharing your thoughts with the world. It started off as a game that lets you play as a customer who visits Mikuni’s shop, “The Land of Nod”. Two hundred years ago, seafaring invaders from Yama hit the Amber Coast of modern Luhan. Great forests sprang up in the wake of the retreating glaciers. Mu-Pan is the Asian-inspired setting within NOD. The "Hell crawls" are intended for really high level characters ... because once you enter, the only way out is through Lucifer. The first campaign I ran in Nod was set in and around Og, stretching from the far eastern city-state of Azdak (where a mysterious murder was committed), and covering the halfling land of Yore (where a town was burned down), Azsor (where a human ranger raised by dwarves Frank and Estelle joined the party), the White Mountains (where a cloud giant was assaulted and insulted), Isithul (where something happened that I don’t entirely remember) and back to Azdak, where the murder was solved through no work of the party (don’t run murder mystery campaigns with people who don’t care about murder mysteries) and the next campaign was set up for Mu-Pan.

Download free printable coloring pages from The Land of Nod and let your kids color away. I won’t use this new style on the next hex crawl – that map is already created in Hexographer.

Very useful – I wish I had known about it when I was working on some of the other Campaign Workbooks I’ve published. The people lived in small lake settlements. Its’ main features include the Land of Nod, the Hedgehog Coffee Stand, FINAL SERVAMP QUEST, and “MY ROOM”. Although it appeared as nothing more than a giant vessel covered in beaten gold, at its heart lie an engine powered by mysterious crystals that could bend space and time. It grows very quickly - a trail cut with machetes would disappear in mere minutes. They added a bunch of touches I never would have thought of and really completed the rooms.

Feel free to ask me anything about the game and I’ll help however I can. Yesterday, I had an idea about how one could model a magic-user taking time off from adventuring to research spells or make magic items. Oh, and if you want to see the map sans boxes, here it is. I’ve done just about everything I can think of to improve them, but I just cannot get them to look right.


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