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And I am pissed that the ONLY GF was scratched. In an effort to prove her innocence to him, Yan Zhi agrees to sneak into the home of her best friend to help Yu Hao track down the mysterious “Mister Traitor.” Her excellent memory and unparalleled intelligence aid her in her mission, but soon Yan Zhi unearths dark secrets that lead a little too close to home…. Romance is an unlimited passion for your partner. Cheesy. Without spoiling too much--it was somehow a little bit of comfort to see them in an "alternative universe" as opposed to the actual drama... BL and horror? Duration: 3 episodes (1 hour per episode; 3 hours to finish the drama). But I'll watch (almost) anything once.

So when a mysterious fortune-teller gives Si Yeon the chance to switch lives with her sister, both girls will learn who they really are and that beauty is more than the body you’re born with. Mini-drama. So when an accident throws him back to 1989, one year before he was born, Che takes the opportunity to find out for himself. Kang Woo (Nam Tae Hyun) and his girlfriend (Kim Soo Yun) are the hot couple on campus. The drama is a must-see for anyone looking for a sweet and easy watch – or just needing a reminder that a good friend is worth more than almost anything! The 2011 Chinese drama tells the story of Zhang Xiao (Liu Shi Shi), who time-travels from modern-day China back to the 18th century to be incarnated in one of her previous lives – that of 16-year-old Maertai Rouxi, the daughter of a Manchu general during the Qing Dynasty. Which feels appalling. William Chan’s and Bai Bai He’s chemistry is on fire the entire time, and the plot only thickens and quickens as the drama progresses. Seriously, what else could you want in a drama? That has to be the most stupid idea EVER. I started the 'Annyeong Oppa' way back in 2016 and the rest is history. (Fair number of episodes, but short runtime.). The 2017 Chinese web drama put to screen the most relatable moments from youth – in all their cringe-worthy, utterly embarrassing glory. It's just the practical reason for the guys meeting.

Sequel/prequel/parallel story to "Until We Meet Again", but telling the story of Win and Team. Continue from season 1. Together they delve into the dangerous mentality of some of the most horrific criminals. Not only was it hard to understand--it took me quite a while to get it, but it was also much, much worse than the S1 storyline. Hard. … "Complex", by Manda Ringo. Plot: Baek-Se (Han Seung-Yeon) lives an ordinary life. Take time to appreciate the warm plot and moral lesson you can get in the drama! Upcoming 2020. (Btw; If you read comics and decide to read/have read the one this is based on--do not miss out on the larger work which this one has more or less copied. This is CLASS. Lin Xia is a 17-year-old high school student who crosses paths with 35-year-old Zhou Yu Teng and their initial meeting ends in a rumble. Get through the first, messy part--and you will be rewarded with a knock-out of a BL...). Sometimes; great. Cherry on May 28, 2020: Oh! There are a million reasons why we love Korean dramas — the romance, the adventure, the humor, the unique plots.

Due to the magical ring, she gets Se-gun (Ahn Hyo-seop) who’s a handsome guy but has a cold-blooded personality to see her as his ideal type. It is time for back to school Don't be Too sad the vacation is over; there are couple of school-themed dramas you must watch, which could give you a bright mood when you head back to school! (Supposedly December 9th.). Currently airing, upcoming and finished BL/Gay themed dramas and movies of 2020. She's then allowed to attend a high school with prestige with him. When he is 16 years old, Luo Yin finds out that his mother, Jiang Yuan (Liu Xiao Hua), remarries the high-ranking government official Gu Wei Ting (Wang Dong). And the amount of time they get, is so odd in proportion that the side couples feel unnecessary. What will become of this soul-swapping duo? While romance exists, it is not necessarily between the two leads–at least, not the entire time. Delicious Destiny. The fact that their story had gotten so far in S1--made for an extremely weird feel when we're suddenly expected to erase that from our memories and accept that it never happened.

Duration: 2 episodes (1 hour episode; 2 hours to finish). I am a part time Registered Nurse and a Full-Time Fangirl. As they grow older, nasty rumors start to spread around school, and Zhou Zhou and Lin Yang’s friendship is torn apart. While she longs to live life as a woman, unforeseen feelings threaten to complicate Ya Nuo’s perfect plan. At this time, he gets to know the cute and amiable sunshine Lu You Yan. Don't compare masterpieces with romcoms. To complicate matters, whenever one of the women tells a lie, the other personality takes over the body they both are residing in. You can watch these series while stuck on traffic, waiting for someone, or when you just don’t want long term commitments.

The story up until then, building slow, just went into total lightspeed, causing a crazy rushed progression. Jade on May 28, 2020: By the way, Jin Mi is another character for the Legend of the White snake. Plot: The story about a man (Seo In-guk) and a woman (Wang Ji-won) who met at the last moments of their life and the one very special day they share together. Behind the scenes episode connected to the drama "My Engineer". Thank you for making this list. But that was just too long and too much. When she meets Yu Huai again, will she choose the love she could never forget or will she choose Lu Xing He who pursued her all these years? (Which we do.)

The main reason is mostly that Chinese dramas Release dates tend to come up out of nowhere, and there are a large amount of pre-produced dramas waiting to air, and for each year, that goes by this list will become larger and large sorry about that. I literally went "OHMYGAWD!" Using her modern-day knowledge, Rouxi manipulates history as she develops romantic feelings and solid friendships along the way. After ep 1, I was "meh". Math teacher Wang Qiang Da (Yen Tsao) approaches life with logic and no-nonsense reasoning. Basically; despite a thin plot, messy techs and lack of originality... gorgeous guy x 2, with nice chemistry = Enjoyable even if it would be utter crap. This brilliantly binge-worthy 2014 Chinese drama is absolutely perfect for those looking for chilling mysteries with minimal romance.

But when he accidentally becomes frozen in ice and is found and revived 37 years later, nothing will ever be normal again. ).

Standard tv-shows vs. movie quality. I loved this one. (Release date yet to be announced.). His script wins a grand prize, but he faces difficulty after difficulty while trying to finalize the film.

I.e. )(Titles released in 2019 but finished in 2020--not included.

When Zhou Zhou starts high school, she is looking forward to getting away from her former friends and making a fresh start.

The music gave me a "SOTUS" feel. At the same tutoring center is history teacher Wang Qiang Wei (Amanda Chou), who is happy-go-lucky and loves cheering up people around her. It's sufficient for a fix of cute boys love. Romance? A short-film/docu about the BL industry and the fandom? Jiang Yu Nian is one of the most popular boys at the school, but he is cold and emotionally distant after the death of his sister. But are these geniuses smart enough to solve the case that really matters and find out the truth behind their parents’ mysterious disappearance? If for nothing else--at least to be able to trash it.

High school student Chen Xiao Xi (Shen Yue) has a major crush on fellow classmate and neighbor Jiang Chen (Hu Yi Tian), who doesn’t reciprocate the feelings.

Furukawa Yûki in a BL role? Everything is in place, the story is complete, and I, for one, loved the nutty theme.

This short drama will make you see his talent in acting. Duration: 12 episodes (14 minutes per episode; more or less 3 hours to finish).

(No release date available as of now.). But he is! Check out the first episode below! Duration: 15 episodes (10 minutes per episode; 2 and a half hour finish the drama). And (if to be even more mean;) he's not fit for the role of a supposedly super-hot uni idol that people will walk over corpses to date. As the story progresses – and our two leads’ relationship develops – you’ll find yourself rooting for these two with all your might. Combining several of my obsessions--crime, forensics and guy-on-guy-action? Most are great and really make their characters come alive.

It makes everything less believable, it steals room from the main couples and just makes the side couples shallow. Read the synopsis carefully. There isn't much to the story--it's standard and more than a little bit stupid (aren't most...), but it's generic BL. Plot: The Universe’s Star is a love story between a gifted singer-songwriter Woo-joo (Kim Jun-myeon) and Byul (Ji Woo), a 19-year-old student who becomes the Grim Reaper after dying in an accident. Btw; A "5" means "mediocre". Whether I will watch the movie depends on the reviews, I guess.). = well planned. A bit of a different flavour compared to the earlier years of Japanese BL--fully in line with the freshness and "closer to reality makes it more beautiful, not less so", that they've delivered during the past couple of years. Short in a collection of five LGBTQ themed short-films. Intrigue and espionage? Two college students fall for each other on campus, but unbeknownst to them, their avatars in an online game's virtual world already have married each other.


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