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When I served females were in demand, they received promotion twice as fast as their male counter parts, due to the service needed to appease those in control, most should have not gotten that promotion. That training is valuable and shouldn't be wasted on a group of people who can't hang. Capt. My favorite one liner is “all combat soldiers should have to meet the same physical standards”. Agree totally.

Which isn't you or me.

Deciding which branch to join is a personal decision that "deserves much study and thought," according to the balancecareers writer, Stew Smith ("Deciding Which Military Service to Join." Help perform or quit being an obstacle and get out of the way of progress in action. DACOWITS. What I care about is: Can they do their job? I'll admit up front that I don't know what the "right" answer is. Similarly, only three out of the first nineteen women to attempt Ranger School passed. Years later, I assumed company command with Achilles tendinitis and a partially torn bicep, but I did not let that stop me from leading my company on runs, on ruck marches, and in combat training. Once a Marine's arms are fully extended or the Marine drops off the bar, the clock will stop. While strength differences do occur between men, in any kind of competitive physical interaction a woman CANNOT be optimally trained equally with a man. These are not the weighted qualities that the armed forces value the most per say , but the weighted qualities women are more likely to posses even if they are not as much required by the armed forces in reality . Willfully-ignorant females with entitlement complexes play-down what it takes for a male to walk around with 10 times the testosterone (and higher, in combat military personnel selected for this trait) she will EVER have the handle the behavioral consequences of. Because even though females are weaker in case of handling physical and mental load than males, males fall down sometimes and need help as well. She wishes she had a woman with her because she would be less menacing?

I absolutely expect my male soldiers not to sexually assault or have inappropriate relations with female soldiers; that doesn’t mean we should ban female soldiers from combat units. I do not understand why there is so much disassociation from reality in regards to this issue. Thank God I am out of the Military. Personally I believe in roles that fall in non-combat orientated positions. Bryce Jacobson, MBA Marine Corps Physical Fitness Standards for Women, Sequence of Events for Women's Marines Fitness Test, What Are The Fitness Standards For Men In The Marine Corps. During my first tour in the Navy, three of my shipmates were killed during drunken incidents. Copyright © 2020 Then the US is obviously doing something wrong because women have successfully served in combat all their lives throughout human history in many different countries and cultures, I agree when many of the women in my unit found out we were deploying in 6 months within 3 months at least 60% became pregnant and didnt have to deploy, Thank you, Capt. Or reliance on robots who can be turned against us with a quick reprogramming by a centralized remote enemy. The rate of injury in support units is much higher than you might think. United States Military Enlistment Standards. The biggest strongest most talented professional woman boxer would never be put in the ring with a Muhammad Ali or Mike Tyson. During my time in command, I’ve also been surprised and concerned to find young team leaders on a first-name basis with their senior platoon sergeants. I can only imagine how much Mac Donald would have blushed had she seen my all-male squad’s frolicking “dance off”—with handstands galore—in the barracks after a tough, muddy, stressful week of infantry training. A woman being just as capable as a man in the board room of a Corporation is not the same as being on the front-lines during war. But an average is no reason to categorically ban a population. I actually agree with the points you made, and they are physiologically correct, but you failed to account for one thing. Thank you for crafting this response to Mac Donald's article.

Each branch handles pregnancy of active duty members differently. If the current ruck sack weight is xx, how about investment in size, weight of it and it's contents to lighten that ruck sack load so more people can carry it, Men not just women would benefit. After recruits are cleared by medical during Phase 1, known as “P-days”, the recruit is declared Fit for Fully Duty (FFD) and is permitted to begin PFA. If the push for women in combat arms is an honest one, there are ways to make it a functional reality (though I feel it is not an issue on which the military should focus, the die seems to have been cast), this requires enforcing standards and raising the caliber of training for everyone, male and female… however, that won’t produce the desired numbers while diverting training time/funds desperately needed to meet other goals. Teens do it geriatrics do it. I'm not against woman serving in combat zones but they should have to pass the same standards as men sorry, the battlefield is a unforgiving arena and doesn't care about your feelings. Cpl. This was a very good article & informative. But I feel that the author wants badly to believe its not going to matter, and wants me to also believe that, in the face of much human experience to the contrary. USASOC Also, thanks for writing this; it sounds like you're doing your best to do your job well and honorably.

The Army expects you to reach a score of at least 50 points for the three events in order to remain in good standing during basic training. Running 2 miles is a means to an end. I was always just almost on the weight program was always the slowest runner just barely qualified, but I could work longer and carry a load twice what those quote more physically fit runners could. Not some politicians or social justice warriors dictate military policy.

Well said! Then you would not have had to waste time with your company “rebuilding”…. Also, what’s horrible is the lowering of standards to let women into special operation units. Every Marine must be physically fit, regardless of age, grade or duty assignment. I'm hoping there's more to the situation than you had time to address – given that what you were writing about was something completely else. We don’t ban men from those programs because of their low pass rates; we point to them as evidence that the standards work to separate qualified men from unqualified ones. Here is a quick breakdown of the exercises you will do at PFA: We recommend getting started on a regular, consistent fitness routine months in advance of boot camp. What kind of nations sends its women to war when there are able bodied men who are capable? In fact, once you graduate basic training and move into AIT/OSUT you will be required to maintain a score of at least 60 points (or “Good”) to remain in the Army. Quotas: An ugly secret of the Officer Corps is that there are set a sides for women upon graduation in each branch and there are currently “goals” of 30% for enlisted women enlistments.

The two-mile run is straightforward. Lastly, we should look at requiring women to register for the selective service like all males are. They would be KILLED!!!

Furthermore, pretending that you aren't critically injured and continuing an objective, when the lives of your team mates may depend on your ability being at its peak, is a disastrous way to behave.


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