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These castles were normally constructed to control strategic points and approaches, and this castle occupies a loop of the River Coquet, less than a mile from England’s north-east coast. Restricted opening times and entrance charges apply.\t'),newpoints[58]=new Array(51.98087,-1.31563,icon1,"\tDeddington Castle\t",'\tDeddington Castle,\tDeddington, Oxfordshire\t
Owned by: \tEnglish Heritage\t
Earthworks of an 11th century motte and bailey castle.\tExtensive earthworks mark the site of this 11th century Norman motte and bailey castle. Ypres Tower now houses one of the two sites of Rye Castle Museum. In 1138 the castle was involved in the civil war known as The Anarchy, between King Stephen and Empress Maud. Completely remodelled and extended during the late 15th century, the site extended to 3-acres surrounded by a massive curtain wall, complete with drawbridge and moat.

Parts of the castle were occupied by remaining members of the Hastings family, but by the 16th century the site lay in ruin.

Surprisingly this exposed piece of gatehouse masonry is still almost at its original height! The castle passed out of royal control in 1632 when Charles I sold it and was last used in the 19th century as a gaol for over 7,000 French prisoners. Free open access at any reasonable time.\t'),newpoints[129]=new Array(50.421778,-4.670472,icon1,"\tRestormel Castle\t",'\tRestormel Castle,\tLostwithiel, Cornwall\t
Owned by: \tEnglish Heritage\t
Well preserved remains of 13th century circular shell-keep.\tBuilt shortly after the Norman conquest of England, initially this early motte and bailey type fortification included an earthen mound topped by a wooden palisade.

Throughout the medieval period, St Briavel's served as a royal administrative centre for the Forest of Dean. Open all year, free entrance.\t'),newpoints[146]=new Array(53.116967,-.576254,icon1,"\tSomerton Castle\t",'\tSomerton Castle,\tNr Boothby Graffoe, Lincolnshire\t
Owned by: \tScheduled Ancient Monument\t
Earthworks and limited remains of 13th century castle.\tAfter inheriting it, Antony Bek, Bishop of Durham, rebuilt Somerton in the latter part of the 13th century and gifted the castle to King Edward II some time later.

Built in 1134 (and using a great deal of stone from a nearby Roman settlement) and expanded in the 14th century, Cockermouth Castle stands high above the town overlooking the River Derwent.

'),newpoints[199]=new Array(50.856087,.584999,icon1,"Hastings Castle",'Hastings Castle, Sussex
Owned by: Hastings Corporation
The first new fortification that William of Normandy ordered to be built immediately after landing in England in 1066, Hastings was originally a timber and earth, motte and bailey castle. Restricted opening times and entrance charges apply.\t'),newpoints[79]=new Array(50.869533,.338703,icon1,"\tHerstmonceux Castle\t",'\tHerstmonceux Castle,\tHailsham, East Sussex\t
Owned by: \tBader International Study Centre\t
\tIntact brick-built Tudor castle.\tBuilt by Sir Roger Fiennes following his appointment as Treasurer to the Household of King Henry VI, construction of this red brick moated castle started in 1441. In the Middle Ages the castle served as a fortress to counter the threat from the Scots and then became the main residence of the Prince Bishops of Durham. Free and open access at any reasonable time.\t'),newpoints[123]=new Array(53.695556,-1.303889,icon1,"\tPontefract Castle\t",'\tPontefract Castle,\tPontefract, Yorkshire\t
Owned by: \tScheduled Ancient Monument\t
Remains of medieval fortress.\tFirst constructed as a Norman timber and earth motte and bailey castle by Ilbert de Lacy around 1070, this was rebuilt in stone shortly after.

'),newpoints[177]=new Array(50.642929,-3.460632,icon1,"Powderham Castle",'Powderham Castle, near Exeter
Owned by: \tHugh Courtenay, 18th Earl of Devon
Fortified Manor House. The upper storeys were completely rebuilt to form a small keep and the interior of the old prison was filled in. We care for more castles than anybody else. While Hedingham remains a family home, the keep and grounds are open to the public.

In 1088 the castle was besieged by King William II. Restricted opening times and entrance charges apply.\t'),newpoints[140]=new Array(51.091701,.411278,icon1,"\tScotney Castle\t",'\tScotney Castle,\tTunbridge Wells, Kent\t
Owned by: \tNational Trust\t
\tRuins of 14th century moated castle.\tConstruction of the castle began around 1380. Explore the history of castles through time, learn more about medieval life, and plan a memorable day out at a castle near you. '),newpoints[193]=new Array(54.762178,-2.686209,icon1,"Kirkoswald Castle",'Kirkoswald Castle, Cumbria
Scheduled Ancient Monument
In 1210 King John granted permission to Hugh de Morvile to fortify his manor house at Kirkoswald. In 1537 when Furness Abbey was dissolved, the castle became the property of Henry VIII and was left to fall into ruins. In the 1640s during the English Civil War, the castle was besieged twice by Parliamentary forces and later stripped of its defences. If you’ve noticed a site that we’ve missed, please help us out by filling in the form below. Originally built as a fortified house with towers in each corner, it was rebuilt in Elizabethan style in 1580 and again in 1630. Restricted opening times and entrance charges apply.\t'),newpoints[142]=new Array(52.711235,-2.749738,icon1,"\tShrewsbury Castle\t",'\tShrewsbury Castle,\tShrewsbury, Shropshire\t
Owned by: \tShropshire Council\t
\tIntact sandstone medieval castle.\tThe oldest parts of the castle were built by the 1st Earl of Shrewsbury, Roger de Montgomery, shortly after the Norman Conquest. Free and open access at any reasonable time.\t'),newpoints[148]=new Array(51.212392,.597772,icon1,"\tSutton Valence Castle\t",'\tSutton Valence Castle,\tSutton Valence, Kent\t
Owned by: \tEnglish Heritage\t
Ruins of 12th century Norman castle.\tBuilt by Odo Fitzhubert, Bishop of Bayeux shortly after the Norman conquest of England, the first fortification on the site was a wooden keep which was later converted to stone.

In 1635, the castle was sold to Sir John Bankes, who owned it during the English Civil War.

in imitation of making an frill to an existing domicile it is hard to manufacture a well-resolved move forward if the existing type and design have not been taken into consideration.

During the English Civil War, the castle was captured by parliamentary forces after a brief siege.

Although there is no public access to the ruins, it can be viewed from the nearby road.\t'),newpoints[74]=new Array(52.224185,1.346671,icon1,"\tFramlingham Castle\t",'\tFramlingham Castle,\tFramlingham, Suffolk\t
Owned by: \tEnglish Heritage\t
\tExternally intact, majestic 12th century fortress.\tAn early motte and bailey Norman castle occupied the site by 1148, but this was destroyed by King Henry II following the revolt of 1173-4. Restricted opening times and entrance charges apply.\t'),newpoints[75]=new Array(51.8768,-2.6158,icon1,"\tGoodrich Castle\t",'\tGoodrich Castle,\tRoss-on-Wye, Herefordshire\t
Owned by: \tEnglish Heritage\t
\tWell preserved ruins of 13th century castle.\tBuilt by Godric of Mappestone following the Norman conquest of England, initially as a motte and bailey fortification.

Although heavily involved in the 15th century Wars of the Roses, the castle remained in good condition until Henry VII had Henry Courtenay executed in 1538. The low-profile fortress, built of white Portland stone was completed in 1539 to guard Portland and Weymouth Harbour.

Although located on private land, the castle is accessible at any reasonable time.\t'),newpoints[118]=new Array(54.6621,-2.7573,icon1,"\tPenrith Castle\t",'\tPenrith Castle,\tPenrith, Cumbria\t
Owned by: \tEnglish Heritage\t
\tRuins of 14th century sandstone castle.\tThe oldest part of the castle is the pele tower, which dates from the late 1300s. In 1539, the site was transformed into a royal castle with gun emplacements built to counter the threat of Spanish invasion. Still used as a Crown Court, guided tours of the building take place on a daily basis. It is the remains of the 13th century fortress that can be seen today atop its 100 foot high motte. Attacked and destroyed by the Scots in 1174, it was later rebuilt using stone with the addition of a square keep.


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