Please keep in mind that this is only a recommendation, as the respective sitting position depends very much on personal habits and preferences. Kit delivery time is approximately 6 weeks from time of purchase.

See more questions answered on the FAQ page. The Spindrift is our interpretation of a modern Freeride Bike: Freeride ain’t dead! S-9   S-10   S-11   S-12. Sails are not always in stock but are typically available in about 6 weeks. Spindrift overview. This method of construction is identical to our larger designs such as the, In the standard layout, full-length cockpit seat tanks provide excellent buoyancy and minimal bailing after a capsize (, A nesting dinghy allows for a higher capacity tender with limited deck space however we encourage our builders to think seriously about what their needs are before committing to the nesting version. Enduro Mountainbike Magazine Single Test "With the Spindrift, PROPAIN offers a versatile bike between trail and downhill - if you want to call it freeride, then the Spindrift is a perfect, modern interpretation of this term." “Air Voltage” in Châtel or “Trailhunt” in Finale Ligure? ", "The facts and figures already suggest that the bike performs well on the descent, but in reality, it will blow your mind, uphill and downhill!”, "Full Send!!! It was intended as a sailing tender for a larger yacht. Fully zippered sleeve luff sail combined with a halyard for hoisting and an open reef section allows for single line reefing on the water in seconds for sailing in rough conditions. The mast can be permanently assembled or left in pieces to allow the, All but the 12' version are offered as a “nesting” version which bolts together allows the bow section to stow in the stern section for on deck storage. In order to function optimally on the trail, the proper seatpost travel is very important. You can find this information in the geometry table. With a 29″ wheel at the front and 27.5″ at the rear, the advantages of both worlds are combined and offer the best all-round package for you. In order to function optimally on the trail, the proper seatpost travel is very important. Thanks to the new concept, the Spindrift fits perfectly in between the Tyee and the Rage. The combination of a slack headtube angle of 64.5° and a steep, effective seat angle of 78° ensures that you can climb the steepest climbs on a Freeride Bike without getting out of breath. Then the keel is wired together which allows the hull to “unfold” like a butterfly. We offer free shipping for Spindrift plans shipped within the US.

A freestanding multi-piece mast constructed of aluminum tubing provides a lightweight and strong spar. If you're not sure which options you want you can always secure a spot in our production list with the kit purchase and then contact us if you have any questions. Shipping weight is approximate. High drops and hard landings can get your chain swinging pretty hard. Spindrifts are a very good investment if you have a jr. sailor in your family. We are constantly improving the kit from builder feedback and we want every builder to have a great experience building from our kit. To see what is available click on a specific model below and, You can place an order for your kit by navigating to the model you want and choosing your options. For smooth running choose the larger frame size, for playful the smaller one. The biggest compromise is the lost permanent flotation in the nested version. If you need more carrying capacity in less length, take a look at our Catspaw pram series.

No, because our frames are specially developed and adapted for the respective wheel size. Have fun building your dream bike! No, we only offer the components and color variants that we show in the configurator. The bottom and side panels are matched up and joined at the bow. I would not even feel under biked on most World Cup Downhill tracks and feel like I could be almost as competitive as riding a full DH bike. However, we have given weights for our build kits, which you can see in the table above. Read on to see more details about our plans and kits. How to OrderYou can place an order for your kit by navigating to the model you want and choosing your options. 180/190 mm suspension travel at the front and 180 mm at the rear ensures that you have more than enough travel in reserve and get the best performance downhill. If I could do splits as well as the Spindrift between uphill and downhill, I would be a ballet dancer.”, "If I could only have one mountain bike, I'd choose a Spindrift. With larger frame sizes, 0.7 l bottles can also be stowed. The adjustable seatpost is probably one of the most ingenious inventions of recent years. You can find this information in the geometry table. No matter! Sadly for our competitors, but happily for all involved, there was a massive sale of dinghies in that club, and a mad rush of Spindrift building. "The Spindrift is the answer to the question – “Which bikes do I need?” It’s only one bike! Model SpecificationsVisual Comparison of the different models. "The Spindrift is the answer to the question – “Which bikes do I need?” It’s only one bike! There were dinghies of every description; Trinkas, Connies, Dyers all were represented, as well as some less well known brands and a few custom boats. Attaching drinking bottles up to 0.5 l is no problem.


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