A parent selector would be a big help on websites that have dynamic IDs and elements can only be located by their text (headings and table columns). So yeah, I think A/B tests are another good use case for a parent selector, especially when used on sites which don’t give you enough class names to identify a particular element beyond ‘nth-of-type/nth-child’ shenanigans. Change an HTML5 input's placeholder color with CSS, CSS selector for first element with class. I’ve asked the CSSWG what syntax CSS authors can use to represent custom selector combinators (if you are going to DIY support for this yourself) and was told to use a pair of slashes, surrounding a custom IDENT that starts with a double dash, like /--custom-combinator/. I think it has something to do with the complexity involved in calculating parent selectors live in the page. :parent selector. This is probably a lot like your use case, but another case for a parent selector would be the container for a specific component in a list of elements that don’t have classes themselves, presumably because you don’t have direct access to the underlying source code.

In fact, the working draft already included the relational pseudo-class :has(), which can serve the purpose. (you have to anyway because there is no parent selector) and accept that if this is the worst limitation we have in CSS, then it’s really not too bad.

for local development.

edit to previous no need for a class selector if you already know what the parent element is.

Thanks. or "Tricks". How can I change the selector to get what I want? How do I change a child element and the parent element when the parent element is selected, and both are going to be assigned to different properties' values? I feel like I’ve had that thought plenty of times myself, but then when I ask my brain for a use case, I find it hard to think of one. Note, the may be placed anywhere before the label that you wish to target, even at the very top of the document. Or maybe we’ll never get it. If you have important information to share, please, https://twitter.com/innovati/status/1207710819242463234. There will always always be limitations in every language.

It was so obvious, and I was never going to guess it.

Otherwise, it's not worth caring about.
Hence targeting these elements with CSS alone is a hassle. When the user finishes their selections of radio buttons and submits their response, I set the input to disabled: .

They could be siblings but then you lose the semantics added by the element making the radio selectable by clicking the label as is intentional and the reason for using the label element rather than any other.

As it stands, I am left with an inelegant solution, which is to add something like a “rel” attribute to those particular links that I can then specify to remove the icons. From what I have experienced, it has more use cases than :is. Using the following selector, will select just the direct child of the parent, but its rules will be inherited by that div's children divs: Now, both that div and its children will be red.
Who knows? Jonathan has a really useful example of how the :last-child selector works and how it applies live in the browser (see the section called "How do browsers actually handle this"). There have been occasions where I’ve wished I was able to select a parent element with CSS–and I’m not alone on this matter.However, there isn’t such thing as a Parent Selector in CSS, so it simply isn’t possible for the time being. My answer regarding CSS Parent Selectors on StackOverflow, may be worth checking out for other things that checkboxes and labels are capable of. Just for fun – we already support a custom parent combinator using this /--parent/ syntax in our CSS at work, check it out here and play around with it yourself using process-css-demo: https://twitter.com/innovati/status/1207710819242463234. Having a “parent selector” in CSS is mentioned regularly as something CSS could really use. a decision I'm very happy with. /* List items that are children of the "my-things" list */ ul.my-things > li { margin: 2em; } The sub contains one tag that matches that description.

I find myself frequently wishing CSS had a parent selector. That's a good thing! So that’s one use case. If they change the order later on so the calendar is now the second block on the page, your original CSS would break. In frequently need to style the parent of some element but don’t have an easy way to reference it. Is there a “previous sibling” CSS selector? @Joe Maffei https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/CSS/:has. I thought that the selector on the style would only apply to the first direct child of a div with a class called "section".

CSS-Tricks is hosted by Flywheel, the best WordPress hosting in the The list item selector is more specific, but it doesn’t select the OL or the OL LI’s, so the color remains black.


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