For the next thirteen years, civil war raged through the Roman Republic.

Dans le même temps, Shay reprend son navire le Morrigan aux Assassins, et accepte d'aider ses nouveaux alliés, tout en apprenant qu'ils appartiennent à l'Ordre des Templiers. Lucy carried out her orders, and relocated Desmond to a hideout to join his fellow Assassins Shaun Hastings and Rebecca Crane. Haytham le envió a su hermana Jennifer Scott unas cuantas cartas en las que le hablaba sobre su sueo de una paz entre Assassins y Templarios. Since it left his mind incapable of separating his own personality from those of his ancestors', Clay became mentally unstable to the point that he ultimately committed suicide.

El tendero negó haber oído hablar del fugitivo, pero Kenway dudó de la inocencia del alemán, a la vez que Reginald se impacientaba con la insistencia del otro.

Borgia was elected Pope in 1492 and established his power in Rome; his true intent, however, was to gain access to the vault that lies under the Vatican, where, according to Borgia, God Himself rested. He appears as the protagonist of Assassin's Creed Rogue. While returning to the colonies, he built Mount Vernon in memory of his officer, Edward Vernon, and contracted tuberculosis. Con el estallido de la Guerra de Sucesión Austriaca, Haytham y Reginald se establecen en Francia, donde éste empieza a instruir a Haytham dentro de la Orden del Temple. In the memory, Altaïr burns Al Mualim's body on a pyre, ensuring that he can never return. Les derniers souvenirs révèlent progressivement une mission d'escorte de Benjamin Franklin à travers Paris, à la recherche de la boîte des Précurseurs qui est en possession de Charles Dorian, un Assassin français et du père d'Arno Dorian, le protagoniste principal de Assassin's Creed Unity. After Shay killed de la Verèndrye, the former gave the latter's maps in different locations which would eventually led Cook in discovering new lands for the British Empire, most notably Australia.

Maximilien François Marie Isidore de Robespierre (voiced by Bruce Dunmore) (1758–1794), often known as simply Maximilien Robespierre or Robespierre, was a French lawyer, politician and member of the Templar Order.

In effect, he and his father were continually at odds. Suleiman I (1494–1566), was the tenth Sultan of the Ottoman Empire from 1520 until his death. After the Continental Army emerged victorious against the British Army in 1781, Washington obtained an Apple of Eden.

Cuando el teniente coronel arribó, expresó su confesión ante Kenway diciéndole que no le informaron de una reunión. Borgia appeared as a minor character in Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, which takes place in 1503, the last year of his papacy. [46], Antonio de Magianis (b. Inspired by Grand Master Jacques de Molay, Germain sought to carry out the "Great Work" and create a capitalist society in which the Templars could more easily control the populace. Para esto, Kenway se asentó en un hostal local, al cual los Templarios dirigirían su correo. Smythe mostró su disgusto por la pérdida de cliente que esto le causó, lo que el templario lamentó, tan solo agrandando el enfado del capitán.

Eventually, his allegiance to the Cult of Kosmos put him at odds with his sister, who attempted to dismantle their influence across Greece in the midst of the Peloponnesian War and to reunite their family. Después de que le indicase que lo esperaría a la salida, el maestro Templario entró en el teatro, donde entregó su sombrero con la invitación a la función a uno de los sirvientes, y anduvo hacia su asiento.

Los dos pasaron a discutir más detalles sobre la misión, y el maestro dejó el club en un coche conducido por Holden. Connor acude a matar a Charles Lee, pero Haytham se interpone en su camino para protegerlo; afirma que Charles Lee es el único capaz de hacerse con el control del ejército colonial y ponerlo al servicio de la Orden del Temple. Después de servir en el Ejército Británico como aliado del general Templario Edward Braddock y recuperar un antiguo amuleto de la Primera Civilización, Kenway fue enviado al Nuevo Mundo para establecer allí una base y encontrar un almacén de los precursores. After Desmond's death, Rebecca worked with Shaun to infiltrate Abstergo Entertainment as a courier. El gran maestro prometió enviarle noticias del diario, pero Kenway sabía que, ahora, entre su mentor y él no había afecto.[1]. Eivor (voiced by Magnus Bruun as a male character and by Cecilie Stenspil as a female)[118] is a Viking raider living in Norway in 873 AD. Cristina Vespucci is based on real life historical figure Simonetta Vespucci.

Recognizing its powers, he used it to instigate the Bonfire of the Vanities in Florence; hoping to cleanse the city of everything he regarded as evil, such as art and wealth. 1985) is a cynical, condescending and pessimistic member of the Assassin's team, specializing in research and information handling. Es protagonista y antagonista del videojuego Assassin's Creed III, haciendo también una aparición en el juego Assassin's Creed: Rogue. [1], Ante esta afirmación, Kenway le dijo que era así únicamente a los ojos de Birch, acusándole de olvidarse de la orden en favor de los artefactos precursores. El militar aseguró que el acero era la única solución a su conflicto, ganando un insulto de Kenway, que negaba que la ejecución de los soldados fuese justa y necesaria. Ratonhnhaké꞉ton' deduced Lee was trying to make Washington appear incompetent.

Following her prolonged exposure to the Animus, her mental health is in question; Rebecca having admitted to seeing Galina believing she was conversing with her dead sister.

She grows tired of Cesare's womanizing ways, however, and plans to leave the Vatican.

Birch se escudó tras el argumento de haber cambiado, aunque su pupilo le replicó señalando que, en efecto, había cambiado, pues ahora estaba obsesionado con la Primera Civilización.

After reconciling with his father, who murdered his mother to keep her out of Templar hands, he joins the Assassin Order, retrieves the Apple, and kills Alan Rikkin.

During the Third Crusade, de Sablé and the Knights Templar laid siege to the city of Acre, which soon fell; throughout August 1191, they also recaptured many fortresses and cities along the Palestinian coast, which had been lost previously.

He recruited Haytham into the Templars after the death of Edward Kenway, personally involving himself with the boy's training. Jean Lessard (?–1794) was a Sans-culottes leader in Paris who was rejected by Marie Tussaud, and held disgust for her after this.

He rose to power amidst the chaos and political turmoil of the French Revolution. [79] Silas was responsible for the ransacking of Benjamin Church's house, and his subsequent interrogation, alongside a man called "Cutter". Durante una de sus clases, Haytham, se acercó a la ventana y saludó a las hijas de los Dawson, quienes respondieron alegremente. He made a final request to Ezio to stop the Templars.

[69] In 12 April he moved with his family to White's Chocolate House, where he met Reginal Birch, the property manager, who made a show of courting his half-sister Jenny. Arno Victor Dorian (b.

She has secured a political advantage for her family by marrying many powerful nobles and then having them disgraced or killed soon thereafter. Although he wasn't a Templar himself, he trained several of Starrick's small-time gang leaders in return for a massive amount of money. Hijo del Asesino Edward Kenway y su mujer Tessa Kenway, Haytham fue entrenado por su padre con espadas desde muy joven.

During their time together the pair formed a connection but when Lynch's escape from the Foundation led to the death of Alan Rikkin at his hand, Sofia dedicated herself to chasing down her father's killer. However, after Altaïr revealed to Abbas that his father, Ahmad Sofian, had killed himself instead of leaving the Order as Abbas had believed, he labelled Altaïr a liar, and developed an intense hatred for him that would span a lifetime.

We also would have missed Lisbon, which is one of the best and most pivotal missions in the entire franchise. Her parents owned a jewellery store, and she was apprenticed to her mother as a shop girl. He died in 1524 while sitting on a bench in a market. He was also the first known human to discover the Colosseum Vault. Caterina Sforza (1463–1509) was the Countess of Forlì and Imola, and the daughter of Galeazzo Maria Sforza, the Duke of Milan.

Por eso, Kenway, quien no impidió que encarcelasen a Connor, detuvo su ejecución al cortar la soga con un cuchillo arrojadizo, aunque este creyó que lo había hecho uno de sus aprendices de Asesino hasta que leyó el diario de su padre. In 1868, while still a young boy, his love for detective stories led him to team up with the penny dreadful writer Henry Raymond and the Assassins Jacob and Evie Frye to solve murders. Reginald Birch (voiced by Gideon Emery) (1705–1757) was the Grand Master of the British Rite of the Templar Order, and a successful English businessman.

[3] Kenway creyó imposible que volviesen a hacer las paces los dos,[1] y lo combatió hasta resultar mortalmente herido. Kenway vio que el muerto portaba un documento firmado por Edward Braddock, quien en ese tiempo estaba sirviendo en el frente holandés contra la amenaza francesa. Rikkin is possibly one of the three men standing in the conference room right after Desmond Miles finished the Altaïr project.

A dark grey cell indicates the character was not in the film, or that the character's presence in the film has not yet been announced.

Nikolai was notably involved in events such as the Borki train disaster and the Tunguska explosion, and spearheaded the hunt for the Imperial Sceptre of the Russian royal family with aid from Nikola Tesla.


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