Clin Exp Rheumatol. ICD-10. 0000025864 00000 n Van Houdenhove B, Egle U, Luyten P. The role of life stress in fibromyalgia. 0000023194 00000 n

Survey respondents in the in-person convenience sample were recruited from men that attended the health events were screened by researchers for inclusion based on if they self-reported having FM.

Axis I and axis II psychiatric disorders in patients with fibromyalgia. By accessing the work you hereby accept the Terms.

They shower their anger on their beloved ones like family, friends or their employers. A few (5.7%, n = 66) noted that women often had more resources or a better support system than men did. Garcia-Fontanals A, García-Blanco S, Portell M, et al. Qual Life Res. There is evidence of a high prevalence of psychiatric comorbidities in FMS (especially depression, anxiety, borderline personality, obsessive-compulsive personality, and post-traumatic stress disorder), which are associated with a worse clinical profile. They search for lifestyle that is most suitable for them. To help alleviate the issues examined in this study, the results from this study will be utilized by the Men’s Health Network to develop online health education materials designed for HCPs to share with their male FM patients, as the data indicates that these delivery mechanisms of resources were the most desired by the target population. Lower cognitive performance has been found in FMS patients compared to healthy people.33,65,66 FMS patients usually report cognitive impairments, especially problems in planning, attention, memory (in the working, semantic, and episodic domains), executive functions, and processing speed.33,67,68 These findings accord with self-reported cognitive deficits, which usually include concentration difficulties, forgetfulness, decreased vocabulary, poor verbal fluency, and mental slowness.69,70 Nevertheless, the cognitive deficit does not seem to be global.71 Additionally, higher levels of fatigue have been found during cognitive tasks in FMS patients compared to healthy people.72, The main mediating factor of these cognitive deficits is the severity of clinical pain.73–75 Secondary explanatory factors are emotional-affective problems (particularly anxiety, depression, and negative emotional states),76,77 fatigue, and insomnia.78–80, Emotional and affective impact of fibromyalgia, FMS is linked to greater negative affect,74–76 which involves a general state of distress composed of aversive emotions like sadness, fear, anger, and guilt.77 In addition, FMS patients tend to experience high levels of stress,78,79 anger (including anger-in or anger suppression, anger-out or anger expression, and angry rumination),80–82 and pain catastrophizing (conceptualized as an exaggerated negative orientation to pain, which provokes fear and discomfort and increases pain perception),83 which are frequently associated with a worsening of symptoms,84 including cognitive ones.66, Psychiatric disorders can accompany rheumatic diseases and may increase disability and mortality, as well as reduce quality of life in these patients.85,86 FMS patients display a high rate of anxiety (20%–80%)87 and depressive disorders (13%–63.8%).88 Specifically, a higher prevalence in FMS patients than in the general population was observed for generalized anxiety disorder, panic attack, phobias,89 obsessive compulsive disorder,90 post-traumatic stress disorder,90,91 major depressive disorder,92 dysthymia,93 and bipolar disorders.94,95, The intensity of negative affective states is positively associated with increased pain intensity, irritability, physical and mental strain, functional limitations, the number of tender points, non-restorative sleep, cognitive deficits, fatigue, and the impact of the illness on quality of life.90,96,97 FMS patients usually feel isolated, misunderstood, or rejected by relatives, friends, health workers, and society in general.


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