About Portuguese squid and octopus soup: "I fell in love with this stuff at a Provincetown joint called Cookie's Tap, which was popular with local fishermen and (allegedly) sports gamblers.

It's possible that the type of cook who once fell in mad bro love with Bourdain will see this book as "selling out" or too accessible, but the ones who've grown up and now have families of their own will understand it perfectly. You'll find both soft and hardcover options from various printings in a range of conditions, from brand new to used. We hope to have this fixed soon.

Bourdain clearly operates with all six burners on scorch, and the result keeps the reader excited. Ordinary people such as ourselves, chefs, journalists, musicians,etc. Donald Ray Pollock was a revelation when I first read “The Devil All the Time.” Daniel Woodrell’s work. Anthony Bourdain, I am almost, but not quite speechless, so let me sing your praises too. A step-by-step "Thanksgiving" even includes a "stunt" turkey for show and a "business turkey" for slicing – perhaps overkill.

As you probably can tell from the title, "A Day in the Life" is a typical day in Bourdain’s life as executive chef at Les Halles in Manhattan. On television, his walk was a joy to watch, with long arms and legs striding along, venturing forth to get somewhere, to see, to experience, and enticing and encouraging us to come along. On June 8, 2000, 18 years to the day before his death in France at age 61 of an apparent suicide, USA TODAY published its review of Kitchen Confidential, a tell-all book by a barely known New York chef, based on a story in The New Yorker. CNN put this coffee table book together when they had so many fantastic comments on their site after Bourdain's passing. He was not pleased with this and used it to his full advantage, as the realest ad possible, for his integrity. The recipes, for the most part, are not especially original, but they're authentic – you really feel like these dishes are all cooked in Bourdain's house. Whether or not they knew it, they were living proof of Anthony Bourdain's influence on North American culinary culture, and of a seismic shift in our dining culture over the past decade. This book is a great dedication to the man he was and the lives he changed.

Kitchen Confidential, for all of its "behind the curtain" peeks at the sordid underbelly of restaurant kitchens, starring a rebellious young Bourdain as protagonist who made many questionable, if entertaining, choices, gave license to a legion of young cooks to embrace their every hedonistic desire, perhaps to the basest point of actually becoming dirtbags.


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