His insight into enemies and gift for diplomacy are his shield and sword for dealing with hostiles.

On the battlefield, he perfectly breaks through enemy units but is less effective against generals. His cavalry feature heavier armour than normal, and he can recruit a unique cavalry unit called the ‘White Horse Archer Cavalry.’ While Dong Zhuo deploys Lu Bu as his iron fist in the Han Empire, Gongsun Zan rides out himself.

With a favorable central starting position and shady political tactics, this is the ideal warlord to get your feet wet in the game and get a sampling of all types of playstyles. He also possesses heavily armored shock cavalry, which is brutal in battle. His special treat is Unity, a unique resource for this character.

Anyone living as a bandit in the mountains should already be considered dangerous, however, Zheng Jiang has abilities that separate her from anyone else living at high altitude. If you play A World Betrayed as Ma Teng, Ma Chao will be available immediately and is already deployed on the map. The guy has a starting position far more advantageous than most other commanders in the game, which allows you to assess your options quite well before deciding where to push forward to. Kong Rong: Master Scholar.

Gongsun Zan is not the one I would recommend if you’re just starting out at the game. Zhang Yan is a mercenary who is willing to ally with almost anyone. As one of Dong Zhuo’s only allies, he must decide whether to remain in support of him as other factions seek to depose the tyrant. Most of his abilities allow you to further strengthen the cavalry. Choose from a cast of 12 legendary Warlords and conquer ancient China. According to stories of old, Kong Rong was a descendant of Confucius himself. The last, sixth commander-class Coalition leader. He can also replenish more troops in enemy territory and he has reduced costs for recruiting mercenaries. With him, you have no access to administrators, which makes managing your provinces a more challenging task. He has many buffs that allow your faction to progress quicker than the others, and help your leaders to scale through the ranks with unprecedented levels of knowledge. He represents the Scholar class. Because of his class, He Yi is perfect for supporting soldiers from the distance, but he has poor performance in melee combat. Sun Jian, another Sentinel-class warlord of the Sun Jian faction. He also starts in the Yanmen Mountains, where he is encircled by powerful and hostile warlords. You will probably lose. His guerrilla tactics make his forces among the fastest and most manoeuvrable in the game. Fifth in line, the Commander-class warlord of the Yuan Shao faction. His unique building is the Black Mountain Hideout which gives access to different branches which offer different bonuses. Each warlord brings unique abilities, strategies, and armies to the table in their quest for superiority and each appeals to a different style of play. In the beginning, Liu Bei is only able to recruit a single army and doesn’t possess land of his own. Father of Sun Quan, the future founder of the kingdom of Wu, Sun Jian is the sole playable member of the Sentinel class. During the game, the player will be able to build Gardens which offer a premium to the satisfaction, and increased speed of unlocking new reforms.

What makes him so difficult is that he will perpetually be outnumbered and must rely on hit-and-run tactics to get ahead. In Total War: Three Kingdoms, 12 warlords are vying for survival, power, and dominance in ancient China.

Starting with a secret copy of Warcraft II on his parent’s Windows 95, Ben has developed a lifelong obsession with video games. Given his troops can sustain themselves while fighting abroad, he makes expansion and war a more affordable and forgiving venture for players starting out. Liu Biao is the guy to keep away from battles and inside a university classroom. As a vanguard unit, Zhang Fei is built for battle with abilities like Blazing Roar, Final Rush, and Sundering Strike. Here are the most powerful ones in Three Kingdoms! The third and last leader, this time of the Vanguard class. He's a determined general who will push himself to the limit and beyond in search of victory. He has a very pragmatic approach to battles and war in general. Of course, he also benefits from his sworn brothers, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei; two mighty and famous warriors of the Three Kingdoms era. Gong Du is a Veteran class. He doesn't have his own unique resource but as the population grows, he receives bonuses that increase the level of replenishment and reduce the cost of hiring new troops. RELATED: Total War Three Kingdoms Developer Creative Assembly Grants Dying Fan Early Access To The Game. During the game, you can use it to manipulate and influence the actions of others in diplomacy. The final member of the Commander class is Yuan Shu, Yuan Shao’s ambitious half-brother. You can recruit He Man with the help of He Yi, a faction leader for the Yellow Turban Rebellion, a class of peasants who have decided to take up arms against the Han dynasty that is collapsing under the corrupt leadership of Dong Zhuo.

He’s a strong fighter, but he shines when uniting other factions to fight alongside him. His focus on gathering experience allows him to recruit generals of higher ranks sooner in the game, which offsets his lack of military bonuses. Basically, choosing Dong Zhuo is the best way to ensure brutal gameplay on your part. To win the campaign, you’ll need to take out the seats of your two rival emperors.Governo… I've watched and read Romance of the Three Kingdoms since I was a kid, never once was a female mentioned as a general or a faction leader. Yuan Shu has a few skills that make him an ideal leader to progress through the ranks of his faction very quickly.

In battle, Zhang Yang copes well with other generals but fares worse against conventional units. Dong Zhuo's oppressive rule leads to chaos. Like Sun Ren, Ma Chao is available once he has come of age while playing a campaign as his father. The ruthless and corrupt tyrant who has seized control of the Han Empire, Dong Zhuo is likely to be a major villain in most players’ campaigns. If you don't believe me, then go ahead, find out for yourself.

They all offer their own benefits and disadvantages, so let’s hit each one and help you make your pick! The Factions are named before their leaders and in the case, a leader … Sun Jian is a beast when cornered or outnumbered.

He can recruit militia units for cheap. Like his fellow Vanguard, Gongsun Zan, Ma Teng emphasises the military. Zheng Jiang's unique units are Hidden Axes and the Fists of the Bandit Queen, two assault infantry units, which work perfectly in charges at enemy positions.

Of all of the twelve playable Total War: Three Kingdoms heroes, Liu Biao may be the best for quickly ranking up his heroes.

The units unique for Liu Bei are Yi Archers and Yi Marksmen, ranged units otherwise available from level 3 and 6 of the commander's experience. Unique units for Kong Ronga are the Fury of Beihai and Thunder of Jian An.

Sun Ren's fiery trait gives her a +10 boost to charge speed, which makes her retinue of cavalry an effective battering ram for clumps of opposing armies. Unique units for Liu BAIO are Jing Infantry and Imperial Defenders. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. You can recruit Sun Ren when she turns 18 in the autumn of 207 while playing as Sun Jian, or as Sun Ce if you're playing the most recent DLC, A World Betrayed. Once any faction leader becomes king, they declare themselves emperors, along with the two other leaders that are the strongest. Now, I know what you're thinking. Yuan Shu has a difficult starting position, as he must contend with Liu Biao, Dong Zhuo, and later Cao Cao, who oppose his claim to rule. Don't be fooled, He Man (correct pronunciation here) might be even more dangerous than He-Man, as the Yellow Turban general can take down almost any foe. These units give a huge advantage in the initial rounds and are a perfect combination with Cao Cao, who has bonuses that reduce the cost of maintaining the cavalry and increase the number of military resources.

This ability to outnumber opponents through alliances makes him an easy warlord to play as. As with the previous two leaders, he cannot declare himself the Emperor. Another member of the Yellow Turbans, Pei Yuanshao is one of the game's unstoppable forces when it comes to one-on-one duels. Another dueling specialist, Zheng Jiang has the upper hand in nearly every one-on-one she walks into. Cao Cao is a master strategist, but his main forte is his ability to manipulate others via his diplomatic skills. A new faction leader can be inherited by the faction heir who is a specific family member that is born or adopted by the previous leader. It’s easy to accidentally have a mutiny on your hands. In addition, thanks to Unity, Liu Bei is able to take control of the territory of the Han Empire without military conquest. Huang Shao fights great against enemy generals, but he will have problems winning against enemies that have numerical superiority. Battles are the best part of any RTS, but when it comes to grand strategy franchises like Total War, each and every move should be pondered with the utmost consideration.

Like Liu Biao described above, he does not have his own unique resource, instead, he gets bonuses to ransacking, enables the army to collect food when camping, as well as giving a bonus to military resources. Thanks to the presence of Ma Teng, the player will be able to build a Xiliang Supply Line, giving a bonus to the food received from gathering, and military supplies for allied armies, and at the same time, punishing the enemy's military supplies.


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