He was obsessed with movies and often filmed whatever was going on. Had an obsession with films, and often filmed his murders. However, Mickey was a psychotic serial killer and Stu merely did the murders for "fun". Seeing as how Mickey wanted to gain infamy from the murders, it was likely Mickey's idea to have the first sequel victims have similar names to the original Ghostface victims. Mrs. Loomis also later appears behind Dewey in a soundproof room, while he was trying to get Gale's attention. He not only mocked her for failing to trust, and, thus, save Derek, but also for her dead mother. The next victim was a girl at Windsor college named Cici Cooper.

Mickey finally revealed himself to be one of the killers to Sidney. Deceased The next attacks were on Gale and Dewey, while they were investigating the possibility that the killer was filming the murders. Mickey then walked up to the stage before revealing himself to Sidney and Derek, and tried to convince Sidney that Derek was his partner. After he was pushed into the glass, he was stabbed multiple times and killed. Only Ghostface to commandeer an automobile. Shot repeatedly in shoulder, chest and stomach with handgun. A psychotic obsessed with films, he met Debbie Loomis on-line. Mrs. Loomis hid in the toilet stall, stabbed through the wall into Phil's ear and hacked him up, killing him.

Mickey then chased Sidney to the campus theatre.

Mickey was the Ghostface who messed with Sidney's head to the greatest extent, aside from Roman Bridger. Scream 2 is a 1997 horror thriller film, the second part of the Scream movie series.As with the other films in the trilogy, Scream 2 combines straight-forward scares with dialogue, that satirizes conventions of slasher films, especially (in this case) slasher film sequels. Scream 2 (1997) Full Cast & Crew. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Killed someone in front of tons of people and successfully got away. ... the body count is always bigger. The one filming was Mickey and the one who pops up behind Gale and chases her is Mrs. Loomis. Mrs. Loomis sent Mickey over there. A deleted scene further cemented that Mickey and Hallie were a couple. In Mickey's first appearance, Mickey states that "many sequels have surpassed their original" which is meant to indicate that he intends on making his and Mrs. Loomis' killing spree better than the killing spree, Mickey is the first killer to both unmask himself in front of Sidney, and wear the. She was also the one who attacked Dewey, as she wanted to kill the survivors from the first murders.

He was obsessed with films and often filmed whatever was going on. She then stabs Dewey in the back multiple times right in front of Gale before leaving the young deputy for dead. Mickey is Stu's equivalent in the real-life sequel. This role was given to Derek, and Mickey ended up with Derek's film obsession and being Ghostface. The one who snuck in and killed her was Mickey, and the one who called her was Mrs. Loomis. Other than Roman Bridger, Mickey is the least suspicious Ghostface killer because he was a background character, though, unlike Roman, was close to Derek and Sidney and also had more screen time. One could argue that he only began dating Hallie to get closer to Sidney. https://scream.fandom.com/wiki/Mickey_Altieri_fan_page?oldid=184500. He subtly increased paranoia and suspicion, when the murder spree began with intimate conversations. Killed someone in front of tons of people and successfully got away. Their names were Maureen Evans and Phil Stevens, and were killed because their names were similar to Woodsboro victims Steven Orth and Maureen Prescott. However, this was a clever red herring. https://scream-film.fandom.com/wiki/Mickey_Altieri?oldid=4169. Sidney panicked and was confused whether or not Derek was the killer. All that had to happen for Mickey to become Ghostface was to be encouraged and assisted by Mrs. Loomis. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Although being the secondary antagonist, Mickey killed the most people in Scream 2 since he was hired by Mrs. Loomis to help her execute the copycat killing spree which would allow her to take her revenge undetected. He subtly increased paranoia and suspicion when the murder spree began with intimate conversations. He subtly increased paranoia and suspicion when the murder spree began with intimate conversations. Mickey Altieri was the secondary antagonist of Scream 2 and one of Sidney Prescott's best friends at Windsor College. He was described as "20's, athletic, cool and rowdy" in the script. Mickey : You should really deal with your trust issues Sid: I mean, poor Derek. Maybe besides Roman Bridger, Mickey is the most skilled Ghostface. With her guidance and tuition expenses, he did the killings so she can plan out the revenge for Sidney killing her son. The next victim was original survivor, Randy Meeks, except for this murder, Mickey had nothing to do with it. Scream 2 (1997) Timothy Olyphant as Mickey. Sidney eventually untied him, but he was then stabbed to death simultaneously by two killers (Who would've been Hallie and Derek). Mickey hid in a toilet stall awaiting Phil, where he then stabbed Phil with a six-inch knife through the stall in the ear.

Got revenge on Cici for her comments in class (through Mrs. Loomis). This is a fan page for Mickey, the secondary, though superior killer of Scream 2. Obviously there were two killers involved, as one was sneaking into the house and one called her. After Mickey taunts Sidney and explains his motive Sidney slashes his face with Derek's necklace and fights him but is held at knife point before Gale and "Debbie Salt" enter with Gale being held at gun point, Sidney recognizes her as Mrs Loomis the mother her ex-boyfriend Billy revealing that Mrs. Loomis is the Main Ghostface and her true identity as Billy's mother and that Mickey is her accomplice. Year of Death As his goal was to get caught eventually, he was more risky as he went after Sidney and Hallie in the middle of the streets, chased after Sidney in the play rehearsal, used the school computers to taunt sidney and, lastly, stabbed Maureen to death in a crowded movie theater. Mickey finally revealed himself to be one of the killers to Sidney. Only Ghostface killer to be a serial killer beforehand. Had a rather good friendship with Randy Meeks, unlike his rocky relationships with the previous killers, Billy Loomis and Stu Macher. At the night of the "mixer" party, she was the "sober sister". It was around this time, Mickey had left for Sidney. You can see his head turn with pleasure as he stabs Maureen in the opening scene of Scream 2. She helped him go to Windsor College and his tuition fees so the two of them could execute a murder spree. Even Stu, who had no reason to start killing, was at least influenced by Billy.

Arguably the 3rd scariest killer (after Jill and Kieran). The craziest ghostface, along with Stu and. During Sidney's performance, she was attacked on-stage by Ghostface, who disguised himself as one of the actors.


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