Don't worry if it slows down a bit after today. The way your sourdough starter reacts depends a lot on the climate you live in and the temperature inside your house. Facebook Instagram Pinterest Twitter YouTube LinkedIn. When they were doing this thousands of years ago they weren't weighing to the gram. In the last 2 refreshments I have added some honey, just 1 teaspoon each time to deliver some easy-to-digest sugar to my sourdough, I don't think it's too much based on the quantities of water and flour . It's good to use a little bit of whole grain because it ferments faster. Why could Hagrid cast spells non-verbally? Plus, the character of the grain comes through so much in fermentation. 94 years of sourdough sounds amazing :). As long as your starter is bubbling, you're headed in the right direction. So, if your starter is weaker or your bread is taking longer than a few hours to rise, you might want to increase the percentage of starter you’re adding to your bread. People who don't have much experience with sourdough assume starter is more fragile than it actually is. You've just proven the yeast have created enough CO2 that they can float in water. Yesterday it was extra cold here so I left her in the oven with the light on overnight but this morning she is barely bubbling and smells like play dough instead the funky master she usually is. Do the following twice daily: As I said, this is a wasteful process if you don't use the amount you just removed. So, basically, you need to do everything right. In that case, remove the starter from the refrigerator and let it warm up and start getting bubbly again. My sourdough starter stopped growing after day two. But let's say your starter isn't enthusiastic, and is hardly bubbling or not bubbling at all. It only took about 2 days for the whole meal to come back to a breadlike scent and back in the fridge he went. – This post includes the method I use to feed my starter: – These are a couple of the recipes that I’ve tried so far with my starter: Chocolate-chip Buckwheat Sourdough Pancakes.

Things that WON'T kill your sourdough starter. If you don't want to be baking regularly, so long as it’s healthy and active, you can get away with feeding your starter once every one to two weeks—but in that case, it should be living in your refrigerator. And with the skyrocketing interest in sourdough bread baking lately, the number of people wondering why their bread isn’t turning out the way they’d hoped is on the rise too. Remove all the starter except a little more than ½ cup. It's definitely time to throw it out and start over. It was definitely sluggish at first, but after a second feeding it rose well and had a good aroma. It's just very unhealthy and needs to be fed more regularly. I’ve never used wood either, but wooden bowls and spoons were so common in the past that I’m sure people must have used them with their sourdough starters.


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