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Finally upgraded my spear to level 5 // Discussion. After being broken during the battle, the broken tip was recovered by the Spartans and handed over to Leonidas' daughter Myrrine. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

As you hunt them down, you’ll find that some of them hold Artifact Fragments, which are small triangular shards. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - Main Quest: The Spear of Leonidas - (Upgrade Location Guide) CULTIST. Notice that only some cult members have these fragments.

To upgrade the Spear of Leonidas, you must defeat these cult members and then collect the Artifact Fragments that they possess. The first upgrades will cost just a few artifact fragments but this … We’ll have to wait for the DLC to see the first hidden blade in action. Sort by.

During Kassandra's quest to locate her family and destroy the Cult of Kosmos, Kassandra regularly visited the Ancient Forge to enhance the spear's combat efficiency, structural durability, and supernatural power through the use of Isu Artifact Fragments. [3][4] Myrrine would in return hand down the Spear to Kassandra on one occasion when she was seven years old. - 3 comments. Current location Depending on your playthrough of the game, you may or may not have encountered the Cult of Kosmos. Hephaistos LeonidasKassandraLayla Hassan. Spear of Leonidas …

To upgrade the Spear of Leonidas, you must defeat these cult members and then collect the Artifact Fragments that they possess.

While they will start out as masked figures, their mask will be removed once the clues are followed to reveal their location.



While not directly analogous to that iconic weapon, the protagonists in this game wield the Spear of Leonidas. In the game the spear grants many abilities; however, the, A replica of the spear is available in the, The fundamental concept of the Spear of Leonidas is similar to that of the the "Dagger of Time" from, From the way it is used, and judging by its design, the Spear seems to be inspired by the Zulu. Once you’ve got fragments in your possession you can head to the Ancient Forge on the Island of Andros to upgrade the spear. Archived . Historical information Prehistory • Oct 4, 2018. This is tricky since most of them are hidden well and others are pretty high leveled. It can help you with stealth attacks but some of the game’s best abilities in all three branches require you to have a higher leveled Spear. The Spear of Leonidas is an ancient weapon that has been passed down to either Alexios or Kassandra as the descendants of the Spartan King. Upgrading the Spear is done by collecting a certain amount of fragments for each level. I've given in a yellow trail effect similar to how it looks in the game. Welcome to the new GameRevolution community platform. The first upgrades will cost just a few artifact fragments but this number will go higher as the Spear of Leonidas becomes more powerful. That wretched group is the key to upgrading your spear but only some of them. If you can’t see what a specific cultist has, you need to hunt other people in the cult. Be careful because this guide has some light spoilers. save hide report. Physical EmpowermentVitality RegenerationHarnessing PoisonHarnessing FireImbuing Arrows with PowerLimited InvisibilityLimited Speed EnhancementEcholocation

The cult itself has numerous clues to track down to uncover the identities of of the cult members.


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