This, it hoped, would improve law and order in Uttar Pradesh. The seats earlier with the BJP are— Bulandshahr, Naugawan Sadat (Amroha), Tundla, Ghatampur (Kanpur), Bangarmau (Unnao), and Deoria. In the Bulandshahr Assembly seat, the BJP candidate defeated BSP’s Haji Yunus by a margin of over 21,000 votes. This is all humbug, BJP and modi are even now in the honeymoon period , while Congress is a geriatric on life support. Atrocities on farmers over stubble burning extremely condemnable, says Mayawati, Why BSP & Congress rebels are queuing up to join Akhilesh Yadav’s Samajwadi Party, Supported Prakash Bajaj for Rajya Sabha polls to expose BSP-BJP tie, says Akhilesh Yadav, Bihar Live: NDA keeps its lead, widens margin with Mahagathbandhan as counting stretches into the night, Only 20% in 4 hrs — why counting is slow & final Bihar results won’t come before late evening, Scindia on course to win prestige battle in MP bypolls as most of his loyalists take lead. Her condition made sense since there were already 66 sub-castes adding up to 21 per cent population in the SC list. He was widely criticised for his government’s alleged insensitivity towards the family of the victim of the Hathras gangrape and the encounter of dreaded criminals by the UP Police. This backward caste, comprising mostly landless labourers, can influence results in more than 30-40 assembly constituencies of eastern Uttar Pradesh. The party is trying hard to retain its Jaunpur seat. The BSP too failed to taste success, and it had to contend with the second and third spots in most of the seats which went to polls on 3 November. Now that he has parted ways, giving Rajbhars the SC status seemed to be the only remedy to keep them loyal to the BJP. He maintained that the party would win the next assembly elections in the state as well.

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Mrityunjay Kumar, the chief media adviser to the UP CM, says, “From day 1 our government has pursued a policy of zero tolerance against the criminals. The publishers permit sharing of the paper's PDF on WhatsApp and other social media platforms. The Yogi government makes sure it acts as a hindrance, especially against Priyanka Gandhi so that she doesn’t get limelight and media space. However, being in jail had not been a deterrent to his electoral fortunes.

Subscribe here. In fact, the move was not even part of the BJP manifesto. Only bad thing in his regime was that Yadav’s were out of control so is in Ajay Mohan Bisht government Thakur’s are out of control. While the central government has, for now, objected to the move because the due process was not followed, Yogi Adityanath is most likely to succeed where others failed because the BJP is in power both at the state and at the Centre. Even if there was mass public anger against Yogi, we would see a hung assembly and an unstable coalition government, à la the 1990s. The party tried to woo voters by attacking Yogi Adityanath for the Hathras incident, but its efforts have come a cropper. They would make concrete development promises, showing Mayawati as the experienced leader who knows how to deliver. The theoretical way Mayawati, Priyanka or Akhilesh could defeat Yogi does not work in practice because none of the three is even trying. I am from UP and I can see your frustation. The swing voters in UP, the non-Yadav OBCs, are said to be upset with the upper caste domination in the Yogi administration. Desperate to salvage both his government’s image, it was time for the UP CM to focus back on law and order. “In the byelection, BJP has repeated its performance of the 2017 State Assembly and 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Dalit Jatav and Baghel/Dhangar are the dominant castes in this seat, which saw a triangular contest between the BJP, SP and Mayawati’s BSP. 44 minutes ago. File photo of Yogi Adityanath addressing a rally in Patna. The more I read Shivam, the more I admire Yogi. ThePrint has the finest young reporters, columnists and editors working for it. There have been brutal layoffs and pay-cuts. The fear of being killed in an encounter didn’t prevent a Vikas Dubey from firing at and killing policemen.

A criminal is not identified by his caste or religion. During the initial months of Yogi rule, pressure indeed mounted on Ansari and his men. You will be CM of BIHAR if we win . These are clear indications that the party will perform well again in the upcoming 2022 Assembly elections. ” ROME RAJYA ”. The BJP will, of course, contest in Modi’s name, not least because Yogi Adityanath is a bit of a liability, increasingly. BSP leaders and workers would remind voters of her development achievements too, which she has never publicised. Law and order is a mess. Numerically, these castes constitute close to 14 per cent of the state population. TVS Retron name trademarked: An electric bike, scooter or something else? How Mayawati, Priyanka or Akhilesh could defeat Yogi Adityanath in Uttar Pradesh in 2022 -………..fools keep on dreaming! The people of the country have confidence in the BJP and the people have once again stamped on this matter,” CM Yogi said. The state Special Task Force (STF) too had been hot on the heels of his crime syndicate. It will not only consolidate 14 per cent backward castes for itself and neutralise any rogue leaders from these castes, but will also save itself from the defection of well-to-do backward castes by not having to trifurcate the OBC reservation quota. Here's what experts say, THIS is how you like to eat your eggs in the morning based on your zodiac sign. The only such face is Priyanka Gandhi, who should have moved to Lucknow by now and made it apparent that she seeks to be Uttar Pradesh chief minister. You’re such a stupid journalist. The sudden haste in raising the heat against Mukhtar and dragging in his wife and sons raises some political questions as well. Ltd. All rights reserved. The BJP’s caste arithmetic, which was tested in seats like Tundla, also appears sound. However, the election commission’s report after completion of voting on Monday evening stated that no cases of bogus voting reported anywhere. That is not a presidential campaign. The only silver lining in the Hathras incident for CM Adityanath is that the Congress stole the show while Samajwadi Party president Akhilesh Yadav was in London. Three monkeys fighting with each other. Efforts to Salvage Image—focus Back on Ansaris. This article is not only a figment of imagination but of hate this reporter is totallly consumed with losing his mental balance to write this article like a moron .. Imagine he is promoting this crazy Mayawati over Yogi .. lol. SP's Javed Abbas, who was trailing in the morning, pushed his BJP rival, Chetan Chauhan's wife Sangeeta Chauhan, to the second spot by 3,314 votes for a while. The anti-Modi vote was divided into two groups: a Samajwadi Party-Congress alliance on the one hand, and the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) on the other. Similarly, if voters across UP uniformly see this election as a referendum to choose between Yogi Adityanath and Akhilesh Yadav as their chief minister, Yogi could lose. Then why have the state governments in UP been so eager to grant SC status to these castes despite knowing limitations in the matter? There was a rape we ignored it. If the BSP was smart, it would go around UP talking to people of all castes and communities, reminding them of Mayawati’s image as a leader who knew how to control law and order. If the Congress party could convince voters from Bulandshahr to Ballia that this election is ‘Yogi versus Priyanka’, voters may have the clarity that they don’t need to waste their votes on the SP or the BSP. We are not even going into the smaller parties yet. But the bigger trouble for the BJP is that apart from Yadavs, castes like Kurmis, Jats, Gurjars and Kashyaps have been voting en bloc for it since 2014. Senior journalist Ramdutt Tripathi says, “Mukhtar can well be the same for Yogi Adityanath as was Raja Bhaiya for Mayawati and the BSP. The Lok Sabha elections gave BJP and allies 64 seats in UP despite the SP-BSP-RLD Mahagathbandhan. The controversial encounter policy of the government was also seen increasingly with suspicion and often criticised for targeting small-time criminals. The UP government faced intense criticism and the chief minister was left fuming over the ineptitude of his officers. UP Bypoll Victories A Big Boost For Yogi Adityanath 15 Months Before 2022 Assembly Election by Swarajya Staff - Nov 11, 2020 08:16 AM Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. “The result of the by-election is public confidence in Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

The media when compromised will not want to see the difference but people can feel it , and results will be there for us to see.

Remember how Rahul gandhi lost their homeground. Waste of time!! The politician with the mafia tag had been accused of sensational crimes and is said to operate one of the biggest crime syndicates in eastern Uttar Pradesh. But you see, the Gandhis are born to be PM, not CM. author seems to be living in his on bubble.! The more they stay in Politics, the better is for Modi. Political motives have been attributed to the UP government move since none of these 17 castes had of late made any loud demands or held demonstrations for SC status. Copyright: Swarajya. The brutal killings and the subsequent encounter of Vikas Dubey together threatened to damage the BJP’s politics both on the law-and-order front as well as the Brahmin caste sentiments. The bypolls are the acid test for the CM’s popularity and performance both ahead of the 2022 Assembly polls which are a little over a year ahead. In Malhani, the SP won by a slim margin of nearly 4,500 votes. on Hathras issue alone , however potential, it may seem to the opposition. Just put them in jail and silence their voices, as if UP’s 20 crore people can’t see the reality around them. This is a non-starter. List of Diwali Discounts on Sedans in India: Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors, Honda and More, 'Laxmii' Flooded With 1-star Ratings on IMDb as Akshay Kumar Film Gets Panned Online, EXPLAINED: Here Is How You Can Buy The Best Face Masks To Protect Against Pollution, Laxmii Beats Dil Bechara to Become Biggest Movie Opening Ever for Disney+Hotstar, How to Pre-Order Apple's New M1-Powered 13-Inch MacBook Pro: All Configurations and EMI Options, IPL 2020: Mumbai Indians Celebrate Their Record Fifth IPL Title Victory; See Pics, Kajal Aggarwal & Gautam Kitchlu's Romantic Honeymoon Pictures.


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