For I have not hitherto found a maiden capable of holding converse with me at a meeting in this wise,” “A question. The following tale, of which a translation is here for the first time attempted, belongs to the oldest, or heroic, cycle of early Irish literature. A gold-hilted sword resting on his two thighs.

Cuchulaind was put in bonds by Scathach, and a sleeping potion had been given him before, that he might not go to the battle lest anything should happen to him there. of her with its clot of blood round it. ‘The man has pleased thee,’ said her mother, ‘I see it by thee.’ ‘It is true,’ said the maiden, ‘He has pleased me,’ said she, ‘but sleep thou with him to-night; if that is what thou askest.’ ‘It is indeed not unpleasant to me,’ said Scathach, ‘if it be thy own will.’, Then the maiden served him with water and food, and looked to his pleasure. He came then at the end of the year, “It is to-day, oh Laeg,” said Cuchulaind, “we have our meeting with the daughter of Ruad, but we know not the exact place, for we were not wise. Many in the dun boasted of having killed the Fomori, but the maiden did not believe them.

He asked where she was. them should get death thereby.

They went, namely Cuchulaind and Loegaire the Victorious and Conchobor, and Conall Cernach, say some, went with them. p. 21. 11a and Egerton 1782, fol. The maiden came to the dun and told her father the whole story. Dithorba, son of Diman, from Uisnech of Meath, Aed the Red, son of Badurn, son of Aircet the Bald, in the land of Aed, Cimbaeth, son of Findairget, from Finnabair of Mag Inis. For triath is the name for a boar, the leader of herds; but it is also a name for a king, the leader of the great host. i.e. ‘The height is a turf of blood through thee today, oh Cuchulaind.’ cried the maiden. He sings an incantation over it, offers it to the false gods, and then calls them to him. 30  There was a famous king here in Erinn, viz,: Ruad, son of Rigdond, of Munster. The fleet was arrested from below in the midst of the sea. While they were thus conversing, Cuchulaind saw the breasts of the maiden over the bosom of her smock.

They would perform on it till their soles were black or livid. A rod of red gold in his hand with which he keeps the horses in order.’ It is called the Marsh of Dolluid 28  to-day. Scathach uttered a sigh at this, for she knew not what would come of it, first, as there was no third man with her two sons against those three and then she was afraid of Aife, because, she was the hardest woman-warrior in the world. It was then he said: “Forsooth, it will be disagreeable to Cuchulaind what will happen to-night, viz., the woman whom he brought with him will sleep with Conchobor.


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