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Two approaches to wastewater aeration rise to the forefront as industrial facilities race to improve biochemical oxygen demand in effluent. They represent about 12% of all flowmeters sold. Ultrasonic transit time flow meters have gained wider industry acceptance for measuring volumetric flow rates in clean liquids as well as liquids with small amounts of suspended solids or aeration.

Flow metering, in particular, is key to the reliable operation of HVAC systems that provide climate control in large complexes. Transit time ultrasonic flow meters use two transducers, which function as both ultrasonic transmitters and receivers. This can be accomplished by using noninvasive ultrasonic flow technologies without disruption to the hydronic system. Ultrasonic flowmeter for high pressure liquids. Temporary flow measurements can be made using portable ultrasonic flowmeters with clamp-on transducers. With this technology, ultrasonic waves transmit upstream and downstream through the pipe wall and the liquid flowing in the pipe.

The reliability and efficiency of components of hydronic HVAC systems can impact the bottom line. 2-path meter for flow measurement of condensate, high pressure feedwater, spray water or water injection. Ultrasonic flowmeters are commonly applied to measure the velocity of liquids that allow ultrasonic waves to pass, such as water, molten sulfur, cryogenic liquids, and chemicals. Transit time ultrasonic flowmeters can fail to operate when an opaque fluid weakens the ultrasonic wave to such an extent that the wave does not reach the receiver. Further, if the dirt coats wetted transducers, the flowmeter may fail to operate until it is cleaned. Under flowing conditions, the frequency of the reflected wave is different due to the Doppler effect. The transmitter processes signals from the transmitted wave and its reflections to determine the flow rate. Also, the availability of these devices has increased. Where dedicated thermal measurement is required, as in the case of a distributed chilled water system, the devices can be used with dual clamp-on resistance temperature detectors (RTDs) for British thermal unit (Btu) energy measurement. Be careful when applying Doppler ultrasonic flowmeters in slurry applications because the solid particles can produce strong signals that can cause the Doppler flowmeter to measure the velocity of the solids and not the velocity of the liquid. The industries in order of higher to lower are oil and gas, water and wastewater, power, chemical, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, metals and mining, and pulp and paper. Some ultrasonic flowmeters use clamp-on transducers that can be mounted external to the pipe and do not have any wetted parts.

Hot tap, in-field drilling and welding are not required when installing the device. When the fluid moves faster, the difference between the upstream and downstream times increases. Typical flow applications in building design, construction and operation include glycol and hot/chilled water, domestic water/domestic hot water, makeup water/blow down, steam/steam condensate, boiler feed water, cooling towers, chiller systems, energy audits and cost allocation. Transit time designs are also available to measure gas and vapor flow. Max.

In Doppler ultrasonic flowmeters, opaque fluids can limit ultrasonic wave penetration too near the pipe wall, which can degrade accuracy and/or cause the flowmeter to fail to measure. Protecting assets with real-time condition data, Long-term VFD care and restarting electrical equipment after a long shutdown. Consider these variables when adding a new pump to a system. Rob Fehl is product manager for Badger Meter. © Badger Meter, Inc. All rights reserved. The ultrasound’s time of flight is measured in both directions, and the difference in time of flight is used to determine the velocity of the fluid.

Building operators are faced with mapping all the submetering points for energy or water usage, as well as measuring flow at both the design rate and minimum rate required for seasonal operation. This technology can be very accurate and is used for custody transfer (meaning accounting accurately for an expensive fluid) of natural gas and petroleum liquids. Flow measurement and control products for water, oil, gas, and other fluids in a wide range of industries. For example, a periodic cleaning process upstream may cause the flowmeter to stop working because the dirt may not allow ultrasonic energy to pass through the fluid. Concrete consolidation products for construction and paving markets. Recently, building hydronic systems have employed variable speed equipment and pumps to vary the system’s flow. Temporary flow measurements can be made using portable ultrasonic flowmeters with clamp-on transducers.

Universal Flow Monitors, Flowmeters.com © 2012 — 2020. They measure the velocity of a fluid in a closed pipe and utilize transducers to emit ultrasonic pulses (greater than 20 kHz frequency) from which the flow meter can calculate the average velocity along the path of the beam of ultrasound.

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Ultrasonic flowmeters do not obstruct flow so they can be applied to sanitary, corrosive and abrasive liquids. By measuring the difference in the travel time and knowing the pipe size, the meter determines the velocity and flow rate. The velocity of the solid particles in slurry can be different than its liquid carrier fluid.

When the fluid moves faster, the frequency shift increases linearly. Transit time ultrasonic flowmeters send and receive ultrasonic waves between transducers in both the upstream and downstream directions in the pipe. Since ultrasound energy in a moving liquid is carried faster when it travels in the direction of fluid flow (downstream) than it does when it travels against fluid flow (upstream), a differential in the times of flight will occur. It is also a common practice to use a clamp-on ultrasonic flow meter to verify other flow meters or for temporary measurement. Be careful because fluids that do not pass ultrasonic energy, such as many types of slurry, limit the penetration of ultrasonic waves into the fluid. Ultrasonic transit time flow meters have become a popular choice for HVAC-related applications. This meter design allows for routine maintenance activities without having to cut into piping. Ultrasonic flow meters have many applications, from process flow to custody flow. Ultrasonic flow meters are also ideal for applications where low-pressure drop is needed, and low maintenance is required. With high measurement accuracy and long-term reliability, the next generation in E-Series® Ultrasonic water meters are fully programmable and designed for replaceable electronics, making them ideal for measuring potable cold water in commercial and industrial applications. In addition, clamp-on transducers can be used to measure flow without regard to materials of construction, corrosion, and abrasion issues. Similarly, ultrasonic waves must be able to penetrate the fluid for Doppler flowmeters to operate accurately. The article explains what you need to know about the basics of ultrasonic flow measurement and its applications. Caution must be used when dealing with this substance. With this technology, ultrasonic waves transmit upstream and downstream through the pipe wall and the liquid flowing in the pipe.

Under flowing conditions, the upstream wave will travel slower and take more time than the (faster) downstream wave. Be sure to understand the process and apply these flowmeters properly. Common choices range from electromagnetic flow meters to vortex, differential pressure, positive displacement, turbine, disc and ultrasonic meters. Ultrasonic flowmeters are available in sizes to 72 inches and larger. The reliability and efficiency of pumps and other components of hydronic heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems can impact the bottom line. Building owners are seeking to deploy advanced flow and energy measurement solutions to obtain high performance. These meters are used to measure the velocity of a liquid through ultrasound to analyze volume flow… Ultrasonic meters are commonly used for custody transfer and fiscal oil and gas measurement. If not already present in the flowing stream, generating these sources of reflection can be difficult in practice. They operate by alternately transmitting and receiving a frequency-modulated burst of sound energy between the two transducers. When an existing in-line or insertion flow meter fails and is difficult to replace, or additional metering is needed, the best choice can be a noninvasive solution like an ultrasonic clamp-on flow meter. Ultrasonic flowmeters use sound waves to determine the velocity of a fluid flowing in a pipe. Commercial and industrial businesses spend much of their building costs on processing hot and cold water and distributing it around their facility. Ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters can control the pumped condenser water, condenser water blowdown and evaporation. Badger Meter offers innovative flow metering and control solutions for smart water management, smart buildings and smart industrial processes, to help measure and protect resources for a smarter world. Ultrasonic clamp-on flow meters provide reduced installation costs, flexibility across pipe sizes, elimination of pressure head loss and no moving parts to maintain. © Copyright Cahaba Media Group, Inc. All Rights Reserved. DN1000 / 40", up to ASME Cl 4500. Measuring a variety of liquids — from water to oil and lubricants — we offer the most technologically advanced products to ensure a high degree of accuracy, long-lasting durability with the ability to provide valuable and timely measurement information to our customers. Jim Elsey's first article of two explaining the pursuit of perfection in pumping. Ultrasonic transit time flow meters have become a popular choice for HVAC-related applications. The Jordan, Knauff & Company (JKC) Valve Stock Index down 17.3 percent over the last 12 months. When the fluid is relatively opaque and does not penetrate the fluid, Doppler flowmeters tend to measure the velocity of the fluid at or near the pipe wall, which can cause significant measurement error and/or cause the flowmeter to fail.

The ATMF series thermal flowmeters have been used for air handling and fan coil control and hot air measurement. Universal Flow Monitors, Inc. was incorporated in 1963.

Be careful applying ultrasonic technology when the solid particles can become concentrated in one part of the flowing stream, such as in a horizontal pipe flowing at a relatively low velocity. These devices were developed for data-centric operations to interface with building automation systems for real-time flow balancing using Modbus RTU, BACnet MS/TP and BACnet/IP.

Learn the basics of wear components and their role in system operation in this white paper. Fortunately, some combination of bubbles of gas and/or eddies are present in most applications. The meters can be installed outdoors within a cooling tower system so that the owner receives precise measurements for sequence and cycle control while using the flow data to help identify limits of operation. Otherwise, the result can be expensive pump repairs or even system shutdowns. For transit time ultrasonic flowmeters, be sure that the fluid can adequately conduct ultrasonic waves, because the flowmeter will not measure when the ultrasonic waves cannot penetrate the flow stream between the transducers.


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