All rights reserved. They are hungry all the time and are invariably drawn to snack foods. Some are obviously artificial flavors and not natural flavors.

They are created in a lab and the formulations are guarded as trade secrets. Till the time Bubly entered the market, La Croix was the unbeatable champ enjoying top-dog status amongst sparkling water brands. "Natural and Artificial Flavoring Agents and Food Dyes,” from the Handbook of Food Bioengineering, lists lemon, butter, and berry flavors as some of the most common artificial flavors in foods.

Here’s the bottom line—both natural flavors and artificial flavors are food additives associated with processed foods, many of which are not always the healthiest. Natural flavors are meant to enhance flavor, not necessarily to contribute nutritional value to a food or beverage.

or animals (meat, dairy products, eggs, etc.) "It's become the signature of a lot of these products. As we recently walked the grocery aisles together, I attempted to fill our cart with real food, and they stuffed microwave popcorn and ice cream sandwiches under the arugula. My boys observed that the words “natural flavors” seemed to be on most of the food packages they spotted at the store. Regardless of their origins, both are manufactured in a controlled environment by humans. In Dr. Mathew Attokaran’s Natural Food Flavors and Colorants, he defines essential oils as “volatile, generally aroma-contributing liquids produced by plants.” Essential oils can be derived from any number of plant materials including fruits, herbs, and spices, typically through a process called distillation. , only salt, water and sugar appear on nutrition labels more often than natural flavor. But it still creates confusion, and may be leading consumers astray. Are they better than artificial flavors? An estimated 3,000 chemical food additives are in this category, yet this does not mean that these chemicals have been widely studied and approved by the FDA. Sorry, boys. Bubly’s website, for example, defines a natural flavor as something “that comes from a natural substance such as a fruit or fruit juice, spice, vegetable or herb.” But the company doesn’t indicate which of these additives (if any) they use to put the tang in their beverages.

supermimicry/Getty Images. natural flavor is a flavor that comes from a natural substance such as a fruit or fruit juice, spice, vegetable or herb. Here's Why. Natural flavors are often responsible for the craveworthy factor behind many of our favorite food and drink products, whether it's the citrusy kick in your sparkling water or the cool minty flavor in chewing gum. There seem to be about 1,000 chemicals in the GRAS category that have not been researched or approved by the FDA or anyone else. "One concern we have is the ability to make things more appealing than they may necessarily be," Andrews says. "There's the general fact of transparency; it's hard to know what's in these ingredient mixtures," he says. We all know that we aren’t supposed to eat too much sugar or salt, and water seems to be a safe bet, but what about that fourth most popular ingredient? In perhaps a signal that the FDA recognizes the manner in which companies may take advantage of this purposefully broad term, the food watchdog does flex its regulatory muscles on the. In order to get the highest nutritional value, limit or avoid overly processed foods. Here's Why. Complicating matters even further, the FDA considers more than 3,000. food additives to be, you guessed it, natural flavors. Natural flavors in food are used for the same reason as they are in sparkling water. Food products that boast distinctive flavors such as blueberry yogurt, maple-pecan oatmeal, peppermint chewing gum, yogurt-covered pretzels, and butter-flavored microwave popcorn may be getting their taste and aroma from natural flavors.

If you want to avoid natural flavors, choose whole unprocessed foods such as fruits and vegetables—you’ll also have the benefit of adding valuable nutrients into your diet.


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