Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. A general term for microscopic organisms at the base of the food chain. Grand slam Oyster bar This technique involves pinching a small lead split shot sinker a foot or more above a small worm, then slowly dragging this on the bottom. Cigar minnows Matching the hatch The stage of an aquatic insect's life cycle when it rises to the surface, sheds its nymphal shuck, and "emerges" as a winged insect. Char Used for Carolina Rigs, and fishing shallow water in the spring. Rigging method for straight body worm, where the hook goes through the middle of the worm and is left exposed. Accomplished by twitching the rod tip downward several times. Patch reef A bad day on the water. Although generally associated with tying flies, a vise serves equally well for tying jigs or attractor materials to trailer hooks or other lures. Salt marsh Beads A flat, curved or concave metal lure that planes or wobbles while retrieved or trolled. False casting Driving the boat backwards (in reverse) while pursuing a fish. Most wading shoes for flyfishing are soled with thick felt for good traction on slick rocks. Disturbing the water with an overly aggressive cast will spook the fish you hope to catch. Waters located immediately downstream from a dam. Tailing loop Freestone river Where the current rolls over a rocky bar and then slows down. A style of crankbait known for their small square diving bills. Polarized glasses Weight forward fly line

Fly pattern For instance, a boat cut gouged through a barrier island, for boater access. Spoon Long rods designed to cast and manage line while fishing in surf. Circular areas in the lake bottom that bass clear out in which to lay their eggs during the spawn. Chine Rattles Design borrows from snake leggings.

Anyone ending up in the ocean is bad news and will require the crew to spring into action to get them back on the boat as quickly as possible. Fishing over sunken shipwrecks, usually for bottomfish but not always. One or series of tournaments that must be fished in order to make it to a fish-off. Attractor patterns often provoke a trout's tendency to strike. Fluorocarbon The lure is tied to a leader which is tied above the sinker. A worm sinker that has a metal cork screw in the base so that the angler can screw in the worm. This lure normally has a rubber skirt, and one or more type of metal blades on the non-hook arm. Evening hatch Dock lines Fishermen refer to any underwater plant as vegetation or "grass.". Any of several kinds of leader with steel content. Crankbait Example; "I had a limit of 2-pounders, but was lucky and caught a 5 pound kicker.". Adult Insect By clicking "Sign Up" you are agreeing to our Line weight

Backing down Drag Natural baitfish prey of bass. Small diameter braided line loaded onto a fly reel underneath/behind the actual fly line.

A small stream might carry 40 cfs and offer good trout fishing, while a large river like the Colorado might reach 30,000 cfs in the Grand Canyon during flood stage. Reference to the chest part of an insect, where vital organs are stored and legs and wings emanate from. Devices used in trolling to run lines out to lateral positions away from each side of the boat. Trailer for jigs or spinnerbaits made originally from pork rinds.

Popularized by gulf coast wade fishermen to turn aside strikes from stingrays. Fishing a bait with a kite. Drift anchor Example, Rite Hite Jackplate.

Not popular where snapping turtles, crabs, sharks or alligators are common. The lack of boating mobility is made up for by the contemplative nature of being partially submerged in the elements. Soft-plastic worm about 4 inches long. Mixing of a lake's water layers in early spring.2. var year=time.getYear(); It makes a slick on the water. Cast – The act of swinging a fishing rod and releasing the line, to propel a bait or lure through the air. Also referred to as a Dipsy sinker. Baits are usually small 4-inch worms. A beautiful trout species characterized by a brilliant pink stripe running lengthways down its side. Catching one fish wading is worth 5 or more from a boat, because you've really earned it.


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