134 min Where to see it right now: Rent on iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play, and YouTube (watch the trailer), Released: June 15Cast: Zoey Deutch, Glen Powell, Lucy Liu, Taye DiggsDirector: Claire ScanlonWhy it's great: As a part of the great Netflix rom com revival of summer 2018, Set It Up was not as universally fawned over as To All the Boys I've Loved Before.

Autumn Reeser,

Scott Adkins, TV-MA

Here, the funniest movies of 2018—because we could all use a good laugh right about now. Director:

Nevertheless, here’s a brief setup for newcomers: Gil and George are turtleneck-rocking bachelors from the Upper West Side, played by the two of the best comedians out there. Simon Pegg, Votes:


Dustin Hoffman’s Harold Meyerowitz is an aging sculptor, largely overlooked in his time. It’s not only a lovely Woody Allen homage but one of cinema’s best portraits of millennial disaffection to date. But Cody's brutal wit courses through the narrative about an overtaxed mother of three who receives a reprieve in the form of a night nanny with a twinkle in her eye and a secret. If anything, is a coming-of-age dramedy, containing some very funny moments but also a few very serious ones. Plus: abs! Released: July 27.

Yi Zhang, The film catches up with our friend Paddington settling into his London neighborhood -- bringing good cheer to all of his neighbors -- but things start to go awry when he's wrongly accused of stealing a pop-up book from the local antiques store he frequents. | Gross: —Audra Schroeder, South African film Catching Feelings follows the young academic Max and his wife, Sam, as their relationship is tested by a combination of money problems, infidelity, and an older white writer who moves into their home in Johannesburg.

Michael Peña once again steals the show with his energetic monologues this time going long-ish on Morrissey, but don't underestimate supporting players David Dastmalchian and Randall Park.

Bingbing Li, Lena Waithe, Votes: 26 Movies to Make You Forget How Scary 2018 Is. Starring: Christine Baranski, Pierce Brosnan, Dominic Cooper, Colin Firth, Andy Garcia, Lily James, Amanda Seyfried, Stellan Skarsgård, Julie Walters, Cher, and Meryl Streep. Starring: Ben Whishaw, Hugh Grant, Sally Hawkins, Hugh Bonneville. | Pitt is barely recognizable as General Glenn McMahon, a mirror of General Stanley McChrystal, the subject of Michael Hastings’s 2012 book. 285,233 | A bounty hunter named Attica Gage tracks down criminals in a post-apocalyptic Earth. If anything, Dude is a coming-of-age dramedy, containing some very funny moments but also a few very serious ones. About: Ocean's 8 really does have everything—action, a compelling story, and lots of humor. Then you were wise to visit Rotten Tomatoes, because we’re presenting our guide to the best comedies of 2018, ranked by Tomatometer! Mark Ruffalo! Jenkins takes life's messiness and turns it into comedic gold, with her latest starring Kathryn Hahn and Paul Giamatti as a couple trying to conceive but can't. "Where to see it right now: Rent on iTunes, Amazon Video, Google Play, and YouTube (watch the trailer), Released: May 4Cast: Charlize Theron, Mackenzie Davis, Ron Livingston, Mark DuplassDirector: Jason ReitmanWhy it's great: Diablo Cody and Reitman's third collaboration -- and their second with Charlize Theron -- is maybe not the most laugh-out-loud entry on this list.

| About: It doesn't even matter what the plot is, Deadpool 2 is going to be one of the funniest movies of the year, bar none. 99 min This is the most lively the MCU has ever been.Where to see it right now: Rent iTunes, Amazon, YouTube, and Google Play (watch the trailer), Released: November 21Cast: John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Gal GadotDirector: Rich Moore and Phil JohnstonWhy it's great: The sequel to Wreck-It Ralph manages to outdo the original by offering some savvy commentary on the way we live now by taking its video game heroes in to the World Wide Web. Find something great to watch now. | Melissa McCarthy is killing it this year! Watch Now, If ever there were a trio we’d want to reunite, it’s Jason Reitman, Diablo Cody, and Charlize Theron.


Every product on this page was chosen by a Harper's BAZAAR editor.

Look, I’m not going to try to sell you on this one. Watching this 2009 Brad Pitt film in today’s drastically different political landscape feels almost quaint. The good news is that 2018 gave us a lot of entertaining cinematic comedies, from the gushy romances of Book Club to the lewd gags of Blockers. | |

| Gross: There are a ton of visual and verbal gags, still, credit is also due to the immensely talented voice cast that includes Jake Johnson and Nic Cage.

The movie thrives on absurd imagery, like telemarketer Cassius Green (played by Atlanta's Stanfield) getting plopped, desk and all, right in front of his potential customer when he makes a sales call, even if they are having sex or sitting on the toilet. Director:

51,489 (Although, it should be said, the sight of a school administrator dabbing in lackluster fashion to impress a group of unenthusiastic kids is very funny.)

About: Wes Anderson's latest offering—and his second claymation feature—is set in the fictional Japanese town of Megasaki, which has just decreed that all dogs are to be sent to a island to avoid an outbreak of Dog Flu. Scott Adkins, Sen Mitsuji,

127 min

It's emotionally moving, charming, and resonant, and the Dolly Parton soundtrack just enhances the experience. (A scene involving a lobster tank should make you double over.) Under the tutelage of Rocky Balboa, newly crowned heavyweight champion Adonis Creed faces off against Viktor Drago, the son of Ivan Drago. Action, Biography, Crime.

But all of this is in the service of Boots Riley's vision, which goes to extremes to show the stranglehold of racism and abuses of labor in this country.Where to see it right now: Hulu or rent on iTunes, Amazon Video, YouTube, or Google Play  (watch the trailer), Released: November 23Cast: Emma Stone, Olivia Colman, Rachel WeiszDirector: Yorgos LanthimosWhy it's great: The latest from the master of uncomfortable giggles Yorgos Lanthimos is, like his other work, a stiff slug of a comedy that isn't afraid to roll around in the mud.


Nora Arnezeder, See titles to watch instantly, titles you haven't rated, etc, Character Repeating Someone Else's Dialogue.

John Finn, 130 min Starring: Constance Wu, Henry Golding, Gemma Chan, Awkwafina, and Michelle Yeoh. 89 min


Stars: With Tully, the dream team is following up their biting Young Adult with another dark comedy set in the ‘burbs. Jay Potter, (For that, you can seek out the much, much, much worse The Happytime Murders.) About: A group of friends meet up for your average game night, only to find that one of them has planned an intense murder mystery.

Nevertheless, here’s a brief setup for newcomers: Gil and George are turtleneck-rocking bachelors from the Upper West Side, played by the two of the best comedians out there.

Susanna Fogel’s comedy city-hops through the likes of Amsterdam, Berlin, and Vienna and stars Mila Kunis and Kate McKinnon as best friends in a mess of haphazard espionage alongside Outlander's hunky Sam Heughan. Menu.

Bruce Willis, 92 min

It's packed with innuendo and moments that are downright goofy, including some really terrible CGI and a sequence in which Steenburgen tap dances to Meatloaf. —C.O. Quinn Lord, | Stars: Mulaney and Kroll are incredible improvisers, and they leave themselves plenty of room within the show’s structure for spontaneity.

The music from Lin-Manuel Miranda. Byung-woo Kim

Alan Calton, The five, um, we'll go with "wacky," guys are sent to set up a patrol station at the spot in question.

Lara Croft (Alicia Vikander), the fiercely independent daughter of a missing adventurer, must push herself beyond her limits when she discovers the island where her father, Lord Richard Croft (Dominic West) disappeared. Khalid Benchagra, Ethan Hunt and his IMF team, along with some familiar allies, race against time after a mission gone wrong.

You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at piano.io, Non-Corny Thanksgiving Movies to Cue Up This Year, Classic Movies You Can Stream on Netflix Now, A Classic Horror Bucket List for Scary Movie Buffs, 19 Documentaries on Netflix to Watch Right Now. From there, backstabbing, furious insults, and general chaos unfolds.

Underneath that there's a burbling sense of dread that tackles the tricky relationships between women. It's one of the year's many excellent additions to the rom-com canon. Sofía Vergara, Elliot Cowan, PG-13

It makes for powerful viewing.Where to see it right now: Rent on iTunes, Amazon Video, YouTube, or Google Play  (watch the trailer).

Liam Neeson, | Tessa Thompson! | The film works as well as it does because of the way it translates book author Kevin Kwan's array of characters onto the screen, from the bon mots of Nico Santos' stylish Oliver to the belly out antics of Jimmy O. Yang's Bernard Tai.Where to see it right now: Rent on iTunes, Amazon Video, YouTube, or Google Play  (watch the trailer), Released: December 14Cast: Shameik Moore, Jake Johnson, John Mulaney, Nic Cage, Hailee SteinfeldDirector: Bob Persichetti, Peter Ramsey, Rodney RothmanWhy it's great: Any movie that features John Mulaney as Spider-Ham is bound to end up on a best comedies of the year list. | Josh Brolin,

Director Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite) lets Galifianakis, Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig, Owen Wilson, and Jason Sudeikis bumble and gaffe their way through the action-comedy and offers us an extended look at McKinnon and Galifianakis’s very ‘90s engagement photo shoot. Here are our Netflix guides for the best war movies, documentaries, anime, indie flicks, and movies based on true stories streaming right now.

A captain and his team of 12 soldiers infiltrate a secret underground bunker to take out a target in the Korean demilitarized zone.

Movies. But we're talking about comedy here, so let's discuss how director Jon M. Chu brought out some of the funniest people and let them do their thing.

Daniel Wu, Votes: Brian A. Miller

Just watch this Bob Ross-inspired trailer. Sylvia Hoeks, Watch Now, Brad Bird is back with another emotive chapter in the Parr family saga that's saving the world one daredevil action sequence at a time.


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