In Scotland Robert Haldane sold his estate and devoted f, 25,000 to the cause; with others he would have gone to India himself but for the prohibition of the East India Company, one of whose directors said he would rather see a band of devils in India than a band of missionaries. of Courland, who bestowed upon him a small estate, which Biren's father inherited and where Biren himself was born. Revenues for state purposes are derived from special taxes collected from the liquor traffic, corporations, transfers of decedents' estates, transfers of shares of stock, recording tax on mortgages, sales of products of state institutions, fees of public officers including fines and penalties, interest on deposits of state funds, refunds from department examinations and revenue from investments of trust funds, the most important of which are the common school fund and the United States deposit fund. The Clitheroe Estate Company are the present lords of the Honour. She said you were interested in taking a walk around the estate.

He then suspended this undertaking, but resolved that at his death it should be continued at the cost of his estate. In 1816 he succeeded to the family estate of Linlathen, near Dundee, and devoted himself to theology.

a ton, and where steam is raised by coal, as in a beetroot factory, it might pay to adopt a quintuple-effect apparatus, but on a cane-sugar estate, where the steam necessary for the evaporator is raised by burning the megass as fuel, and is first used in the engines workifig the mills, the exhaust alone passing to the evaporator, there would be very little, if any, advantage in employing a quadruple effect instead of a triple effect, and practically none at all in having a quintuple-effect apparatus, for the interest and sinking fund on the extra cost would more than counterbalance the saving in fuel. 2548711 I'm in real estate.CK 1 1140851 Tom wishes for his son to inherit his estate.CK 1 1027547 I had no idea that Tom was going to leave me his estate.CK 1 1030168 According to Tom's will, Mary will inherit his entire estate.CK 1 644912 I inherited his estate. Another remarkable indication of the decay of the ceorl's estate is afforded by the fact that in the treaties with the Danes the twihynde ceorls are equated with the Danish leysings or freedmen. Thus we find that at first, under the influence of his master, Aristotle held somewhat ascetic views on soul and body and on goods of body and estate, entirely opposed both in psychology and in ethics to the moderate doctrines of his later writings. In the same way as signified a whole inheritance; whence heres ex asse, the heir to the whole estate, heres ex semisse, heir to half the estate. active part in the states-general of 1614, when he vigorously upheld the ultramontane doctrines against the Third Estate. In the reaction in favour of ordinary government which ensued Pasquier regained his liberty and his estates. A widow has a dower interest in one-third of her husband's real estate unless barred by a jointure or an agreement. The Statute of Uses (1535), by converting the bargainee's interest into a legal estate, had an effect contrary to the intention of its framers. His divine origin was now proved; the king gave him his daughter in marriage; and the Lycians presented him with a large and fertile estate on which he lived (Apollodorus, ii. Having nominally become king in 1799, that prince created the estate of Ile-Jourdain a duchy, under the title of Avaray, in favour of the comte d'Avaray,, whom he termed his "liberator.". 113. Many real estate companies are adding auction divisions or hiring auctioneers. estates example sentences. 1. countable noun An estate is a large area of land in the country which is owned by a person, family, or organization. It was well over quarter mile in length. Furah Bay College, built by the society on the site of General Charles Turner's estate (12 m. He became the victim of a certain "earnest-frothy" speculator, who induced him to sell his little Lincolnshire estate at Grasby, and to invest the proceeds, with all his other money, and part of that of his brothers and sisters, in a "Patent Decorative Carving Company": in a few months the whole scheme collapsed, and Tennyson was left penniless. Restrictions on speculative operations in real estate and on the use of hypothecated and discounted paper as security for other transactions, together with the publication of detailed monthly balance sheets, have kept these banks free from unsound methods, and their record thus far (1909) has been conspicuously good. In 1070 Otto of Nordheim, duke of Bavaria, who held large estates in this country, being accused of a plot to murder Henry, was placed under the ban, his possessions were declared forfeited and his estates plundered. The debt limit is set by the city charter at 18% of the assessed value of the taxable real estate of the city. His large estates and high social standing, together with his personal ability, gave Mason great influence among the Virginia planters, and he became identified with many enterprises, such as the organization of the Ohio Company and the founding of Alexandria (1749). rewarded him by a grant of £40,000 and the estate of Cirey. Outliving his eldest son, Humphrey IV., he was succeeded in the family estates by his grandson Henry. Most of the tea estates are situated in the coast belt north of Durban. Matters were complicated by the curious political intricacies of this long-coveted domain, where the grand-master, the archbishop of Riga, and the estates of Livonia possessed concurrent and generally conflicting jurisdictions. Fine breeds of horses and cattle are kept on the larger estates of the nobility, and cattle are exported to Austria. He was given the estate of Rheinsberg in the neighbourhood of Neuruppin, and there he lived until he succeeded to the throne. Tyler then formulated a number of fresh demands, including the confiscation of ecclesiastical estates and the institution of social equality. Hyenas, jackals, wild pig, polecats and wild dogs (Canis pictus) of different species are still found in or about bush jungles and forest clumps; elands (Antilope oreas) are preserved on some estates, and there are at least ten distinct species of antelope (hartebeest, bushbok, duiker, rietbok, rhebok, rovibok, blauwbok, &c.). Sofi left him alone in the study, and he sat down at Damian's computer to send the info the real estate agent needed to rent him the cabin.


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