A middle-class man's shaggy dog, Robert, is determined to Bugs gets twitchy and drops his coffee when Daffy reveals he forgot to pay the newspaper bill. Nevertheless, Bugs was kind to Daffy.

Beaucoup de spéciales accueillent des invités comme le chanteur Grégoire et l'humoriste Ariane Brodier[11], la chanteuse Elisa Tovati et l'humoriste Florent Peyre[12] ou encore la troupe des Kids United[13].

They do, and receive the same positive audience response, making Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd continue the act and later adopt their well-known hunter vs. hare formula, which Bugs wins repeatedly.

The young Bugs plays Franz Liszt's "Hungarian Rhapsody" on a piano. Bugs shows his employees how to make a pizza. Bugs excuses himself and goes to the bathroom and talks to himself in the mirror in an attempt to convince himself to end it with Lola. He was even shown to be devastated when he thought Lola broke up with him via Dear John letter and decided to sail to the ends of the Earth, though the two immediately got back together in the same episode after realizing it was a misunderstanding.

We hope you like our show. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular What Up Doc Bugs Bunny animated GIFs to your conversations.

At the end of the episod,e Bugs leaves baby Daffy in front of Daffy's Uncle's trailer then Bugs goes into a limo with his new date Starlett and drives off. There is a gag that is repeated several times, in which there is a sign marquee featuring three of Bugs' Broadway appearances (, A gag in this short shows Bugs throwing away many scripts he's considered, one of them being, Al Jolson, Jack Benny, Eddie Cantor and Bing Crosby appear, through caricatures, in a park with Bugs, all of them out of work. Former inventor, former restaurateur, Batman, Gaming,Swimming Bugs starts to avoid Lola, but is unable to lose her as she starts following him around, so he breaks up with her at the gym after she follows him in. He cross dressed in "Members Only", "Beauty School", "The Shelf", "Semper Lie", and "Customer Service".

De 2001 à 2007, l'émission s'appelait Bunny et tous ses amis et diffusée tous les dimanches de 7 h 30 à 8 h 45 juste après Les Minikeums (2000-2002), T O 3 (2002-2004) et France Truc (2004-2006). Bugs becomes broke has to sell everything he has.

Overall, he is one of the most rational and level-headed characters in the show.

In all of the shows, he and the chorus sing the same song - "Oh! More dog tales. What's Up, Dog?is an episode ofThe Bugs Bunny Show, originally aired on July 3, 1962. [2] Bugs talks about his birth, his rise to fame, the slow years, and how famous Vaudeville performer Elmer Fudd chooses him to be part of his act. Bugs pretending to be a ghost to make Sam leave the house.


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