By continuing past this page, you agree to abide by the Terms of Service. Down But Not Out If you need a co-op partner(s), then please refer to this thread: Chests: 13 See Defender of Franciade Check this chapter to learn how to earn money. You need to complete these in order to unlock the medieval armour, found in the lower floors of the Cafe Theatre. You should get this very easily during the Sequence 13 Memory 2 - The Book Thief, when you first get the Guillotine Gun. You need to complete all the challenges in the main story missions (In other words, 100% sync) and also collect a total of 402 collectibles.

How to unlock: Complete Memory Sequence 6. Once you have collected them all, the trophy will unlock. Curtain Call Go to the green area and locate and kill one specific enemy (shown in gold when using Eagle Vision). How to unlock: Complete all the renovations of the Café Théâtre. An Old Internet Meme Once you have bought them all, you will have access to all the missions.

The only way you can use your hidden blade is if you kill an enemy undetected. If you need help with the armor room puzzles, here is a visual walkthrough. Upon completing Step 3, you will earn: This trophy is for getting 100% sync as it would be, but there is no 100% sync in this game and they are just called challenges. Once you have all of those, the trophy will unlock. The city is also the most dense that an Assassin's creed game has ever been. Commentary: Crowd Events are minor missions you get from time to time while exploring Paris. See An Old Internet Meme. Once you open it, you'll get some money. Finally, if you see any crowd events, make sure to complete them. Thawed • [01:23] – 3rd Riddle, Solution for the Sugers Legacy Riddle called “VII – Dies”: Not all plays seem to count towards the trophy though, so just stand there until it unlocks. a fate far more painful than the end of a Hidden Blade. The trophy will unlock as soon as they are revived. Filter. 391,986 Game Owners 213 Recent Players 44,918 (11.46%) Platinum Achievers 42% Average Completion 9,456,825 Trophies Earned 26,542 (6.77%) 100% Completed LEGUNY › Assassin's Creed Unity Trophies View. With the exception of Pierre Bellec, all of them are upper-middle class or in the case of Mirabeau, an, The Revolutionary Templars on the other hand have crime bosses, disaffected honest bureaucrats, sans-cullotes and artisans. Once you are that far into the story, you will have the option to buy the "Ground Finisher" skill in the stealth category. You can open them after Arno learns how to use a lockpick. Filter. Home » Guides » PS4 Guides » Assassin’s Creed Unity: Dead Kings Trophies Guide. 7.

How to unlock: Get all the rewards in a Co-op mission. ), Complete 4 different sequences cooperatively, Complete 8 different sequences cooperatively, Executed King Louis XVI before his due date, Cooperatively executed 2 guardsmen within 2 seconds, Give Napoleon the all-clear (Confirmation of Napoleon! You can do these solo if you prefer (hence why it is obtainable offline), however it is recommended that you play them with a partner as the levels are designed for two people. Unity is the first AC game to introduce co-op.

Searching the Helix data reveals Juno is rooting through Abstergo's servers, helped by Aita and the Instruments of the First Will, and they're looking for seventeen somethings to help whatever they're planning. To get this trophy, you need to have a tick by each of those rewards. Self explanatory. It costs 9 upgrade points so it is a fairly expensive upgrade. GLITCHED: For whatever reason, this trophy has not unlocked for a couple of people. Now simply press , and you'll jump down on top of them and kill them.

I do recommenced you go for the challenges in each memory as it will save you having to replay memories later on. Complete it to receive the bonus. There are 128 cockades to collect in the game. 59 posts in this topic. Have fun using it on our WWW pages. The social missions, and club locations are as follows: GLITCHED: This trophy might not unlock; it is not known why. (The image above shows what a crowd event looks like in the game world). The first few Helix Rifts are the best ones to try this on as you get plenty of time, and there won't be enemies trying to kill you. Simply click one for a video walkthrough: As this is not complete yet, I have made a thread so the community can help each other out as to what the riddles are referencing. Defender Of Franciade (Bronze) — Complete Suger’s Legacy and recover the Eagle of Suger. You are not permitted to copy any image, text or info from this page. Now, you have to do a little lock picking mini-game. Group DLC packs together in list. Lastly, you want to get any misc trophy you might have missed in step 1. The Paris Side Stories and Murder Mysteries involves the dramatist Pierre Beaumarchais, the cartomancer Marie-Anne Lenormand, Madame Tussaud, Joseph-Ignace Guillotin, Charles-Henri Sanson, Tobias Schmidt, the transgender dueling champion Chevalier d'Eon, Josephine de Beauharnais, the financial minister Jacques Necker, the painter Jacques-Louis David, Charlotte Corday, along with, Mirabeau and the moderate political revolution of 1789 under a Constitutional Monarchy of Louis XVI gets this via association with the Assassins and opposition by Templars. Must've Left it Open Here is a list of them all, and their requirements. Napleon Bicorns: 4 Accurate Prediction This is later given a, The modern-day element has been redone so that there is no longer any. Memory 01: Buried Words There are no missable trophies. It does not need to all be done in one game; it can be over multiple games.

How to unlock: Perform 10 non-lethal takedowns in a Co-op mission. It takes place in the town of Franciade and is available after completing sequence 4 of the main story. When Vichy France took over, they put a giant V that we see there.


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