The flight catering industry is a very large, global activity.

A strong colourless coholic drink distilled from grain and flavored with juniper berries. It is used in making candy, drinks and other chocolate flavored foods. There are two kinds of whey, one is sweet or rennet whey and other is acid whey. Allah, knows best. Chymosin produced using biotechnology is Halal. This may be due to a number of factors which affect passengers’ appetite and behaviour whilst flying. In addition to that, other things like utensils and machines used for food catering and processing must not be contaminated with anything that are considered filthy (Najis) under the Islamic Law. Unless the ingredient label says soya lecithin or vegetable lecithin, you need to check with the producer to determine the source. A: There are over 1,000 caterers (In-flight Catering) worldwide, only about 60  caterers certified Halal.

are to be considered questionable (shoobhah), unless the origin of these ingredients is from Halal source or have been certified Halal. It will be used by JAKIM as the basis for certification but will be supplemented by many other requirements for comprehensiveness of the certification process. Shop now! A semi-viscous sweet syrup containing chocolate, sugar and other ingredients.

An emulsifier comprised of glycerol, two fatty acids, phosphoric acid and choline. Hence the use of vinegar derived from wine is halal.” According to Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi: “Muslim scholars unanimously agree that if wine turns into vinegar by itself, it is lawful. Diglycerides can be made from animal or vegetable fats and they are used as an emulsifier in food products. Malaysia (DSM) subscribes to the same ISO policy. E: Naturally “brewed soy sauce” is not a Halal soy sauce because it is just made like wine containing 2-3% ethyl alcohol in it. Halal consumers should avoid products containing mono- and diglycerides unless they are labeled as 100% vegetable mono- and diglycerides. For instance, some flight kitchens or caterers may make their first-class, and in some cases business-class, meals from scratch at the flight kitchen and outsource all other meal production. Currently, it is best to look for products using only 100% vegetable diglycerides. In general most cheese products do not list the source of the enzyme, so one must ask the producer from where the enzyme comes. First, based on the planned menus, the supplier receives direct orders from the airlines, although they deliver their goods to flight kitchens operated by the contracted caterers. A: There are some differences between Halal and Kosher that make some kosher products haram or questionable with respect to Muslim consumption.


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