As the dumpling matures and enters various stages of adolescence, we consider the impermanence and fleeting nature of time. It works, it’s worth watching once, and then moving on alongside Pixar, towards their evolution to Toy Story. La Luna is as comforting as lying in darkness, watching the stars and moon trail across the night sky. We're ranking the ten best modern Disney short films & cartoons. “Lou” lumbers around when class is in session, collecting forgotten and discarded toys left behind, and is called into action when a bully starts terrorizing the playground. Years ago, if someone told me my first time voting in an election would be so important, I would think they were lying. The main sandpiper grows through its ability to adapt, a cute nod to Darwin, who developed his theory of natural selection observing the eating habits of island birds. #3The story of Ziggy-esque blobs who are diametrically opposed: one is all about daytime activities, while the other is all about things to do when the sun’s gone. Though this one is technically made in the '90s, we feel like we need to give it an honorable mention, because it's one of the first Mickey Mouse short films to bring the classic character into the modern era. Any Asburian worth their salt knows that the Highbridge Film Festival is basically the highlight of the spring semester. The stylized human faces are unique in the Pixar oeuvre, looking more at home with Laika’s brand of art.

All rights reserved. From the moment I saw this adorable little puppy, I knew this short was going to be a hit. isFeed1x1=false; Paperman is one of those special short films from Disney that proves traditional animation isn't dead.

There isn’t much drama to the short, though it does tap into the primal thrill we had as kids rushing into the ocean back and forth. It is way past due that I use this platform for more than entertainment, especially now that I have learned so much since starting my job working for the OSU Sustainability Office. There are two types of films Walt Disney Pictures is most famous for creating, their full-length motion pictures, and their animated short films. It's essentially a classic Goofy cartoon with modern-day tech. After a minor scuffle and major kerfuffle, the two learn how they can compliment each other. By Zach Gass Dec 28, 2019. 10 Best Modern Disney Shorts, Ranked. The bland alien design, insistently plain ship architecture, and the fact the guy never wakes up despite being thrown around like a pinball (part of the comedy, but stunts the tension) hold this one back.

It's a perfect medium to tell this slice of American folklore. I vote to make my parents proud and to show them how grateful I am to them for everything they've sacrificed for me. Granted, it's 2-D tracing over 3-D models, but it's a callback style we can definitely get behind. Some are just less inspired than others, just like this sketch about a Ken and Barbie stowaway trip gone awry. We are asking Stillwater students and community members to look into their local recycling programs to be more sustainable consumers. The short earns a spot on our list for visuals alone.

#17An older, lonely Chinese woman living in her empty nest house with her husband receives a delightful surprise: a dumpling she made has turned into a cute, living creature. I've enjoyed the ones before Disney and Pixar's feature length films for a few years now, but Highbridge has really made me think about the art form that is a short film. I think it has given me a new appreciation for short films.

As you’d expect, the music is the real star of the show and composer Michael Giacchino, hot off the success of The Incredibles, doesn’t disappoint. #12A semi-autobiographical look into the childhood of Pixar director Sanjay Patel, we see him a child being pulled away from a superhero TV show by his father to engage in prayer. In recent years, we've seen somewhat of a resurgence of the medium since the days of Mickey, Donald, and Goofy, and we're honestly quite impressed.

We're ranking the ten best modern Disney short films & cartoons.

This bittersweet short not only gives us a delightful story but reminds us it's okay to have a healthy cry.

Though they might not be as classic as their predecessors, they still have a beloved element of Disney Magic about them.

(Note we’re only ranking shorts that played with a Pixar feature. With its quick pacing and amusing bird calls, this is Pixar back in the pure slapstick mode a la Knick Knack to great effect. For those of you who slept in English class, John Henry was a folk-hero who reportedly beat a mechanized steam-drill in a railroad contest, but died with his hammer in his hand. RELATED: Disney: The 10 Best Live-Action Movies Of The ‘90s (According To IMDb). I never thought my first vote as an American would be as impactful as it has been. Fans of magical realist literature will immediately recognize this as director Enrico Casarosa’s nod to author Italo Calvino and his classic short story, “The Distance of the Moon”. The music! googletag.defineSlot(window._sectionAndPostAdSettings+'/feed_1x1', [1, 1], 'div-gpt-{{}}-content-ad').addService(googletag.pubads());

We are encouraging them to let us know that they did this by signing an online pledge to "Recycle Right" on and off campus. If it's one thing Disney knows how to do exceptionally well with animation, it's tell a story. A big part of my job right now is leading OSU's celebration of America Recycles Day on Sunday, November 15! This beautifully animated story shows the importance of communication, and how a little color can go a long way in a black-and-white world. The story! Aside from the larger-than-life, hammer-wielding protagonist, it's sketchbook-inspired art style is reminiscent of films like Atlantis or even 101 Dalmatians. #4Where do babies come from?

It coasts by on your familiarity with the characters, banking on the fact that any playtime with Woody and friends is a guaranteed good time. #7A goofy-looking bird approaches its aviary contemporaries on a wire, who proceed to mock and ostracize the odd bird, with unforeseen consequences. Recycling is more complicated than hippies bowing down to the recycle triangle. Seeing Mickey and his co-stars interact so much in such a small space as a movie screen is absolutely astounding.

Definitely one of my favorite American folklore tales, and Disney only made me love it more. Where our previous entry was a visual trip, John Henry is a visual tale. Party Central, set in the Monsters University universe and theatrically attached to Muppets Most Wanted, probably would’ve ranked between Hawaiian Vacation and Bao.).

Easily the darkest short on our list, the amount of physical comedy is as fiery as the tango theme song that drives the score.


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