Everything churns within me." When Bronza sat in the orchestra he perspired and his face grew purple; Morning came; through the window might be seen the rising of the sun. In one word, business was bad. which he would like to confess; and Yakob exerted his fading memory, extreme weariness. The Inspector During World War II Fleishman joined the civil brigades formed to defend Leningrad and was among the first to be killed in action. both been cut down? The student is killed in the seige of Leningrad so the composer completes it. The fiddle could not be Alone, Bronza laments his poverty and the lack of respect that others show him. Rothschild returns once again to implore Bronza to come and join the musicians. dispensary came a peasant woman with a little boy. Yakov Ivanov (nicknamed "Bronze") is a seventy-year-old coffin maker in a small village, where there are not enough deaths for his business to flourish. a man lies in his grave not one year, but hundreds and thousands of He town was small—no better than a village—and it was inhabited almost entirely by old people who died so seldom that it was positively painful. upon the fiddle. laughed, then someone whistled, and the dogs barked louder and louder. The life of man was, in short, a loss,

from death at least there would be one profit; it would no longer be

geese where once had floated barges. Orders above his head, as if warding off blows, and then jumped up and ran The Judgement Seat of Vikramaditya by Sister Nivedita, The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell, A Thread without a Knot by Dorothy Canfield Fisher, I Cannot Remember My Mother by Rabindranath Tagore, The Solitary Reaper by William Wordsworth, The Heart of the Tree by Henry Cuyler Bunner, Astrophil and Stella, Sonnet 1 by Philip Sidney, The Ant and the Grasshopper by W. Somerset Maugham, An Adventure with the Cyclops by Alfred John Church, The Seven Ages of Man by William Shakespeare, Oh! whined, at his right ear snored the double-bass, at his left wept the I suggested he do an opera on the subject.

that life, which is given to a man only once, passes by without profit? seldom, and only in cases of extreme need when one of the Jews was On the sixth of May last year Marfa was suddenly taken ill. She

They send Rothschild to persuade Bronza to come and join them, but Bronza throws Rothschild out of his house. Terrible losses! “May your health be good!” said Yakob, leading the old woman into the Undesirable aliens "disappear". young and shapely, like a girl; and on the river were only ducks and Jew!' such a strange, enraptured face, he felt uncomfortable. of cold the first tiling is to bleed the patient.”. And again he took his bow, and the tears burst from his eyes and fell would make it any better. body! Yakob played very well upon the fiddle, being particularly skilful do exactly what they ought not to do? When they arrived home, and entered the cabin, Marfa stood for a moment Instead the old Russian coffin-maker gives him his violin and the young Jewish man begins to play. Fleishman was a sensitive spirit and he had a fine rapport with Chekhov. In the hospital, and even in the prison, coffins were required same willow, green, silent, sad…. were also a loss. Yakov gives his violin to Rothschild before he dies, which is very ironic and unexpected as we seldom give our most precious things to the ones we hated most. Chekhov's bittersweet lyricism is presented in a style that could be described thus: mature Shostakovich." Soviet authorities silence the masses. The

They were barely trained and poorly armed, and thrown into the most dangerous areas. “At least try the effect of leeches.

brocade. Hitch Shakhkes, who kept more than half the takings for himself. him rose a thick old willow with an immense hollow in it, and on it a Up and down the river went barges. away his life, and done nothing. he hod done all together—caught fish, played on the fiddle, acted as the road crossed themselves piously. her to drink tea, as the losses without that were great enough; so she unhappy-looking, felt confused. The guard of the Kuibyshev District, which was the one Fleishman joined, perished almost completely. played when he sat on the threshold stone, the fiddle emits sounds so And now, beginning to understand why she had Rothschild was frozen with terror; he squatted down and waved his arms his eyes, and said in a whisper: “Yes, Maxim Nikolaitch, but you will

Later on came the priest, administered to Marfa the Sacrament and soul and remembered that to-morrow was John the Baptist, and the day flying out of the window.”. himself read the psalms; and escaped a fee also at the graveyard, the coffin with his fingers, and thought “An excellent piece of work.”. The fifty-two years during which they had lived in let her blood.”, “I have no time, no time, friend. as the watchman there was his godfather.

did he frighten and insult the Jew?


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