"They [employees] can't be forced or coerced to work more than they usually would," Jannette Armstrong, Tasmanian secretary of the United Workers Union, said. For example, if you have 10 staff but only want to keep five you can let them go and remove them from your books, but if you don't take them off your books you need to claim JobKeeper for all 10 staff. Ms Armstrong encouraged employees to raise the matter with their employer directly if they were comfortable about that. I am now sick (not COVID!!) That's raised questions about whether employers can make their employees work or perform other duties to receive the JobKeeper payment — so the ABC has spoken to the experts to find out. "The employer is required to pass on the full benefit of that $1,500 to you even though your income would have been $1,000 per fortnight.". The Federal Government estimates that some 3.5 million Australian workers will benefit from the payment, and more than 910,000 businesses have applied for the scheme to date. No, they cannot. Alternatively you can stand them down and apply for JobKeeper, in which case, any of the incidental costs on top of salary are still payable. My friend has been made redundant by employer, also she was had a doc certificate for being bullied at work when made redundant.She has been employed for a year and half on full time basis and company receiving job keeper for her. You are only eligible once, if you work two jobs you need to choose which one you need to claim JobKeeper through and then you need to inform your second employer to exclude you from their scheme. At the end of April she was found to have ovarian cancer and required surgery and 4 months of chemo.

It was designed to help employers pay their employees during the coronavirus pandemic for up to six months, with businesses claiming a reimbursement from the Federal Government through the Australian Tax Office. How effective will it be? Businesses now have until May 31 to formally enrol to claim JobKeeper. Thanks in advance to anyone that can provide a simple answer/link! This can include Uber drivers, contractors and entertainers, who are eligible provided they are self-employed. You may get this if you were eligible on 10 July for any payments that were eligible for the First Economic Support Payment. she was never taken off the books, remained employed and just had extended sick leave. Temporary residents are also ineligible. Ms Bytheway said in order for that to happen, certain conditions needed to be met. You may only receive the JobKeeper payment from the employer you nominate as your primary employer. (Between April and September). If I and my employer meet the criteria, how much do I get? It's either one or the other. Your employer can rehire you and pay you …

The duties must also be related to the operation of the business they work at, meaning odd jobs likely won't fit the bill. Whether employees choose to work the extra hours offered though is up to the employee — and they can refuse if it isn't reasonable.

Your employer can rehire you and pay you at least $1,500 a fortnight.

Early Access to Superannuation Eligible persons can withdraw up to $10,000 tax-free for the 30 June 2020 financial year, and up to an additional $10,000 tax … Am I entitled to jobkeeper? Some employers may decide it's easier and cheaper to fire everyone and start hiring again when this is over. After the Job Keeper scheme finishes, is my employer allowed to make me redundant? By the same token, employers cannot reduce an employee's rate if the duties they're now performing typically attract a lower base pay rate than what the employee usually receives. Donald Trump is being given a drug only reserved for use in severe coronavirus cases. 6. Does it go on top of my wages or does he keep it? 4. That means, despite many calls from those in the hospitality industry and others to include foreign workers and those who have been with their employer less than 12 months, the government was implacable on this point and they are not eligible. Can my boss make me work in retail I don't feel safe will I loose the job seeker payment. The federal government has passed the $130 billion JobKeeper package into law, offering a much-needed lifeline to many industries that have been affected by strict physical distancing measures, including the hospitality industry. Déjà vu!

"They can then arbitrate, mediate or conciliate the disputes and essentially can make an order in relation to the direction," she said. Fair Work said employers needed to notify employees about any change in usual duties at least three days before the change was made through the JobKeeper enabling direction, consult with employees about the direction and keep a written record of it, and give the employee the agreed direction in writing. 3. Employers will now have until May 8, 2020, to ensure those payments have been made to eligible employees. The JobKeeper Payment will be available to eligible businesses (including the self-employed) and not-for-profits until 28 March 2021.


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