Chris Telden loves being creative and coming up with fun and unique pet names. :(. A trans fat is made by adding hydrogen to a vegetable oil, such as soybean oil or coconut oil. ), Virgin coconut oil (sometimes marketed erroneously as "extra virgin") - cholesterol-free. This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. If you're all about the Bulletproof coffee or keto life, this fat-fueled creamer is for you. ...hydrogenated oils? Even if creamers claim that they contain no trans fat, that’s only because they’re allowed to round down to zero by the FDA.

Expeller pressed coconut oil (saturated fat).

Find out Why We Stopped Drinking Coffee Creamer – And why hydrogenated oils are bad for your health. Non-dairy creamers have, for the most part, been working to cut out hydrogenated oils, but … It's delicious. (Try dill weed and garlic and black pepper.

animal sources like eggs and meat (in other words, they're not cholesterol-free), and/or, Vegetable shortening made with palm oil - cholesterol free. Most powdered coffee creamers have hydrogenated oils, even though they're labeled as having "0 trans fats". Try the following options for your cooking. [Edit August 2010: I've now tried the Tiramisu and there's a sort of odd coconut flavor to it. However, some foods listed do contain saturated fats from: Besides the health benefits of cholesterol and even possible health benefits of tropical oils like coconut oil or palm oil, saturated fats produce textures and tastes that help make products like cookies, coffee creamer, pie crust, and doughnuts taste the way they do. Question: What does nonhydrogenated shortening have in it?

The serving size, however, is just 1 tablespoon. The fact of the matter is, if you can, you should just be adding milk to your coffee; it’s natural and chemical-free. Shake Well: Plant-based coffee creamers are fortified with calcium, as they have no natural calcium. I think I prefer the hazelnut. i don't think so. Have you checked the ingredients on your coffee creamer yet? So no more of these for me. However, some men and women are put on a cholesterol-restricted diet by a doctor and told to avoid all saturated fats. Are there any coffee creamers that aren’t full of chemicals? I noticed that most of the commercial dairy or non-dairy creamers seem to have at least trace trans fats. Answer: I have not found a good and inexpensive source of non-hydrogenated lard. As a health-conscious mother and health-food afficionado for many years, I don't think the diet of your average healthy adult needs to be free of all saturated fats, and definitely not in the case of kids, as studies such as this one, The Effects of Cholesterol on Learning and Memory, demonstrate that children need foods with cholesterol for brain growth. I'd been looking for a chocolate-hazelnut taste like Nutella or Ferrero Rocher, but without the hydrogenated oil in the Nutella spread or all the sugar in the Ferrero Rocher candy. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. The best protection against hydrogenated oils is to make your own baked goods, salad dressings and fried foods. It may be out of health fashion, but I'm not convinced lard is the enemy of health in all cases. Question: Is coconut oil a nonhydrogenated shortening? Yum.).

Question: Is there someplace that sells lard that has not been processed with hydrogenation? what is your favorite drink in the morning? The loophole that allows this wording on the package labels is the USDA requirement that the serving size must have less than 0.5 grams of hydrogenated oil. health benefits of tropical oils like coconut oil, list of substitutes for hydrogenated cooking oils, plus. People eat greater quantities. Answer: The non-hydrogenated shortening I've been using is palm oil. U.S. food packaging laws currently allow manufacturers such as Crisco to say their shortening has "zero trans fats", even though Crisco products are packed with fully and partially hydrogenated soybean and palm oils. I suspect one reason trans fats are more dangerous than animal based cholesterol-containing fats is because they're not as satisfying.


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