They make cookies, cakes, pies and more. I can use this as an opportunity to be more open about it, to de-stigmatize it. The prolific restaurateur David Chang told The New York Times Magazine in March, after restaurants closed across the nation, that without some serious government help, the industry would crumble. DC: Everything’s on the table.

Everything was restaurant-related for the first several months of working on it.

From then on I was like, I’m not going to hide. Sign up for our newsletter to get updates on these and other upcoming projects.

Can you talk a little bit about how the pandemic has affected this? But they should have been more open to new ways of doing business beforehand.

The GOP’s Last Chance to Gut the ACA Just Died, Beijing Just Tore Up China's Giant Internet Playbook. BG: You’ve been very eloquent about the way the restaurant business treats its people, which can be very exploitative.

Not just our restaurants; I hope anyone who’s in the food business is going to survive this. “For our industry to have a future, we must do nothing less than rethink how restaurants operate.”. So we are making the very difficult decision to basically consolidate and condense our footprint to be in a better spot to come out of this.”.

BG: Anthony Bourdain’s death made you take the book in a different direction.

Inside Momofuku Nishi, in Manhattan, one of two restaurants that David Chang will close permanently. Again. So much of the focus of the restaurant industry has been about the restaurants.

This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editorial board or Bloomberg LP and its owners. I think I knew I had to do a memoir but I didn’t really want to, so I tried everything in my power not to write one. I’d be lying, straight lying, if I said I have the answers. Everyone’s doing what they can. We’re going to continue to do other things. Only the super high-end restaurants were able to adjust their prices accordingly.

Ms. Mariscal urged sustainable growth in the future. We learned a lot from that. There were ways of changing that.

DC: Well, I think it would be a shame to rebuild the restaurant industry in the pre-pandemic image of itself.

Dave Beran is a chef in Los Angeles and he just closed down Dialogue, one of the most intimate, best restaurants in the country, an expression of himself. Can you imagine a future for your restaurants where people do not come back to the cities? If you were prepared in takeaway delivery beforehand, and had the marketing and the packaging, you were going to do well. In Australia, people spend more money for food. “While this was a thrilling period, it wasn’t sustainable,” Ms. Mariscal wrote. The Trump administration’s far-fetched legal argument against Obamacare didn’t find enough takers at the Supreme Court. This is one of a series of interviews by Bloomberg Opinion columnists on how to solve today’s most pressing policy challenges. Are you having discussions at Momofuku about how to deal with these anxieties? BG: Will young chefs now have to find a very different path, because of the way you came up is no longer possible?

People should walk into this business with eyes wide open, not eyes wide shut. Goldman Sachs's Big Bond Call Is Just Bluster. We have an opportunity to do it differently. BG: At Bloomberg, we’ve spent a lot of time this year thinking about the future of cities after the pandemic. To submit a letter to the editor for publication, write to . Learn more about options in NYC, Sydney, Toronto, LA, and Las Vegas.

Whatever restaurant you operate — whether you’re a diner, deli, or high-end establishment — your livelihood is dependent on corporate business and corporate travel. It’s clear that we need legislation. But ultimately, it all depends on when there’s a vaccine.BG: So, how do you contend with that? BG: The way you describe it, the restaurant business is extremely high-stress. I hope that we can all keep our head above water until we get relief, whether through legislation or through the eradication of this virus. The prolific restaurateur David Chang told The New York Times Magazine in March, after restaurants closed across the nation, that without some serious government help, … Nishi initially offered Italian dishes with a twist, but later revamped its menu. But before we start asking the questions [about how to cope with the crisis], we need to ask what was working and what wasn’t working before, so we don’t repeat the same mistakes if and when we’re going to start over again.

Now, people are trying anything and everything. Change can only happen for the industry and for the people that work in the industry with legislation, whether for higher minimum wages, paid time off, healthcare or other benefits. This conversation has been edited and condensed. The entire restaurant model was making more money for everyone else except restaurateurs — whether you’re a credit-card processor, or Google, or Yelp, or a reservation system, or a purveyor of beef, or a lawyer, or an accountant.


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