This includes watching all the video lessons, completing the quizzes and downloading the resource material.

Work with and sell the full suite of Genos emotional intelligence products and programs as a formally Certified EI Practitioner. Ideally, some form of coaching is included. Good levels of emotional intelligence help you to. Are you continually stressed and worn out by the day-to-day challenges that you face? How does emotional intelligence relate to other training programmes? Your certificate will be awarded on successful completion of the course. Lives changed. Build your reputation using Genos ready made training content, social media support and marketing best practices. The Master Practitioner in Emotional Intelligence Programme is the final part of the Programme and explores the construct of emotional intelligence in detail. If you’re a coach, consultant, trainer, HR consultant, or an organisational psychologist, it’s time you started working with your clients and teams on emotional intelligence. HUMANE LAYOFFS: HOW TO LET PEOPLE GO WITH COMPASSION AND DECENCY, Finance & Quantitative Modeling for Analysts Specialization, Discover how to use Emotional Intelligence to help yourself and others, Learn how to improve your own Emotional Intelligence, Unlock the powerful tools & strategies of emotional intelligence to help yourself & others through emotional turmoil, Emotional Intelligence can be used to help with anxiety, depression, stress, overwhelm and many more emotional issues, PLUS: Get a fully downloadable audio version of the course so you can learn on the go, No previous experience is required, all aspects of Emotional Intelligence and how to use it will be covered, Prepare to be open to new ways of thinking and to have the abilities to help yourself and others with Emotional Intelligence.


It covers the application of emotional intelligence with a business focus in different circumstances to improve and enhance performance. Countries. Get Organised, Action Strategies to Develop Resilience - Strategy 5.

The first part of the Programme includes all the material covered within the Introduction to Emotional Intelligence approved by the Institute of Leadership and Management. For a complete overview of all of the benefits of being a Genos Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner check out our website, but here are some highlights:. TWO DAY Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner (ICF approved) 2 & 3 Dec 2020 | 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Grand Excelsior Hotel Bur Dubai.

The nursing profession demands that the nurse, in the process of care, has to interact with the patients, the medical fraternity and the health care workers constantly. Six Seconds is a community of changemakers contributing to a world of insight, connection, and purpose. Full access to the Genos Online Member Portal for business development, regular new trainings and marketing guidance. With a keen understanding on the what, how and why of learning, his sessions are designed to maximize learning absorption and retention. You will be supported throughout by internationally renowned emotional intelligence coach, trainer and facilitator – Robin Hills. Delivered by Master Trainer, Deiric McCann via Zoom. Never in my life have I ever been in such an engaging, hands-on, “boomchakalaka” course. So, you know a bit about emotional intelligence but want to specialise in the subject. Required fields are marked *.

Over the last couple of years, I have delivered workshops at global Because it is so flexible, you can work within your own time-frame.

Support clients in identifying, recruiting and developing emotionally intelligent people using our unique, Work with Sales teams using our suite of Emotional Intelligence. Learn from internationally recognised experts and Master Trainers who work with Fortune 500 companies every day during interactive and engaging sessions.

How long do I have access to the courses? I’ve trained hundreds of teams around workplace issues.

This program is suitable for all management level staff who would like to improve their effectiveness in the area of emotional intelligence. To be as relevant as possible, online learning in the area of personal development, such as emotional intelligence and resilience, needs to incorporate some form of individual assessment and investigation / observation. Emotional Intelligence Practitioner program will explore and even challenge some generally accepted views and assumptions about EI and attempt to create new and finer distinctions about the subject matter that are practical as well as readily applicable.

Develop an in-depth understanding of emotional intelligence and gain practical new tools to apply immediately. Certifications: EQ Practitioner Certification. Powerfully debrief Genos Emotional Intelligence assessment results with individuals and teams. Because it is so flexible, you can work within your own time-frame. People are used to using the internet and applications are improving by the day. Feel the support of powerful network dedicated to EQ. Not only do I have the ability to make a difference, but impact my own life for change. All modules are continually refined and updated to ensure they comply with the requirements of The Institute of Leadership and Management as well as remaining current and relevant. With your lifetime membership to Genos University and our exclusive partner app, our online support for Certified Practitioners is unlike any other vendor. Receive a comprehensive hard copy Certification Packet to support you through the course. We will explore the key areas of perceiving emotions in self and others and emotional management strategies for individuals and relationships. Emotional intelligence is the outcome of both inherited tendencies and those delivered by experience. Genos Partners are committed to creating mindful and emotionally intelligent workplaces for all. Leadership competencies are a key skill to meet the business challenges of today and for the 2020’s.

Emotional Intelligence Practitioner Certification, Grants for EQ Tests for Research and Community, As seen in numerous published case studies. Determine how you can work with emotional intelligence to improve results and quality, Recognise ways that you can perform within the emotional climate of your work environment, Assess the drive and motivation of others to influence and persuade with success, Identify ways to work with emotions to solve problems increasing your effectiveness in decision making, Change the ways you work in stressful situations and develop resilience, Evaluate your leadership skills and apply them to your career progression, Develop ways that you can build your interpersonal skills and enhance your relationships, Not everyone has the time to take an academic qualification in Emotional Intelligence, which is why Ei4Change offers a range of certificated Emotional Intelligence programmes approved by, I’m So Ready To Improve My Emotional Intelligence. When the inside is tranquil, the outside is stable, peaceful and even beautiful. Defining Self-Awareness, The Johari Window - Insights into your Relationship with Yourself and Others, Self Limiting Beliefs - How Your Beliefs Can Get In the Way, Using Affirmations To Change Your Beliefs, Practical Activity: Assessing your Behavioural Style, William Moulton Marston's Model of the Behavioural Expression of Emotions, Poster: How The Behavioural Styles Express Emotional Intelligence, Summary Booklet: Do's and Don'ts with Each Style, The Ideal Behaviour for Ideal Interactions, Test your Knowledge and Understanding of Behavioural Styles, Sensory Input - Sensing The World Through Your Senses, Filtering Reality - How You Filter Information, Emotional States, Moods, Traits and Styles, What can Influence the Expression of Emotions, Detachment - Emotional Detachment in Stressful Circumstances, Practical Activity: Exploring your Hot Buttons, Interpersonal Skills: Hints and Tips Working With Interpersonal Skills, Empathy vs Sympathy - The Intelligence in Empathy, Thinking and the Brain - What Thinking is all About, Empathy and the Brain - What Empathy is all About, Body Language And Non-Verbal Communication, Some Problems Interpreting Expression of Emotion, A Key Emotional Intelligence Skill - Empathetic Listening, Some Hints and Tips to Understand and Develop Empathy, The Importance of Relationships with Others, Practical Activity: Working with Other's Behavioural Styles, Working with Others' Behavioural Styles Discussion, Quiz - Test your Adaptability to Work with Other Behavioural Styles, The Learning Outcomes of This Motivation Module, Theories of Motivation - Vroom's Expectancy Theory, Understanding The Motivational Meta-Program, Working With The Decision Factors of Motivation, Practical Activity: Determining Motivational Traits, Quiz: Test Your Knowledge About Motivation, The Learning Outcomes of this Emotional Resilience Module, A Job Advertisement and a Reality Check - Master of the Universe, How Emotional Intelligence and Resilience Work Together.


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