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Die Lancierung dieser App stellt einen weiteren Meilenstein im digitalen Transformationsprozess von IKEA dar. The In-Store 2nd screen, a shareable room panorama and the transfer of the configuration into the mobile shopping list are the cornerstones of this concept. As Paolo Formenti mentioned in his comment above, Virsabi joined the Talent Focus Week at the main office in Hubbult, Sweden, for the release of the VR-experience. In the films Sidsel and Rafael explain how and why they became leaders and how they practice the IKEA key values. To give an authentic presentation of what it is like to be a leader at IKEA, we went to IKEA in Taastrup, Denmark and recorded 360-degree videos of leaders in the environment they were responsible for. As IKEA reached out to Virsabi we started to explore how, when and why IKEA could benefit from integrating VR in their Talent development approach. IKEA is using virtual reality for onboarding and training. , Denmark and recorded 360-degree videos of leaders in the environment they were responsible for. Mit diesem neuen Einkaufserlebnis entsteht ein neuer Meilenstein einer interaktiven, modernen Brand Experience. The intuitive UI and interaction design from the first VR application was redesigned for new interactions and rich contents. So let’s fantasize - if there were NO limits to your desires, what would your kitchen look like? It’s when you’ve put the headset on that it happens: Your eyes open up to a totally different room from where you know your feet are standing. Hence, we established an agile team of creative concept, experience designer with focus on story, art and sound - closely collaborating with 3D artists, interactive producers and creative engineering. All rights reserved. Therefore, qualitative and quantitative analytics are evaluated with the IKEA product owners on a weekly base. Virtual Reality ist nicht nur Bestandteil der Omnichannel Strategie von IKEA, sondern auch der digitalen Transformation in den Einkaufshäusern.

IKEA saw a great opportunity for releasing a VR-experience at their Talent Focus Week in March 2018, an annual event executed across their many stores putting attention towards HR subjects. IKEA Virtual Interior Designer A whole new home and retail VR application An immersive virtual reality experience that transforms the way people shop IKEA products – both on their own couch and in-store. What most people associate IKEA with is their successful and widely loved cost-friendly furniture concept, but do not underestimate what makes the wheels spin and what also anchors the success of IKEA. But how can IKEA use Virtual Reality for onboarding and training their co-workers, and should they even? This benchmark design application enables consumers to create, experience and share their own configurations in a virtual living and kitchen room set. If you want to get lost inside the kitchen, try it at, ABOUT IKEA VIRTUAL REALITY KITCHEN EXPERIENCE. The reactions all pointed in one direction and that was excitement! ”Virtual reality is developing fast and in five to ten years it will be an integrated part of people’s lives. The importance of immersive character design and world-building, Getting users fed with fun: Demodern developed Augmented Reality filters and games for Nestlé Wagner’s Instagram and Facebook. “The release was made in the name of co-creation. What would it feel like? IKEA Immerse ist in Room-scale angelegt und bietet komplett neue Interaktions- und Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten, die die Bindung mit Marke und Produkt vertiefen und Conversion in eCommerce fördern. One of the scenarios dear to IKEA was to educate their coworkers by creating awareness about different job functions and how leaders are inspired by the IKEA Key Values in their jobs. To give an authentic presentation of what it is like to be a leader at IKEA, we went to IKEA in. Along similar lines, another new feature, called “Room Sets,” offers entire collections of furniture for quick placement in a room. IKEA is no exception.

The pictures give an indication of the atmosphere and reactions. The Virtual Home Experience lies at the center of IKEA's home furnishing hub – a playful interior lab where IKEA focuses on inspiring and co-creation with its customers.


A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, David Wahl was given a mission. In ausgewählten IKEA-Einrichtungshäusern können Kunden mit der Oculus Rift nun Räume zum Leben erwecken und gänzlich neue Wege der Inspiration und Kreation einschlagen. The result was the IKEA PS Pendant lamp: a planet-like lighting fixture that ‘explodes’ at the pull of a string, spilling warm, glorious light across surrounding spaces.

Die IKEA Immerse App ist in die Consumer Journey in ausgewählten deutschen IKEA-Einrichtungshäusern integriert. That’s just the way it goes with IKEA. Inspiration und Co-Creation sind der Kern dieses Konzepts. The extent of freedom that this application offers is unsighted: Hundreds of configurations, options and combinations can be experienced in any daytime situation.

A qualified guess is that everybody knows IKEA, and with good reason.

Wie diese Optionen in der Anwendung genutzt werden, hilft mehr darüber zu erfahren, wie Kunden mit der IKEA-Produktpalette interagieren und VR die Kaufentscheidungen bestärkt.

With its seamless ecommerce integration, a high level of detail and real-time interaction, the VR experience represents an engaging and valuable touchpoint. Kunden werden durch ihr Feedback inner- und außerhalb der Anwendung zu Gestaltern zukünftiger Integrationen von VR bei IKEA Einkaufserlebnissen. Ob Digital Natives oder digital durchschnittlich interessierte Kunden: alle Nutzer haben mit der VR-Applikation unmittelbar positive Erlebnisse ohne Barrieren. Sound effects of IKEA products and apartment sounds were recorded on real locations and in an IKEA store - the outside stereoscopic panoramas were even shot as a timelapse over a whole day. A meeting of this type helped us start an ideation process keeping the right decision makers onboard the project and working with a culture of simplicity and togetherness.It was great to work with a partner who worked with us in such a transparent and hands-on manner. The development and 3D modeling pipeline was very complex: Existing 3D data was optimized in an extensive retopology process, thereby minimizing polycount, optimizing meshflows and geometry for the development concept. Bereits in der Konzeptphase wurde auf ein modulares Setup für Roll-Out und Maintenance geachtet, um die Anwendung so flexibel wie möglich zu gestalten. The application is a crucial part not only in IKEA’s omnichannel strategy, but also in the digital transformation of its point-of-sales. Für das reale Außenpanorama wurde ein Timelapse-Panorama über alle Tageszeiten fotografiert und stereoskopisch integriert.


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